10 Best Jobs in Bangladesh in the Security Industry

Best Jobs in Bangladesh in the Security Industry

Best Jobs in Bangladesh in the Security Industry

Are you looking for the best jobs opportunities in the Security Industry? If you’re with intelligent, keen, and investigating mind then there are jobs in the security industry for yours. There are some factors that create an exciting career path are including a fast-pacing environment, constantly changing responsibilities, traveling to out of the ordinary cities and countries, and meeting interesting and new people.

Because of the fascinating opportunities at work, positions in the security field often bases on these workplace elements, and a career in security is appealing.

Knowing that the same duties and tasks will perform over and over, it can be difficult to go to work every day. While choosing and preparing for a career is essential to satisfy at work, it’s not always someone’s idea of fun, and taking the ideal working environment to meet individual interests into consideration.

What are the Best Jobs in Bangladesh in the Security Industry?

As job satisfactions spills over into all facets of life, being happy at work is important for being happy in general. There actually are many different kinds while many people often only think about a traditional security guard as being security.

For example, there is one kind of security guards who are seen in public while moving around the premises. Some others are guard present at a gate controlling access to a plant or military base for the security guard jobs. Well, consider these top ten options for the most exciting jobs in the security industry if you’re looking to get ongoing in a career in the security industry that incorporates all of these factors.

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Table of Content

  1. Private Security Contractor
  2. Information Security Analysts
  3. Network Security Administrator
  4. Cyber Crime Investigator
  5. Network Security Engineers
  6. System, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester
  7. Chief Information Security Officer
  8. Security Architect
  9. Security Manager
  10. And Security Analyst

#1.Private Security Contractor

Many people are pursuing security jobs for the purpose of attaining a stable income or having the job they’ve always may dream as the 21st century continues to unfold. And making a career as a private security contractor is one of the most exciting security positions in the security industry.

It requires not only specific skills but immense amounts of courage as well. The role of private security contractors is to defend not a part of the offensive of operations. However, sometimes they need to engage in violent combat is necessary though. The jobs of private security contractors are much and some of them are-

  • Zones of war,
  • Buildings,
  • Military headquarters
  • Political leaders etc

#2.Information Security Analysts

Information security analysts work to advance the goals of their organization by ensuring that the firm’s information remains safe from cyber attacks as many individuals who work within the information technology sector know.

As information, the position ranks amongst the top of the security industry, their several reasons. And the job outlook for the position is great is one of them. This is because it’s growing fast than the average growth rate.

#3.Network Security Administrator

Those who are Network Security Administrator, they have a wide range of responsibilities. Among them, some are including securing the company’s servers and routers and helping the company create expedient policies surrounding the security of its networks.

Also, when they ensure that no one gains access to highly sensitive data from the company’s network that you haven’t accepted them to attain, they protect computer systems against intruders and viruses. You’ll probably have to obtain a bachelor’s degree if you want to work as an administrator.

#4.Cyber Crime Investigator

It’ll be predictable to analyze how criminals breach infrastructures for those who pursue a career as an information security crime investigator. This is to identify systems and networks which have been compromised by such activity. This is one of the top security jobs in the security industry.

#5.Network Security Engineers

The Network Security Engineers act to implement, integrate, and maintain a corporation’s LAN, WAN and server architecture as their jobs. The job is in the top position for many reasons. The persons are in this job earn a good average salary. Some of the duties of Network Security Engineers are-

  • Performing analysis of network security needs,
  • Contributing to the design and installation of hardware,

#6.System, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester

They find security vulnerabilities within networks, target systems, and applications for the purpose of helping an enterprise improve its security those who work in this field.

As it because of risks to the business, penetration testers offer important insights regarding pressing issues that can determine a company’s livelihood, the act of identifying the flaws that could be exploited. And because of the competitive salary, the job earns a position on the top 10 security job.

#7.Chief Information Security Officer

They will expect to assess, manage, and implement security measures for those who choose a career as a chief information security officer.

Because it affords individuals the opportunity to play an active role in the development of an organization’s security policies and procedures, this job earns its position in the top 10 security careers list. That’s why this it’s one of the top security jobs in the security industry.

#8.Security Architect

As a security architect’s, they work to design solutions for an organization’s security challenges. So, those who choose this career field, they will work with the technology experts within the organization. Because of the inventive and innovative nature of the job earns it a spot on the top 10 security careers list.

#9.Security Manager

They are responsible for reporting to the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) when someone works as a security manager. Simply understanding configuration systems operations is the requirements for the position.

As it earns a spot on the top 10 security careers list, there is a competitive salary of this position. Among other duties of the security, managers are to supervise-

  • Administrators,
  • Technicians,
  • And staff members

#10.Security Analyst

Those who maintain the integrity and security of data are the security analysts. They must attain knowledge regarding each aspect of the information security sector within a business to work proficiently. As analyzing the security methodologies being implemented by a company, it’s the biggest priority of the security analysts. That’s why this it’s one of the top security jobs in the security industry.