10 Best Bank List in Bangladesh to Open Savings Account

10 Best Bank List in Bangladesh to Open Savings Account

10 Best Bank List in Bangladesh to Open Savings Account

If you’re looking for the best bank in Bangladesh to open savings accounts then it means that you’re a customer who is asking to save money, to keep it safe and like to withdraw money as needed. When you have a savings account it pays interest on deposits and generally, the interest rate is very low.

Although the difference between a monthly savings account and savings account is that in savings account customer does not save money monthly, according to their need and also it gives them the freedom to withdraw money which is not possible in a monthly savings account.

This is because savings bank account is essential for personal use and also it should open in a good bank. As a result, it’s important to find out a famous bank so that you can keep your money doubtlessly.

What are the Top 10 Best Banks of Bangladesh?

As their performances really praiseworthy, the banking sector in Bangladesh is doing well. Although there are many banks in our country popular and standard, they are working the same way being a local bank and foreign bank. The growth of banks in Bangladesh took a leap in the post-independence time.

Today the banking service in Bangladesh has become a hallmark with the entry of overseas and local private banks. Well, let’s know about the top 10 best bank list in Bangladesh so that you can open a savings account easily.

1. Islami Bank Bangladesh

One of the top level and popular Banks in Bangladesh is the Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, which was incorporated on 13 March 1983 as a public limited company Act 1913. Among the shareholder of this bank, there are 36.91% local and 63.09% foreign.

As it’s known as IBBL, it is one of the leading commercial banks in Bangladesh. As the best bank of the country, it’s awarded in 1999. Also, it gets the award in 2000 for excellent banking solution and service.

Having 33,686 shareholders as on thirty-first December 2016, it is in the list with Dhaka securities market and urban center securities market licensed Capital of the Bank is BDT 20,000.00 Million and paid Capital is BDT16, 099.90 Million. Apart from these, the bank is famous than many other local and international banks in Bangladesh.

2. Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited is shortly known as DBBL and the best bank among many banks in Bangladesh. As a schedule joint venture commercial, innovative and latest technology Bangladeshi bank, it’s a popular most usable bank in Bangladesh.

Apart from being the best, this is also the largest donor bank amongst all Bangladeshi banks. This is because it has more than 18,999,000 customers use DBBL across the country. The Bank has 165 Branches 4417 APM both and Bangladesh’s first joint venture bank in its 21 years’ banking. These all made it number 2 among the Bangladeshi banks.

3. Prime Bank

After establishing in 1995, the Prime Bank manages a highly professional team who is enthusiastic there service professional in banking. With more than 60 branches, the bank fully follows the international stander finance and banking system. Apart from these, it achieves the ICAB National Awards in 2002. These all made is the best bank among many other local and international banks in Bangladesh.

4. HSBC Bank

Having an international network 7,500 offices over 81 countries and territories in Europe, HSBC Bank is the largest banking and financial service providers worldwide. Like Hong Kong, Shanghai Banking Corporation HSBC is one of the multinational financial agencies, most of the country has its branches.

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After opening branches in 1996, HSBC is one of the top choices of Bangladeshi people. These all were possible as they are providing clients with friendly financial service are on the Bangladeshi people.

5. Standard Chartered Bank

While Standard hires PLC, it’s a British transnational banking and money services company, which is a head office in London. They are expanding their activities all over the world and this bank employs around 87,000 people in whole branches as it has more than 1,200 branches and more than 70 countries activities. This is because it’s one of the best banks in Bangladesh.

6. BRAC Bank Limited

Focusing focused on Small and Medium class Enterprises, BRAC Bank is a first growing popular private commercial bank in Bangladesh. This is the only one bank that working for a long time for the Bangladeshi people’s health, poverty, environment etc as its programs. Besides, BRAC Bank offers a financial solution for any client need as per their requirement with 156 outlets, over 310 ATMs and over 700,100 plastics on the market.

7. Habib Bank Limited

As it starts functioning started in Bangladesh in 1976, and since then it has kept opening new branches, Habib Bank Limited is a commercial bank of Pakistan run by the private players. And it provides the services like a car loan, home loan, credit card, debit card, fast transfer and phone banking etc under individual banking services.

With five branches in Bangladesh, it comes with many different services like-

  • Commercial banking,
  • Investment banking,
  • Corporate banking,
  • Islamic banking,
  • Cash management,
  • Global treasury and
  • Asset banking etc

8. Bank Asia Limited

As a private sector commercial bank is Bank Asia Limited in Bangladesh, they are working expanding their working day by day. But, with modern techniques, this bank archive public trust. This bank is popular by the BD people at any rate for its various services. And their financial activities are good for the purpose of remittance. This is because it’s one of the best banks in Bangladesh.

9. Janata Bank Limited

After establishing in 1971, Janata Bank has more than 844 branches all over the country. It’s not only the second largest commercial bank in Bangladesh and to tell the truth but it has 4 branches in the United Arab Emirates as well. In the rural areas of Bangladesh has a huge demand of the bank and this made it the best bank in Bangladesh.

10. Sonali Bank

As the Sonali Bank is considered to be the largest bank of Bangladesh, it’s the Nationalized Commercial Bank. And it got this status under Banks’ Nationalization Order 1972 while providing a long range of financial services.

It’s one of the top choices of the people of Bangladesh with 1201 branches; 854 and 345 branches are located in rural and urban areas respectively. Apart from these, the bank is famous than many other local and international banks in Bangladesh.