10 Best Tourist Destinations in the UK

10 Best Tourist Destinations in the UK

The area of the UK may be small; however, there are a lot of places as the best tourist destinations in it. There are sometimes we just only don’t have the time to get on around for a trip to the world tour. Sometimes the blight holidays are around the gorgeous countryside, favorite cuisines, and beautiful beaches somewhere.

We’re going to present some top holiday destinations in the UK that we’ve selected from the top travel-related blogs. These great vacation spots, from off-the-beaten-track villages to bustling cities, most are there. We’ve found that many of the bloggers are from the UK. This is because they know what they’re talking about and about their country as well.

What are the Top 10 Best Tourist Destinations in the UK?

When we select the best tourist destinations in the UK, we had kept on mind the criteria of vibrant foods, the thing to do and see along with the point that differs from other places. Additionally, these top holiday destinations are famous for the World Heritage sites as well as the theme parks along with other top attractions. Now, let’s see what the best tourist destinations are in the UK that charms the tourists.

1. Best Tourist Destinations – Bristol

It seems to steal a little bit more of our heart with every time when we visit Bristol. There’s always something to do, no matters when you go there. You’ll find and charm from the mesmerizing aquarium to the historic SS Great Britain. Moreover, you’ll get their incredible street art all over the place you look in this city. It’s sure that you’re bound to stagger upon an event as the weekend-long Harbor Fest that provides non-stop free entertainment when you travel there during the summer. Besides, there is the stunning International Balloon Fiesta with hundreds of hot air balloons fly in the sky. Also, there is a covered marketplace with huge of foodstuff stands; you can grab lunch with any famous restaurant.

2. South Dorset

You can certainly down to south Dorset when you’re looking for a staycation with inconceivable local seafood, lovely countryside sceneries along with numerous outdoor adventures in South Dorset.

Starting down in East Devon and it goes in so far as the eye-catching Old Harry Rocks that highlights of the famous Jurassic shoreline. In the Triassic Period, the cliffs here were formed between 252 and 201 million years ago.

However, there are some really pretty landscapes and great cliff walks along with fossils and geology. Besides, you must see the Durdle Door that’s at one of Dorset’s most beautiful beaches in the stone archway over the sea.

South Dorset – 10 Best Tourist Destinations in the UK

3. Brighton

Whether you’re a family in need of some seaside fun or a couple looking for a romantic getaway, Brighton is unbelievable for everybody. Often you don’t need to plan what to do in order to have a good time if you love wandering around the streets. Some of the things that make this city so lovable are including street entertainers, graffiti art, and markets. When you’re planning to visit keep an eye out for events where the biggest one is the Brighton Pride. Besides, there are the Lanes where you’ll stumble across a series of little eateries if you love to eat classic fish and chips. Let’s check- Top-Rated UK Attractions

4. The Cotswolds

It must be the Cotswolds if you’re looking for the most quintessentially best vacation destinations in the UK. You’ll find the Cotswolds a postcard-perfect destination for a Great British escape.

This is because there are pretty villages, flowing streams, Stone cottages, etc. However, it’s not too far for a weekend break with a driving time of just 2 hours from London. Moreover, if you want to make the most out of your trip, you can stop off in Bath.

If you’re visiting in peak summertime then driving around the Cotswolds and admiring the scenery is an experience of its own. You’d highly recommend a pub nearby called The Old Fleece for foods of various types. The site also has so many beautiful towns and places to visit.

5. London

Oh yes! We can’t but referring London as one of the best travel sites in the UK. and a hop-on-hop-off river cruise is must when in this city. Moreover, you can get on and off as many times as you like and it usually takes around £10. The cruise goes all the way down to Greenwich while starting at Westminster Pier. Besides, you can view the city from the sky ride the Emirates cable car and it’s awesome. Also, head east to the trendy Shoreditch when you’ve done the well-trodden tourist track here.

In addition, take some awesome Instagram pictures because it’s the home for the hipster and the backdrop. As you can’t turn a corner without bumping into some awesome street art, it could be the favorite part of London.

London is one of the Best Tourist Destinations in the UK

6. Liverpool

your mind immediately goes to the infamous Scouse foursome, The Beatles when you think of Liverpool. There are much more to offer and is the perfect addition to any UK trip in this UNESCO maritime city. Also, this northern port town has the most Grade we listed buildings in the UK if you like architecture.

Moreover, you can attempt to explain the origins of the distinctive ‘Scouse’ accent with a three-hour free walking tour departs. This is because it’s a great way to spend a morning and a really interesting thing. Besides, if you’re into dance music, you’ll love Liverpool for having one of the wildest nights out. For some bangers, head to Heebie Jeebie.

7. Newcastle

Possibly the friendliest city you could visit in the UK and the liveliest the New Castle. Get your breakfast on the quayside at the bijou Quay Ingredient and start the day here. Also, order their famous eggs Benedict and get there early to beat the queues. Moreover, there is the riverside and cross the Millennium Bridge to The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art for your amusement.

The Baltic has featured artists such as Anthony Gormley and Damien Hirst, it’s housed in a converted flour mill. There is a 19th-century former wagon was used for delivering coal, and later, as a World War II shelter named The Victoria Tunnel is here. Besides, Albatross is right in the middle of the city for a super friendly stay.

8. Whitstable, Kent

It’s simple that our heart yearns for the sea and there is plenty of scope for that in the UK. This is why we take a quick 30-minute drive from Canterbury whenever we feel like a staycaytion Whitstable. Because of this, we get oodles of classic charm in this super cute little seaside town. You’ll find there lovely shops on the harbor streets. Moreover, you can book yourself a spot at the Michelin starred Sportsman in nearby Seasalter for a delicious dinner if you linger a night or two.

9. The New Forest

There is so much to see and do when you’re here. You can make it into a bit of a pub crawl if you hire a bike and hitting the trails to really get the most. Besides, you’d also highly recommend bringing a tent and camping for the weekend at one of these sites if you’re visiting in summer.

10. Devon

Being somewhere a touch more exotic than the good old UK, you may crave the feeling. Here you could legitimately be in Bali or Mexico when you’re standing at the foot of the White Lady waterfall. As it’s anything but dry down here, you have to come prepared for the rain.