10 Best Clothing Business Ideas in Pakistan

10 Best Clothing Business Ideas in Pakistan

10 Best Clothing Business Ideas in Pakistan

Are you interested to start a clothing business in Pakistan? It is a smart choice of business taste indeed. Clothing business in Pakistan has so many sectors to do business. From thousands of clothing business ideas here I gather 10 best clothing business ideas in Pakistan. If you are a seeker of finding appropriate and best clothing business ideas then you are in right place. First, you need to know why you do clothing business in Pakistan.

Because we all know cloth is such a basic need of human being. But in Pakistan cloth is more than the basic need. Cloths get a new definition in Pakistan. Pakistanis are obsessed with their cloth and it gifts the worlds a new fashion era of cloth business sector. In Pakistan, clothes are a significant sign of their nationality.

Pakistan is a Muslim country and there clothes fashion and style is more likely to maintain Islamic criteria. Pakistan is quite famous all over the world and especially in Asia because of their clothes fashion and business.

Cloth business is renowned business sector all over Pakistan. They spread their clothing business from their country to other countries like Bangladesh, India, and Nepal and so on.

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If you are willing to do clothing business in Pakistan then listed 10 clothing business ideas may help you to choose the best one.

  1. Catalog dresses
  2. Online dress shop
  3. Panjabi and kurtha shop
  4. Tailoring shop
  5. Handmade dress
  6. Borka
  7. Baby clothes
  8. Boutique shop
  9. Designing dress
  10. Wedding attire

In details of these business ideas:


Pakistan is mostly famous for their catalog dresses. Pakistan cloths fashion is practiced a significant method and pattern of styling their clothes. In neighbors’ country, Pakistani catalog dresses are famous and love Pakistani catalog dress as like crazy.

Especially girls love it most. Different color contrast and details work of karchupi; jardusi and digital print are most famous in Pakistan catalog dresses. So you can do this business. You can do the whole sell or open a shop of it.


Online dress shop will run very well indeed in not only Pakistan rather aboard. Thus girls love Pakistani dresses and they are crazy for it, they can purchase it very easily.

It is quite beneficial also. Because if you are doing your business online, you need to bear the cost of maintaining a dress shop. Your profit will increase very fast if you are loyal and committed to your customers.


Panjabi and kurtha is very famous cloth item in Pakistan. It is men’s wear. Pakistani men wear a particular design based on Panjabi and kurtha.

If you are known with this style of making, you can do this item’s business via online or offline as a wholesale business. Or you can do this business also by establishing a fashion house or shop.


Tailoring refers to the efficiency of making and sewing clothes. If you know to tailor, you can do this business. Tailoring shop is a very profitable business with less investment.


Like other countries, handmade dresses are enough famous and demanding cloth items. If you have the knowledge to make the homemade dress you can make a business of it. It is expensive than other ordinary clothes. Different designed make it more artistically valuable.


The Borka is a common cloth item in Pakistan because of its Muslim vibe. Borka is not only cloth item but also a fashion item also in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. So you can establish a borka house. In Pakistan, it is the best and profitable business idea.


Baby clothes are also a very important segment in the clothing business sector. No one can ignore the need for baby clothes. Baby clothing fashion house and ordinary shops are quite less in number than adults. So it is the best business idea of clothing business in Pakistan. In this sector, you can make more profit than other clothing sectors.


Pakistan is enough modern country where a boutique shop is so common and middle class to upper-class people depend on a boutique shop for their clothes demand. So boutique shop is also the best clothing business idea in Pakistan.


Pakistan is famous all over the world for their designing dresses. Their design of clothing is fabulous. If you think that you are able to good enough at designing dress than go for it to do as a business. It has good demand in Pakistan.


A wedding is a very special festival and wedding attire remain different than ordinary or casual dress. Everyone wants special attire at the wedding. In Pakistan, it is the trend of having a special and fancy wedding dress. You can do the business of wedding attire in Pakistan as a profitable and handsome business indeed.