10 Best Part-time Jobs in Bangladesh

Top 10 Best Part-time Jobs in Bangladesh

Best Part-time Jobs in Bangladesh

You might be stuck while searching for the best part-time jobs in Bangladesh. This is because you’re confused thinking which job is suitable for you and how to grab it. Don’t worry as we’re here to help you for all concern. You can make out like a bandit teaching music like jazz in particular to fledgling musicians if you know how to play an instrument.

When you’re working less it’s just one of a handful of part-time positions that provide healthy wages for those looking to make more. So, you’re are usually on the hunt for positions that allow them to make more for the time they do work when you want or need to work fewer hours than required in a full-time schedule. And it’ll be a big help for you to identify which positions you are qualified.

What are the Best Part-time Jobs in Bangladesh?

Your expenses may up every month and you have no time or money to meet them if you’re a college student or already earning from an averagely paying job. Here comes with connection with the best part-time jobs in for you.

So, when you need to pay those extra bills there are tons of opportunities to earn from hourly based jobs.

Now, if you want to start with these jobs and make the most of their time then you can look at the following 10 best part-time jobs for you.

#1.Teaching Assistant

In these days, there are necessities for hiring freelancer teaching Assistant or Lab assistant for the computer lab, physical lab, or chemistry lab in almost every school and college.

And as per your study niche, you can apply. For example, you should try yourself to be as a computer lab assistant on your campus if you’re an IT student.

It’ll help with finding a passive income and a source of learning computer hardware and networking system with your regular study.

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It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a teacher, simply perform some different forms of teaching at your niche. That’s why teaching assistant job is one of the best part-time jobs in Bangladesh.

#2.Become a Professional Blogger

Before considering the job, simply check out the income of a successful professional blogger. Then, you’ll start blogging when you’ll find there is no limit to imagination and love exploring new tech thing.

Also, you have options to sign up for either WordPress blog or blogger or other platforms and start making money either by Google AdSense militarization or affiliate marketing.

#3.Office Assistant

You can join as an Office Assistant or Lab Assistant for the computer lab on summer vacation. If you’re a college student then it’s a good way to earn money. As an Office Assistant or Lab Assistant, students need some extra knowledge on this particular subject. Computer knowledge is a plus point that will help you find this job easily.

#4.Teaching Jobs

In morning and evening time, you can start a Tutor or Teaching Jobs. You can keep booting your pocket with extra money while making old study shine. As it’s an easy and effective way to earn money into your college life, simply find some ads on Tutor and communicate with them. Because of this teaching job is one of the best part-time jobs in Bangladesh.

#5.Freelance content writing Jobs

If you’re an in-built writer then you can start a freelancer content writing job to grave some extra money in your college life. You have chances to be hired via either on Freelancer.com or upwork.com or even through some local groups in the social media.

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Depending on your writing skills and speed, you can earn from BDT500 to BDT2000 per day. So, is not its job is one of the best part-time jobs in Bangladesh?

#6.Freelance Data Entry Jobs

You can sing up for online data entry jobs if you’re in IT filled or having a well-typing skill. You may get an extra earning using your free time from both online and offline data entry jobs.

Even as a freelancer, you can start data entry jobs. This is another great among the best part-time jobs in Bangladesh, which is popular as well for young people.

#7.SMS Sending Jobs

While doing SMS Job in Bangladesh, you need not upfront registration. If you’re minimum HSC pass or even you have the practical skill of SMS sending, you can do this job easily. And you have a chance to earn an extra BDT7K to BDT15K depending on your skill.

Also, it’s free to get registered and try this job from various sources. For example, you can start working with CYBER EXPO SMS sending jobs.

If you work on this site then you’ll earn extra money. But, the job will not affect your regular job or study. When you’ve decided to do this job, you need a computer and an internet connection. So, you can enjoy passive earning while starting the job of SMS sending.

#8.Freelance ad posting Jobs

There are many ad posting job sites that offer freelance ad posting jobs through the internet. And the internet advertising via classified advertising becomes a popular advertising media now. The job is not only for the students but housewives are also can do it apart from their daily work. When their daily works revenue credit on the bank account, it’s awesome for a college student.

#9.Fitness Instructor

For the today’s workforce, health and fitness are at tops of the priority list. Because of the hectic schedule and tiring job, they have no time to hit the gym and work out. In this case, they need either a private coach or a fitness instructor at the gym. Depending on your experience in the field you might earn big bucks from home, you can do this job. It’s one of the best part-time jobs in Bangladesh.

#10. Be an actor or model

You can join for part-time actor or model if you’re planning to be an actor or model. So, the job is basically for the girls, are you ready cuties? As there are many Bangladeshi companies are now hiring part-time actors or model, you can join them and earn some extra to boost your pocket money. This is another great among the best part-time jobs in Bangladesh, which is popular as well for young girls