10 Best Clothing Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Best Clothing Business Ideas in Bangladesh

10 Best Clothing Business Ideas in Bangladesh

In case of finding the best clothing business ideas in Bangladesh are many in numbers as the garments industry is one of the largest one in the world. In the last decade, the growth pattern of the Bangladesh textile industry has been considerably more than the previous decades.

As a profitable and lucrative sector for new startups, the Bangladeshi clothing industry is considered. This is because Bangladesh is the world’s third-largest producer of textiles and garments after India. You would already be aware of how profitable the clothing industry is if you have been reading some of the previous posts.

Also, you know that the industry is so large and how people have been making several thousands of dollars as profit just from producing, distributing and selling clothes.

What are the Top 10 Best Clothing Business Ideas in Bangladesh?

There are so many lucrative clothing business ideas for anyone to invest in the clothing industry with no doubt. The cloth is the most important for human, from the original connection to the civilization. That’s why clothing business is an evergreen business idea.

If you’re new and ambitious entrepreneurs then you can choose these profitable businesses as a profession. Although this business can be started by printing different designs, it’s a fast variable and competitive business. Well, let’s know about the top 10 best clothing business ideas in Bangladesh.

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1. Applique Designer Dress Making

Regardless of men or women dresses, the appliqué design is a popular fashion trend in all age group. Any individual can initiate appliqué designer dress-making business with a very small capital investment with a proper knowledge of appliqué work. Also, you can start it as a part-time basis from your home. That’s why it’s one of the best clothing business ideas in Bangladesh.

2. Boutique Store

In the clothing industry in Bangladesh, a boutique store is one of the most profitable and the best clothing business ideas that are proven retail ventures. Any entrepreneur can initiate this business if they have a proper sense of style trend and fabric. But, the most important aspect of this retail business is to focus on the target niche.

3. Clothing Rental

Theater groups and the people engaged in stage performances are the main consumers of clothing rental business. The next all the revenues from that particular item are almost all profit when the cost of the product has paid for five to six rentals. And creating awareness among the people about your clothing rental product availability with the price is the only promotion of the business.

4. Bridal Store

In the clothing industry, a bridal store is nowadays one of the most trending retail opportunities and the best clothing business ideas in Bangladesh. While there is a wedding ceremony, people spend a lot of money. But, the key focus area in this business is to select the niche and having the right collection of a wide price range.

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5. Carpet & Rugs Making

As this is one of the great clothing business ideas, you can consider staring at a small investment. There is a demand for different types of carpets and rugs throughout the world. Apart from this, the products have domestic and commercial use as well.

6. Crochet Knitting

Although it’s not widely popular, crochet knitting is an early age practice in Bangladesh. But, it’s still very popular among women to make crochet. As there are different types of high technology upgraded crochet knitting machines, you’ll find them in the market.

Even from home and part-time basis, any individual can initiate this business. In this case, the key focus area in this business is to select the niche and having the right collection of a wide price range.

7. Denim Garments Making

Among men, women, kids, and seniors, Denim garments or jeans casuals are very popular apparel items. This is because Denim garments cater to a wide range of products.

In addition, there is also the popularity of the different stylish bags that are made of denim.

As Denim comes under casual dresses, casual garments refer to that breed of dresses whose styles are generally nonconformist with normal features.

Denim garments making not only is profitable but you can start from your home also.

But, if you want to start this business then you must have an adequate amount of space for production operation and storage.

8. Designer Lace Making

It’s a traditional business to make designer lace. As a home-based with comparatively low startup capital, any individual can start the business. In textile or garment designing, lace is a craft material that used.

Although in early days lace actually crafted by needles by hand, handmade lace making is replaced by machine-made lace making currently.

Also, you’ll find several types of machinery to make lace through machines with easy efforts. As there is an increasing demand for fashion garment, it has increased the demand for designer lace also.

Moreover, there is an export potential also for designer lace apart from the domestic market.

And you need a small infrastructure if you like to initiate lace making business. Besides, this is one of the best clothing business ideas for women and housewives who can do it from their home. In this business, you should get knowledge about the thread and pattern.

9. Designer Saree Making

As saris are the most traditional attire for Bangladeshi women, the price of Saris varies from Taka 100 to even Taka 100000. Also, they not only come in a variety of colors and fabric but design, and patterns as well. Because saris are no more a daily wear for urban women, they use ‘Designer Saris occasionally.

Not only in Bangladesh but designer saris are popular across the world. Apart from these, designer sari making is a renowned and profitable cottage industry in Bangladesh.

And you can also sell your designer saris from your own online store and from fairs Other than supplying boutique owners or retailers. So, this is one of the best clothing business ideas that you can start at home.

10. Embroidery Unit

Revenue-wise, it has an immense potential starting a computerized or digital embroidery business. Any individual can start this business with a very small startup capital investment. As normal designing to promotional clothing everywhere, there is a need for embroidery service.