10 Best Low-Cost Business Ideas for Students

10 Best Low-Cost Business Ideas for Students

Best Low-Cost Business Ideas for Students

Starting a business is not always easy while you are a student. In this article, I’m going to share with you the 10 best low-cost business ideas for students. These businesses are easy to start and profitable too.

#1 Be a Professional YouTuber

We all know the number one video sharing website is YouTube. A YouTube channel would be a good income source if you have a great passion in this sector. I placed this idea at number one because this business is easy to start and their lot of fun to do this work. I consider this is the best business ideas for a student with a small investment.

Here are the 5 ultimate steps to be a professional YouTuber.

  • Name your YouTube channel that is easy to spell and make it short.
  • Select a comfortable niche.
  • Make a unique and fresh video.
  • Upload on YouTube with right keywords and description. (Frist 100 words is so important) Don’t forget to upload a catchy thumbnail.
  • Keep uploading
  • Apply for monetizing your YouTube channel.

#2 A Blog

If you have a good writing skill you can earn money from a blog.  A blog is a good income source and as well as a great source of passive income. In general, there are three good ways to earn money from a blog.

  • Direct company ads or Google, Media.net, Tobola ads.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling own products

So, a student you can make money from a blog with a small cost of money. Eventually, you can use free Google BlogSpot services. I select this business idea to number two because of two reasons. The first and foremost reason, a website or blog is a good passive income source. And the second reason is, it will help you to explore your knowledge.

Here are six simple steps you can follow to open your blogging business.

  • Select a specific niche where you have good passion and interest.
  • Buy a domain and hosting.
  • Make your website that is user and search engine friendly.
  • Write great content or hire professional content writers.
  • Submit your site’s sitemap to all search engine so that you can get organic visitors.
  • Monetize your blog with ads or affiliate marketing.

#3 IPO Investor

In most countries, investing in an IPO is completely risk-free. For that reason, this would be a great business idea for students. The main advantage is you can operate this business as a side business. Besides, this is a great initiative for your future.

#4 Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography is not only a business but also an art. Starting a photography business is a great idea to start your own business. If you have good skills with a camera this business is for you. Nowadays, this business industry is highly increasing. Wedding photography business can be taken as a part-time business.

The important skills you need to be a wedding photographer are as follow.

  • Good photography sense
  • Image editing skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Great communication skills

#5 Buy and sell used electronic goods

Buying and selling used electronic goods are a profitable business idea for students. This business is easy to start and no need to invest a big amount. A business minded student is a perfect person for this business. You can buy old or used laptops and make some services and then sell it. This business is simple like that. The buying and selling goods are included in mobile phones, laptops, computers, tabs, AC, Fridge, etc.

#6 Online Gift Shop

Ooh! This is another great business ideas for students. Starting an online gift shop is interesting. Unique gift collections and excellent marketing systems is the key for this business.

#7 Small fast food shop

If you are looking for business ideas for students in the food industry then opening a fast food shop is great thinking. Small scale fast food business is a very lucrative business. A good business place and good quality foods are the success key for this business.

#8 Insurance Agent

Personally, I love this business. Becoming an insurance agent can be a good business idea for a student. This business is not only for money but also for communication skills. There is no hesitation to declare that, this is one of the hardest business ideas for students. If you can take this profession with a positive mind and with the confidence you can do something good for your life.

#9 Open a Small Library

Indeed, this is one of the best business ideas for students who want to start their own business. This business can be a good side income source. Besides, you can start this business from your home or garage.

#10 Sell Pure Fruit Juice

This is another profitable low-cost business ideas for students. Selling pure fruit juice is not only good business but also good human service.