10 Best Career Ideas List in the UK

Best Career Ideas List in the UK

Best Career Ideas List in the UK

If you earn more than £40,000, simply check out this career ideas list that we’re going to present for you. There is revealed the top 10 different career paths in the UK for the better earnings. When you’re going to select the career then the top question is ‘Which jobs pay high salary’.

However, there is no straightforward answer to the question. This is because it’s a critical issue when selecting a career. The Office for National Statistics conducts “Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE)” every year and we’re getting data from its latest release. According to the experts, although a lot of measures it doesn’t tell the whole story, ASHE is about as good as you can get. Besides, it’s that where you don’t get responses to your questions.

An Overview of the Best Career Ideas List in the UK

You have to take into account some certain factors in this issue. There are only 1% of employees who pay tax via PAYE that’s from ASHE. Besides, it’s important that Ashe does not include the self-employed or freelancers where the high-flying entrepreneurs or celebrities are there.

The gross median full-time salary in the UK for the year ending April 2010 was £25,879 According to Ashe. On the other hand, the expert opinion is that the main purpose is to give you a really good feel for the distribution of earnings. But, the salaries listed are gross full-time medians unless stated. The median is considered more accurate than the mean when comparing uneven sets of figures such as rates of pay. So, career ideas list of ASHE is not 100% accurate, but reliable as there are no more options.

What is the Top 10 Best Career Ideas List in the UK?

The first step is to complete a personality-based career test if you want to find career ideas that will suit your personality.

This is because the way to find out which careers are most suitable for your quality and qualification. Moreover, you need more research and need to know what career you will enjoy as a profession.

Now, let’s see what the top 10 best career ideas list are in the UK that you can choose from.

1. Managers – £97,626 -14.7%

It helps to be a mover in the boardroom if you want to earn high and it’ll come as no surprise to learn. This is at the top in this best career ideas list in the UK. There are organizations employing more than 500 people and the professionals in this bracket head enterprises.

For operations such as processing, construction, production, maintenance, storage, transport, handling etc, they plan, direct and coordinate resource. This job title relates to the jobs like managing director, chief executive; general manager, and director. Also, it depends on you to choose this career if you have the required qualifications.

2. Medical practitioner £80,266 +2.4%

General or Medical practitioner prescribe and give treatment, recommend preventative action and can refer patients to a specialist after diagnosing mental and physical injuries, disorders and diseases.

This is not only a good way to make huge money but a great job in the public’s eye as well. This job title relates to the career like a surgeon, doctor; Anesthetist; consultant (hospital service); physician; psychiatrist; general practitioner; psychoanalyst; registrar (hospital service) etc.

3. Aircraft pilot £68,467 -6.6%

You have to check, regulate, adjust and test engines and other equipment prior to take-off, navigate and pilot aircraft and give flying lessons when you’re aircraft pilot.

The job has a great demand all over the world. This career title relates to the jobs like flying instructor, Airline captain; commercial pilot; flight engineer etc.

4. Senior national government official £62,747 +4.1%

These will be your duties to formulate government policy, ratify, and legislation when you’re a senior national government official. This is a job with wide responsibilities as well.

This career title relates to the jobs like permanent secretary, MP, Assistant Secretary/Grade 5 (government); diplomat; MEP, etc.

5. Dental practitioner £60,098 -11.2%

As Ashe contained no data on the latter, the only salary quoted as a mean rather than median value. Among the UK’s best-paid career paths, the high mean value shows how dentistry sits comfortably.

Also, these will be your duties to injuries and disorders, diagnose dental and oral diseases, etc when you’re a dental practitioner. This career title relates to the jobs like Dental surgeon; periodontist, orthodontist, etc.

6. Finance manager/chartered secretary £56,479 -2.8%

Your duties are to organize plan and direct financial information as well as advice on company financial policy when you’re a finance manager.

Besides, these are also your duties as secretaries to organize and direct work associated as company representatives along with some other jobs.

This career title relates to the jobs like credit manager; company registrar; treasurer; merchant banker, financial director etc.

7. Senior police officer £55,001 +2%

It’ll be your job to plan, organize, direct and coordinate the resources and activities of police work when you’re at the inspector level and above, a senior officer.

This career title relates to the jobs like chief constable; deputy chief constable assistant chief constable; chief superintendent, chief inspector etc.

8. Mining/energy manager £53,403 -10.9%

These are the duties for your energy and water supply plan and direct activities and resources necessary for the extraction of minerals and other natural deposits and the production, storage, and provision of gas, water and electricity supplies when you’re a Mining or energy manager.

This career title relates to the jobs like over man/woman; Operations manager (mining, water, and energy); quarry manager and many more.

9. Business/financial broker £52,982 -12.7%

These will be your duties to deal in foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, shares and many more when you’re a broker. This career title relates to the jobs like financial broker; Commodity trader; insurance broker, foreign exchange dealer, etc.

10. Senior local government official £52,177 -5.8%

These are the duties, such as to participate in the formulation and implementation of local government policies, ensuring legal, organize local authority office work and resources and statutory and other provisions concerning the running of a local authority are observed, when you’ll work as a senior local government official. This career title relates to the jobs like town clerk, Chief executive (local government) etc because the jobs are similar.


These are the top 10 best career ideas list are in the UK that you can choose from. But, these are not all of them because there are many more. These include an Air traffic controller, IT professional, Public service admin professional, Research/development manager, and many more.

These could be new career ideas to you but they’re not at all. Finally, we just showed you some career options the UK, but it’ll mostly depend on you how to find the right career for your own.