10 Best Education Jobs List in Bangladesh

Best Education Jobs List in Bangladesh

Best Education Jobs List in Bangladesh

It’s important to be educated about the many aspects of a position while choosing the best education jobs in Bangladesh. Beyond selecting something you’re interested in and fits your personality, it’s considered that the most important factors for finding a job. And these are the criteria that will help you while comparing the best education jobs not only in Bangladesh but all over the world.

But, when we talk about the education-related jobs, people’s career choices should be based on passion over paychecks. Also, it’s equally true for the Bangladeshi youth who are getting an education in various fields. However, you still have to wonder which the highest and lowest-paying position is in the field if you’re pursuing a profession in education for the all right reasons.

What is the Top 10 Best Education Jobs List in Bangladesh?

Many teachers say the best part about their work is influencing and impacting the lives and futures of their students because this job sector is not known for having the highest-paying jobs though. It makes being an educator enjoyable when you teach and watching your students learn and progress.

Although students who major in education most commonly become teachers, they follow a number of other high-earning career paths. As a few teaching jobs pay extremely well, they do lead to one of the highest senses of job meaning of any group of jobs. Well, let’s know what the top 10 best education jobs are in Bangladesh.


One of the best education jobs in Bangladesh is the Superintendents who are the Chief Executive Officers of schools. Combined with experience as school administrators or educators to qualify for employment though some may gain employment with a master’s degree and advance, many superintendents must complete a doctoral degree. Also, many of them remain current and maintain employment while getting specialized training or certification programs, as well as continuing education. Besides, superintendents are responsible for some specific duties like-

  • Improving the quality of education,
  • Managing educators and school staff,
  • Devising and maintaining budgets,
  • Schedule issues,
  • Behavior issues related to students and staff,
  • Salary issues,
  • Budgetary issues, etc

#2.School Principals – Education based jobs in BD

As the school’s principals are highly trained educational administrators, they manage and oversee the daily operations of preschool, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. While ensuring a standard of educational success, School principals assist in the development, administration, and execution of educational policies and procedures. But, if you want to qualify for employment then you must complete a minimum of a master’s degree in education administration or educational leadership. Among other jobs of school principals, some are like-

  • Hiring staff and educators,
  • Developing academic curricula,
  • Training staff,
  • And monitoring student progress

#3.Chief Academic Officers

Because the Chief Academic Officers are highly skilled professionals, they plan, direct, and coordinate educational programs within secondary schools. They not only research and development but monitor the progress and efficiency of academic courses as well. Combined with experience or a doctoral degree in educational leadership to be considered for employment, Chief Academic Officers are required to complete a master’s degree. Among other jobs of them, some others are like-

  • Responding to complaints,
  • Resolving differences with faculty or academic departments,
  • And develop a means of extending and enrich course offerings

#4.Academic Deans

Those who are academic deans, they work either within admissions, financial aid, or registrar’s offices at colleges, universities, and secondary schools. Also, they cover a wide range of managerial responsibilities. Including housing, residential life, multicultural affairs, financial aid, admissions, and other student activities, many academic deans specialize in different aspects of student life.

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With courses based in educational leadership, school finance, higher education administration, educational law, and student affairs, the academic deans are required to complete a minimum of a master’s or doctoral degree in higher education. Among other jobs of them, some others are like-

  • Conducting research,
  • Preparing promotional information,
  • Meeting with and advise students,
  • Organizing student and class data,
  • Developing and instilling academic policies,
  • Managing budgets assist in appointing faculty etc

#5.Assistant Principal

For the educational system’s administrative team, the Assistant Principals are important members. With the careful observation, development, and monitoring of performance, instruction, and programs, they offer administrative and supervisory skills to teachers, staff, and students. As disciplinarians for students or staff, they help manage budgetary and financial issues and act. Besides, the Assistant Principal is responsible for some specific duties like-

  • Professional development,
  • Improving teaching skills,
  • Enrich the learning environment etc

#6.Instructional Coordinators

Conduct intensive research regarding methods of instruction, develop and implement curriculum, and devise instruction plans within educational organizations are the duties of the Instructional Coordinators. As an Instructional Coordinator requires completion of a master’s of education degree within the instructional design as well as specialized studies within one academic field or subject, they get training to gain employment. Besides, they offer-

  • Training to educators,
  • Select textbooks and other instructional materials,
  • Assess the efficiency of educational programs,
  • Measure student performance,


In the entire education system, librarians are one of the vital workers. Librarians create library programs and systems while overseeing and supervising staff as managers of information and library resources. As they assure ease of access and retrieval of materials for students, staff, and faculty, they develop, organize, and maintain materials and other resources. Some other duties of the librarians are to select-

  • New technology,
  • Materials,
  • Videos,
  • And books for libraries

#8.Teachers and College Professors

With a degree or certificate programs at a college and university level, they plan and deliver specialized instruction based in the humanities, sciences, information technology, history, or engineering disciplines. Also, they have other duties like conducting original research and other experiments. And regarding recruiting and hiring new faculty, promoting current faculty, and recommending policy changes and reviews, they offer administrative input. Moreover, they also do duties like-

  • Analyze documents,
  • Offer critical reviews,
  • Publish the findings
  • Advice students,
  • Supervise graduate students,
  • And assess student progress

#9.Special Education Teachers

As the Special Education Teachers, they provide instruction to infants, children, and teens with mental, emotional, or physical disabilities. Some other duties of the Special Education Teachers are like-

  • Maximizing independence,
  • Expanding knowledge,
  • Improving skills,
  • And augmenting abilities

#10.School Counselors

When you’re looking for one of the best education jobs, School Counselor is one of them. You have to work in elementary, middle, and high schools offering their services to students, staff, teachers, and administrators. And your duties will be to-

Identify abuse,

  • Refer students to external resources,
  • Offer college or career planning
  • Assess student ability
  • Conducting interviews
  • Coordinate financial aid