10 Best And Cheap Car Insurance Companies In The United States For 2020

10 Best And Cheap Car Insurance Companies In The United States For 2020

Best And Cheap Car Insurance Companies In The United States For 2020

If you’re a car owner, you have to get at least cheap car insurance. This is a required expense in 48 of the 50 states. You could finish up with a hefty monthly premium and a headache if you don’t shop around for your car insurance. It’s especially essential when you need to file a claim.

After wide research and explore quotes from lost of companies, we have made a list of the cheapest auto insurance in USA for 2020. Well, let’s know a bit more about some cheapest car insurance companies out there.

1. The Auto Club Group (AAA)

The Auto Club Group (AAA)

Throughout the US, AAA has many names as their offices and insurance services have divided up by states and regions. The headquarters of the Auto Club Group locates in Michigan. But, they offer car insurance there and 10 other states.

The company is not just offering insurance and roadside assistance. They also provide travel agencies, financial services, and car buying services. As they offer Accident Assist, it’s a part of your auto policy.

Roadside assistance is dispatched if your vehicle needs towing when you initiate an accident claim. This is why the Auto Club Group has ranked No. 1 and also claimed the top spot in the individual rankings of claims handling and customer service.

2. CSAA Insurance Group

You must be an AAA member to purchase CSAA Insurance Group’s cheap auto insurance. It’ll require annual dues ranging from $48 -$98 depending on the club. Also, the company offers a substantial amount of services, programs, and discounts for AAA members.

These include insurance, access to roadside assistance, travel agencies, and discounts at partner locations. It has headquartered in northern California, but it’s available there plus 22 other states and D.C.

The CSAA Insurance Group indeed placed second overall. Also, the company is better than others to handle claims and value for the price, ranking second for those individual metrics. 


USAA – Cheap Auto Insurance Companies for 2020

Before you jump to buy its policy, note that USAA serves just active and retired military personnel and their immediate family members. This insurance company is not just affordable; it also has excellent coverage, and genuinely cares about its customers.

As you know already, it caters to military personnel; you get a discount for garaging your car on base. If you have a side-hustle as an Uber or Lyft driver it also offers coverage.

Among other offers, you’ll get a waiver of your deductible if you’re not at fault for an accident. It means that if an accident wasn’t your fault then you won’t have to pay your collision deductible.

4. Auto Club Of Southern California

The company can provide you the coverage you need while there are several nationwide carriers. Also, it offers the opportunity to cash in on the host of benefits and discounts of being an AAA member.

But, many of which are exclusive to Southern California. With a full-service travel planning, it offers several resources such as car-buying guides. The insurance arm is available in California and 17 other states while Southern California is in the name of this Auto Club.

Because of price and placed fourth for customer service, the Auto Club of Southern California earned the third spot.

5. ERIE Insurance

The clients will not see much in the way of advertising for Erie. It’s because the company prefers word-of-mouth recommendations. Also, it looks for ways to reduce spending to keep rates as low as possible.

Since the company boasts getting agents, they’re active community members and volunteers. Moreover, they’re furthering the community and their customers in which they’re living. This company includes protection for pets injured during accidents.

So, its comprehensive coverage includes locksmith services and no-deductible windshield repairs. Although it came in seventh for claims handling, it placed fifth on the metric of customer service.

6. Geico: Cheap Car Insurance Companies

Since 1936, Geico got started as the Government Employees Insurance Company. Then, it was bought out by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway in 1996. They do have about 150 insurance agent offices around the US while primarily providing insurance over the phone and internet.

Thanks to its commercials, everybody knows that 15 minutes can save you money on car insurance. Also, it claims to save an average of $500 for those who switch to Geico.

As they offer a complete selection of car insurance, you can build the policy you need. Besides, it offers rideshare insurance in some states for those driving Uber and Lyft.

7. Progressive

Progressive – Cheap Car Insurance Companies in the USA For 2020

Providing insurance to those who were considered to be more risky drivers, the Progressive Insurance started in 1937. Being the first insurance company to sell over the web and one of the first to offer mobile insurance apps, it has pioneered direct consumer insurance.

Also, when providing quotes, they have long provided other insurance company rates. Most people are familiar with Progressive’s snapshot tool that provides discounts based on driving habits because of Flo’s commercials.

8. Esurance

Initiating in 1999, Ensurance is providing all online car insurance. They were acquired by Allstate in 2011. So, they’re operated by Allstate, but they’re managing their own claims and their own rates.

As they have an all-hybrid fleet of claim vehicles and eschew brick and mortar agents, they can provide lower car insurance rates.

They try to complete their quote process in half the time as they say that 15 minutes is too long to wait to save money. In most states, they can provide collision, comprehensive and state liability coverage.

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9. Metromile

Started in 2011 in California, Metromile is a relative newcomer to auto insurance. They come with the idea when people are actually using the vehicle, they should only charge for insurance.

It can save a lot of money for those who drive fewer miles. Along with comprehensive and collision coverage in the 7 states that currently allow per-mile insurance, they offer liability insurance.

Because of providing insurance for Uber drivers, they have agreements with Uber in 3 different states. Since Uber and Metromile work together to ensure, drivers have not charged for the miles used while driving for Uber.

10. State Farm

This is another largest and popular insurance company to provide the cheap full coverage auto insurance. Since 1992, the company is providing car insurance for farmers. Insuring more than 44 million automobiles, it has grown to offer a full line of insurance through 18,000 agents across the US.

Also, it works in Canada. They offer quality services other than focusing on the pricing. This is why they have many different discounts available to bring their rates down and be more competitive. For those who value service as much as price, they’re definitely a good option.

The Bottom Line

The best ones are the most versatile in their coverage options and services when it comes to cheap car insurance companies. Pricing is indeed the single-most-important factor for a lot of car insurance shoppers. But, it’s important to look at other factors as well.

These include coverage types and levels, discounts, and customer satisfaction. However, if you choose any one of the above-said car insurance companies, you have nothing to worry about.