10 Best Career Ideas in the UK related to Technology

Best Career Ideas in the UK related to Technology

Best Career Ideas in the UK related to Technology

The big names like Google or Facebook probably come to mind when you think of high tech career ideas in the UK of your own. However, when you’re just starting out, you don’t have to think their bigness. Actually, they today started out relatively small and today they are successful. But, there are very few people who can get such success lack of proper planning and patience.

Besides, the rising use of tech gadgets can enable you to earn a decent living from doing what you do best if you are tech-savvy. That’s why there are numerous ways you can use your skills to build a lucrative income source for you rather than limiting your skills to the fun you derive from anticipating the latest tech gadgets and exploring their newest features.

Top 10 Best Career Ideas in the UK related to Technology

Below is a list of the 10 best career ideas in the UK that you can adapt to aid you with the best ways to use your skills to earn a decent living. The timing for these business ideas couldn’t have been any better with the boom of entrepreneurial spirit amongst the masses. So, let’s know what the career ideas in the UK are with their short review.

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1.Phone repairing jobs

2.3d printing jobs

3.Mobile phones and accessories jobs

4.Computer Repair jobs

5.Computer Trainer jobs

6.One Stop Tech Shop

7. Software Developer jobs

8.Social networking site job

9.Web designing job

10.Online Tutoring job

1. Phone repairing jobs

As an entrepreneur, you can launch to open a phone repair business on your own. But, you have to choose a place where people can repair their smartphones, pads, tablets, etc. You’ll attract loads of clients simply because of the large numbers of people owns smartphones, pads, tablets etc if you can successfully secure a nice location to open this type of business. As a result, with little training, you can open your own smartphone repair shop if you are techie inclined.

2. 3d printing jobs

What we knew was printing with laser jet or inkjet printers before now. However, you can start 3D printing business to print an object from metal, plastic etc. It’s one of the latest career ideas in the UK and in the world as well. Also, not only you will be able to touch it but can you see the output. So, this is the next big thing in the print industry so far. You should consider starting a business that renders 3D printing services or starts a retail store that sells 3D printers if the idea of 3D printing business interests you. But, there is a little competition and huge profit potential in this business.

3. Mobile phones and accessories jobs

The tech world has seen the emergence of various mobile phones and accessories since the advent of GSM decades ago. Those of their predecessors with each passing year arrives new devices. They come with even more sophisticated features and specs. Also, mobile phones have evolved from devices for text messages into devices and mere exchange of phone calls that could do virtually anything one can think over the years. The market for these devices and their accessories become more lucrative because mobile phones become more versatile.

4. Computer Repair jobs

A computer repairing business and maintenance service could be a great business idea for you if you have a technical background and an expert understanding of computers and how they work. As a result, you can support all major platforms, which is the best. Otherwise, if it’s not possible, you can cater your services to one operating system or one niche.

5. Computer Trainer jobs

If you want to help others boost their comfort level with technology, you can start a computer training business of your own. What you need to start the business is some up-to-date knowledge about computer. So, you can start the business easily if you’re exceptionally savvy with computers, software and other devices. Keep in mind that it’s a matter of expertise, so you must be master of this field.


6. One Stop Tech Shop

With the growing rate of development of new tech gadgets has led to an increased need for tech-savvies. One stop tech shop provides guidance and information along with the use of tech gadgets on the specs, repair etc. you’ll definitely be earning a decent income off of it if you set up this business and use your skills to provide solutions for all these needs.

7. Software Developer jobs

It’s a very smart way to make some gigs off of your tech knowledge to create apps, games, software, or even extensions and plugins. Some really satisfied users will generously donate at their own will to keep the app up and running for apps and software that helps to solve a particular problem. It’s still of the best ways to earn some gigs off of your tech knowledge as it’s not an easy job.

8. Social networking site job

It’s not just a passing fad as the increasing rate in which social media is becoming a part of our everyday lives is a real proof. You can build a social networking site easily. So, gradually expand it after starting with a forum. Also, it always has good chances of making it to the limelight while making a social networking site based on a unique concept. Besides, you’re on the pathway to riches if your social networking site ever captivates the people’s attention.

9. Web designing job

As we’re in the digital age and in the digital market, it’s mandatory to present us in the online. Hence, if you know the ins and outs of web platforms, design theme, create a good user interface there is a huge demand of you for a web designer. You can easily land deals and further expand your clientele to set up a good business in this field with some experience and a good portfolio. Moreover, if you are a trained web designer a web design business could be a fun and profitable way. So, if you have what it takes to start a web design business, you can start it as your career.

10. Online Tutoring job

You can utilize best with online tutoring job or coaching if you desire to teach and knowledge about a certain topic. So, a host on any of the multiple educational sites likes Udemy designing a paid course. This is an excellent option for an income source from doing what you do best with a good reputation to back you up.

These are top 10 best career ideas in the UK relate with technology. You can adapt to aid you with the best ways to use your skills to earn a decent living. Not only are these but there many technology-related careers. These include IT Networking Company, Tech Talk show, blogging, content writing and many more.

But, remember that you must select the career which you have the best knowledge. That’s the point to get success. Moreover, we’re here to help you with any issue of this concern. Just knock us out and get the issue solved. So, tuned with us for further update and till then Good Luck!