10 of the Best High Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

Best High Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

Best High Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

Now we have landed in Dhaka, Bangladesh with the authentic information of the best and high paying jobs in the country. We’re going to present an article that has taken the data from various sites that report about the positions with the highest earning potential. You’ll want to look into the opportunities if you have computer savvy, business smarts, or a desire to work from the comfort of your niche.

It’s true that employment performance has been less in Bangladesh, but economic growth has been satisfactory. And the substantial jobs generated in the export-oriented, ready-made garment industry while talking about most paying jobs.

Moreover, as it’s not just about the sheer number of jobs the employment challenge is about the transfer of workers from low- to higher productivity sectors. And the global society down as the global economy experiences change.

What are the 10 of Best High Paying Jobs in Bangladesh?

The availability of high paying jobs in various markets gets affected by many factors. And one of the major variables is supply and demand. Due to the presence of advancing technologies, certain positions become obsolete. Thankfully, as new consumer needs develop, new jobs are created.

As that sector has the potential to be the engine of growth and a major source of productive employment, manufacturing needs to grow faster. For example, garments will have to continue to grow as the more labor-intensive sectors. Also, if there is the same growth potential then the policy regime needs to be neutral for other industries.

When it comes to a comparison between the highest and lowest paying careers that are what happens in Bangladesh. Let’s take you through the jobs you should day out strive to secure because we’ll not dwell on the lowest paying careers in this country. Well, below are the top 10 best high paying jobs in Bangladesh that may suit your skills.

1. Financial Analysts

Your work will be to analyze and predict trends, perform financial modeling and make recommendations to the management for action as a Financial Analyst. Because it helps to set targets, outperform competitors and perform risk management, the job is very crucial for any organization.

That’s why a Financial Analyst in Bangladesh earns at least 100,000 BDT. You’re in if you pursue the Chartered Financial Analyst course. Also, this is not only one of the high paying jobs in Bangladesh but globally as well.

2. Forex Trader

If you want to earn very good perks then the Forex Trader is another professional. Although the average salary of an experienced trader is 95,000 BDT, there are some traders who earn at least 100,000 BDT per month in Bangladesh. But, you must be much experienced when you expect to earn this job and a high amount of salary.

3. Social Media Marketer

As the social media has grown tremendously, every company wants to market their products on the platforms. Opportunities are numerous for you if you’re a social media enthusiast.

Interestingly, a social media marketer earns even more than a teacher in Bangladesh. Although a social media marketer earns 65,000 BDT per month, you can earn even more if you market more.

4. Mobile App Developer/Web designer/Software engineer

Here is a goldmine for those who pursued software engineering or IT and are good at programming. These people earn upwards of 95,000 BDT per month in this industry in Bangladesh. As there are very few professionals with relevant qualifications, the few that do the job are highly paid. That means it’s one of the high paying jobs locally and globally.

5. Accountant/Bookkeeper

Prepare to earn hefty perks if you possess a degree in the business related course. Accountants and bookkeepers are among the highest paid professionals in Bangladesh that’s proven.

At least 50,000 BDT earns an accountant in Bangladesh which is paid by 50% of companies. But, senior accountants earn more than 100,000 BDT at senior level.

6. Statistics/Actuary

There are also good salaries for those who work as statisticians and actuaries. These professionals get reward heavily from the financial and government institutions. Actuaries perform crucial roles that help in risk reduction and important surveys, which is the motivating fact of this job.

Those who are with the professional qualifications earn an average salary of 120,000 BDT per month. Besides, statisticians pocket at least 60,000 BDT per month in Bangladesh.

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7. Electrical /Civil engineers

Those who are working for multinationals and local profitable companies as either electrical or civil engineers are a happy lot. Depending on the specific companies they are working for and the amount of experience they possess, the salaries of these professionals are fixed. The average salary is 70,000 BDT if someone has accumulated work experience of 3 years.

8. Bloggers

Although blogging is an emerging career, you have to be extremely gifted in writing viral stories for you to succeed in this lucrative venture. And you’ll earn upwards of 100,000 BDT per month if that happens. But, the job doesn’t require any specific degree; you just need to be perfect in the English language.

9. Medical profession – High Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

Although medical career is very rewarding, it depends on the level of specialization. You’re likely to earn more than nurses if you specialize in surgery. With a number earning over 100,000 BTD per month, medical doctors earn at least 55,000 BDT per month. Besides, they can earn more in private sectors than in the public sector. It’s one of the high paying jobs locally and globally.

10. SEO Consultant – High Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another important point to businesses with any kind of online presence, which is similar to social media marketing.

You would excel in this career if you have any kind of background in coding, programming, or web development. This is because SEO jobs are much more technical. Also, this is not only one of the high paying jobs in Bangladesh but globally as well.


These are some of the high paying jobs in Bangladesh and also in the world. If you’re skilled in any of these jobs then you have a great chance to earn a lucrative amount of money. Moreover, there are many more similar jobs that pay higher salaries.

These include Data Entry Assistant, Virtual or Executive Assistant etc. These jobs not only make you financially independent but you can enjoy them as well. That’s why it’s a wise decision to select the demanding job skill rather than low income specializing sectors in Bangladesh.