10 Best HR Jobs List in Bangladesh

Best HR Jobs List in Bangladesh

10 Best HR Jobs List in Bangladesh

Are you looking for the best HR Jobs in Bangladesh? When it comes to careers there are many and best HR jobs to choose from for anyone studying human resources and getting a human resources MBA. The jobs not only offer to stay a generalist and climb the career ladder into a management role but you can distill the aspects of the career you like best as well. Also, you can become a niche specialist while teaching people, negotiating, the technical aspects, etc.

Because of job satisfaction, career potential, variety, freedom, and monetary compensation and more, they are the best jobs in human resources. That’s why it’s said that these jobs are the best in the worlds. Moreover, if you choose your job and industry carefully then a human resource MBA can be the ticket to a lucrative career.

What are the Best HR Jobs in Bangladesh?

On the other hand, as companies start to see turnover and recognize the need to focus on retaining talent in a post-recession market, new shoots of growth are coming up in the human resources job market. But, you should focus on positions where you combine analytical tasks with communication and people skills to steer your career toward a big human resources salary. So, ensure a fulfilling career with good compensation by choosing one of these 10 best HR jobs that are highest paying jobs in Bangladesh as well.

#1 – Manager: Employment, Recruitment, and Placement

As an employment, recruitment and placement managers, someone oversees how and when a company hires employees. When you’re in this job, you need to direct your team on where to find talent, how to screen candidates and how to decide which candidates to pursue.

Also, it’s just for you having good discernment skills and an eye for recognizing high-quality potential employees. Moreover, you have not only need excellent interviewing skills but the ability to work closely with the hiring managers. You’ll have to work either under the HR manager or a director of human resources. These all made it one of the best HR jobs in Bangladesh.

#2 – International HR Associate

Although an international human resources associate plays a generalist role within a company’s human resources department, they have global responsibility. If you’re in this role, you have to post jobs for staff, assist in recruiting efforts; review benefits etc.

It’s not only the cultural aspects but benefits and compensation as well. That’s the reason they paid high and it’s one of the best HR jobs. Moreover, you either have lived in the countries the associate is focusing on or helps to be multilingual.

#3 – Executive Recruiter

As executive recruiters looking for individuals to fill senior executive job positions, sometimes calls headhunters. Since executive recruiters need to know their industries, they should be well enough to be able to convince prospects. It’s for those who are often employed at other companies, work for a competitor or a different corporation. And presenting the perfect candidates to the corporation, executive recruiters interview candidates for skill and cultural fit. Read more: 10 Best Job Ideas for MBA Graduates in Bangladesh

Also, those who are successful at finding candidates to fill positions, the executive search industry can be incredibly profitable. Although they are often paid on retainer, they paid in full. And it’s up to percent, of a hired candidate’s first-year compensation when the candidate is presented to the company or paid a portion

#4 – Labor Relations Specialist

Between the corporations where they work and the labor unions, those companies employees participate in, labor relations specialists are the bridge. As they can devise contracts to the laws and politics of labor, they must be experts in local labor issues.

Also, when you’re a labor relations specialist, you’re also a representative for the company in any legal action. That’s why you must always keep a close eye on regulations so that you can ensure his or her business is compliant at all times. Moreover, these are including negotiating skills, the ability to read, write and interpret legal documents, etc are a must.

#5 – Human Resources Consultant

Anything that corporations need help that the Human resources consultants do. These are including devise policies, employment structures, benefits issues, performance incentives etc. As an independent expert who provides much-essential insight into a company’s human resources problems, they consultant a contractor. Also, HR consultants come from a background of in-house human resources work oftentimes.

#6 – Training and Development Manager

If you’re a training and development manager, you’re in charge of all facets of employees’ training, education within the corporation, and career development. Apart of these, they also organize orientation sessions for new employees, training sessions for all employees, personal development courses and any other in-person training etc.

Moreover, the jobs have responsibilities of composing any training collateral for staff, including manuals and books. As they commonly hold meetings that require employee interest and motivation, people in this position must have excellent people skills.

#7 – Compensations and Benefit Manager

The jobs come with the duties such as selecting and implementing the compensation and benefits programs for their corporations. In order to pick the perfect programs for their company’s employees, they use their grasp of corporate policy. While making sure such programs enable their business to attract and retain top talent, they review and modify compensations.

#8 – HR Manager

Those who are human resources managers oversee staffing, benefits, training, labor relations, compensation and all other components of a company’s human resources department. Also, they’re responsible to ensure all procedures are compliant with both company policies and business laws.

With the director and executive level of a corporate management team, HR managers spearhead teams of recruiters and other specialists, create and facilitate projects, tackle problems and communicate. That’s why it’s one of the best HR jobs in Bangladesh.

#9 – Human Resources Director

For all human resources activities in a company are under the overseeing of an HR director. From the recruitment and retention of employees to creating and implementing company-wide policies are all. The role takes the employer’s cash flow into consideration while studying the industry to devise a compensation system.

#10 – Chief HR Officer/Vice President of Human Resources

In a company, the Chief HR Officer is in charge of all of the human resources systems and goals. From recruiting and hiring to training, the role oversees every aspect of the human resources department. He or she reports to the CEO and is intimately involved as part of the executive management team.