10 Best Clothing Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities in the USA for 2020

Best Clothing Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities in the USA for 2020

Clothing Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities in USA

If you’re looking for the best clothing business ideas and investment opportunities in the USA for 2020, look no further. You just need to continue reading to know some unique ideas regarding clothing businesses these days.

As you were searching on the web, you already know about some profitable clothing industries. Also, you know how people are making thousands of dollars just from selling clothing items.

Certainly, anyone can invest in this industry to get opportunities including you as well. Now, let’s know what the top 10 profitable and trending clothing business ideas are that you can start right now.

1. Printing & Embroidery Services

While adding up some attractive printing and embroidery, clothing designers require people to enhance the beauty of their designs. However, you’ll need to invest in some equipment and get some training to be able to handle this business.

It doesn’t matter you need to invest in various ways to kick start the business; it’ll bring more profit in the long run.

But, it needs to know the current trends and market demand. So, you should get the proper training that is essential to be successful in this business.

2. Clothing rentals

The terms “clothing rentals” may sound weird and you most likely thought you weren’t reading clearly, correct?

But, you’re reading absolutely correct that clothing rental is another good business idea at these days. It might a very unique type of business but it has a better prospect.

Because celebrities can rent high-quality designer dresses for various events, you can get this advantage.

Apart from celebrities, many non-celebrities also attend their events renting clothing. It’s because they also want to show them good looking while dating and going out. So, you can grab this opportunity.

3. Athleisure

It can change the entire game while going with this clothing business idea of athleisure.

Although it was virtually non-existent before April 2014, it’s being used with the sudden growth in athleisure. The business market is likely to be worth an astounding $215 billion by 2022.

For a fairly new niche, it’s a whole lot of change. The experts consistently say “no,” when they were asked if this trend will soon pass. So, athleisure is the one to start with if you’re in search of profitable business ideas.

4. Streetwear

Over recent years, the streetwear niche has been progressively growing. Also, it’ll be growing at a stable 5% increase each year up until the next year.

You can hold its own weight in the fashion world proving that fashion sub-niches of the $300 billion industry. And it can be very profitable and booming for new businesspersons.

That’s why it’s exceptionally popular right now for business owners looking to cater to their fashion lines.

Also, you have the chance to create a “Student Rep” program and pay influential students to promote your brand. However, it requires you to be a student. Have you read this awesome post? – 10 Tips to Start a Small Business in USA in 2020

5. Women’s Dresses – Best Clothing Business Ideas

Although business ideas like women’s dresses are ultra-competitive, they’re also highly popular as well.

For a while, we’ve been scouring women’s fashion websites and you’ll find an interesting trend out there.

While bundling everything, you might have noticed many brands actually add “Dresses” in the top navigation.

As dresses are prominent, it proves this is very popular women’s clothing items for many retailers. This is why it can be heavily promoted via ads of the e-commerce business ideas like selling women’s dresses.

They’re often grand at capturing the impulse buy is the great thing about this business.

6. Workwear

As workwear is one of the best business ideas, you can get in several directions. While having the work safety niche, it has specialized workwear like safety shoes, scrubs, eye protection and more. Also, you can extend it up to the business man’s workwear to sell suits.

Also, it includes ties, dress shoes, and other men’s fashion. Aside from these, there’s also women’s workwear where you can sell professional clothing for women. These include conservative dresses, blazers, blouses and more.

Since they serve different audiences, it doesn’t make sense to combine all of these niches. But, there’s a lot of room to expand into other verticals within each of these business ideas.

7. Plus Size Clothing

In recent years, Plus Size Clothing is another top business idea. We have seen more callouts for inclusion and diversity last year.

To include clothing that fits everybody, more retailers are expanding their store collections. Also, there’s more variety in clothing styles since more manufacturers are offering greater size collections.

As a standalone niche, plus size clothing allows you to fine-tune your marketing directly to the plus-sized audience.

Besides, this business lets women buy on a website without worrying about getting the right size. So, if you like to expand to this business idea, add plus-sized clothing to your fashion store.

8. Wedding Cloth Rentals

If it’s a complete waste of resources to spend $1,000 on a dress, you’re not alone. As it’s the case for many people, you can invest in this business.

And we’re sure that thousands of ladies out there will hold the same opinions. It’s true some people like to spend much more, but they don’t afford it.

As a result, they’ll pretty stick with renting a more affordable wedding dress. They don’t need to spend lots of money and you’ll be able to get your profit from them.

So, both of you are benefited at the same time. This is why you can start a rentals business for renting out wedding dresses for brides and bridesmaids.

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9. Used Cloth Selling

When it comes to the use or secondhand clothing, many people buy and use them. Even we have heard that some people say that they prefer secondhand clothes for new ones. It’s because used clothes are typically more durable than new ones.

Well, if you start a secondhand clothing business, getting people to patronize you wouldn’t be a problem then we wouldn’t know how true that is but what we do know is that.

So, if you’re with a lower budget, but have a business in mind then this niche could be suit fit for you.

This business is not just very profitable, it’s also very popular and as you know it needs a very lower investment.

10. Alterations & Fabric Restoration

It might have happened that people lose weight and their clothes loose-fitting and vice versa.

Also, it may happen that sometimes you buy a dress and you feel like it is almost perfect but for one little reservation.

In these cases, you can provide alteration services for the people who in these issues are.

This is a type of business that helps people to resolve their garment problems. Thus, they don’t need to throw out that $500 dress you bought last month because it’s no longer hugging your body.

Bottom Line

Most of the above-said clothing business ideas are as original as require low investment. Apart from this, you also can consider starting some other type of clothing business. These include uniform production & selling, vintage clothing, cloth recycling, and clothing boutique.