10 Best Textile Jobs Ideas in Bangladesh

Best Textile Jobs Ideas in Bangladesh

10 Best Textile Jobs Ideas in Bangladesh

Do you want to start your career in the textile industry in Bangladesh? Are you looking for the best textile jobs in Bangladesh? There are thousands of people working their asses off to make it happen behind all the glitz, glamour, and glossy pages of the fashion industry. But, breaking into the industry is tough because it’s extremely competitive and many people have no idea where to start the best textile jobs in Bangladesh. Although working in fashion may seem like a great idea, what you do if you aren’t completely aware of the kinds of jobs you have the qualification for.

There’s a ladder to climb, and there are dues to be paid like any other industry. On the other hand, you can have a career in textile niche even if you’ve never done a sketch or sewn a button. It’s one of the most visible roles you can have in the industry to be a designer where obviously talent and skill are essential.

What are the Top 10 Best Textile Jobs Ideas in Bangladesh?

As the textile industry is a huge one and there is a multitude of jobs available, you can find one of the best textile jobs in Bangladesh that suit your temperament and talents. Well, let’s know about some best textile jobs that are suitable for the fresher in the textile industry.

#1.Fashion Merchandising/Sales and Marketing

It’s the place that has made the intersection of business. If the designers ultimately need to get their product to the market then the merchandisers track and monitor fashion trends and consumer trends. This is that a head for numbers and a ton of creativity are non-negotiable.

Among the many options that fall under the “Merchandising” umbrella retail management is one of them. As this is an under-appreciated career path, you can make really decent money and get firsthand knowledge. So, if you have an artsy, creative mind then this job is might be for you.

#2.Production Management – Best Textile Jobs Ideas in Bangladesh

As production managers are responsible for getting textiles and clothing made at the manufacturing level, this is the front line of fashion. And while working with suppliers and retailers so that they can make sure a quality production. But, the field is not only exciting but challenging as well.

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Also, it adds another layer of a challenge when the green movement is showing no signs of stopping. If you have an interest in this job, it requires some business training and you should have a fascination with how things are made.

#3.Visual Presentation/Styling

Although it’s potentially overlapping professions, these are two separate. It’s definitely a profession that is on the rise in terms of visibility with the celebrity status of stylists. Apart from a degree, it’s more essential to have some understanding of numbers, business, and communications are essential. Moreover, it does not only require internships but networking is probably more important as well. If you’re an expert in museum exhibits, fashion shows, and showrooms then you’re most welcome to visual presentation career.


You should be motivated and make you known to other people in the office without trying too hard to please everyone. If you want to improve your skills and learn as much as you can while you’re there then try to do good work and help out where you can.

Also, at first, do some free tasks, which is the absolute best way to get paid. Although there are horrible internships and there are great internships, there’s plenty of either. Besides, there are many companies that are currently looking for interns if you have a dream happen to be working for this industry.

#5.Assistant Buyer

When it comes to brands and designers that are hot in the streets know your shit. Not only you should be able to think months ahead in regards to trends but have a great mind for business and the kinds of product you think will sell out.

As the buyers use their sense of style and knowledge of trends, they anticipate the kinds of gear people will be lining up to cop next season. It means that they are in look for the warmest coats in the summer and the illest swimwear in January.

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#6.Design Assistant – Best Textile Jobs Ideas in Bangladesh

It’s one of the best textile jobs that need a degree in fashion design. Also, the job requires being reliable, punctual, and willing to be overworked and underpaid. If you have a genuine passion for your boss’ work then this job is yours. You won’t be sketching the next collection as a design assistant.

This is because no great designer works alone. Although you’ll get a firsthand look at fabrics, travel a lot to tradeshows, factories, and yes, fashion week, you’ll spend a lot of that time putting in long hours of work. If you have a passion for it then it’s extremely rewarding.

#7.PR/Advertising Account Coordinator

If you want to do this job then you should be Familiarize yourself with how to track tweets, reblogs, and website trackbacks. Also, when you’ll use words wisely you’ll get to the point. As it’s nothing to be ashamed, get your name out there and reap the benefits later.

Although Public Relations and Advertising isn’t the same thing, these entry-level gigs require similar skill sets and interests. There will be a number of executives and supervisors on each of them depending on the size of the account.

#8.Marketing/Social Media Assistant

It’s one of the best textile jobs that need to be able to explain to old people why exactly they’re paying you to run their social media accounts, use jargon like “metrics” and “return-on-idea.”  It’s as important as the clothes it makes while getting a brand’s name out there.

Moreover, young people with a passion for Twitter and Tumblr have been brought into the fold of companies looking to utilize those platforms with the advent of social media.

#9.Personal Assistant

If you want to do this one of the best textile jobs then you should be completely enthusiastic and attentive to what your boss needs. Also, it not only needs to know how to multi-task really well but has a talent for scheduling as well. As designers, other fashion executives like high-up editors don’t have time to run errands. So, you should say goodbye to your social life as a good personal assistant.

#10.Editorial Assistant

It requires being a dick about grammar and punctuation along with reading magazines, books, and websites constantly. Also, if you cultivate a network of contacts at public relations agencies and brands then you can pitch your own stories. And you need a few internships under your belt if you dream to do this job.