10 Businesses You Can Start in Bangladesh with 5 Lakh BDT

Businesses You Can Start in Bangladesh with 5 Lakh BDT

10 Businesses You Can Start in Bangladesh with 5 Lakh BDT

In order to meet up with their daily growing spending people are looking for small business. It has become paramount that every unemployed youth starts a business with the world’s fast-rising rate of unemployment. This is not a matter how small the business might be at the starting point. There are many businesses you can start in Bangladesh with BDT 5 lakh.

As there is a large percentage is unemployed in Bangladesh, starting a small business is the best alternative of the jobs. Although it’s not the fact that unemployed are not willing to start a business, their problem lies in finding the best business ideas. This reason has forced us to find out some great business ideas that need only BDT100, 000 or it’s less.

Top 10 Businesses You Can Start in Bangladesh with 5 Lakh BDT

As we have said already there are plenty of businesses you can start in Bangladesh with 5 Lakh Taka. So, this is the article that’s perfect for you if you’re one of them who are looking for a good business idea with a one hundred thousand Taka.

Also, you can prepare yourself to begin any of these businesses in 2018 or in the year to come if you don’t want to kick-start immediately. That’s why if you’re firmly committed to it; here are top 10 businesses you can start in Bangladesh with 5 lakh BDT or less than it.

1. Small Scale Kindergarten School

Among the most successful business in Bangladesh, Kindergarten school, English medium school, art school etc of any medium business. Apart from getting a financial benefit, you’ll earn honor while starting a school business.

It’s vital to keep a good relationship with the local house owners of the surrounding area as an owner of the school. So, you must be patient to get the success of the school business. And this is not only one of the businesses you can start with a one hundred thousand Taka but a good chance to be financially established within a few years.

2. Homemade Goods

As the homemade goods business has a great demand, you can start making Achar (prickles), chatni (another local type of pickles), salts, butter oil, some milk made goods, jelly, chips etc. so, if you start producing and marketing these goods, you’ll get good profits as well. What you have to do before starting and marketing your goods is to get the certificate from the BSTI and a trade license. This is not only a profitable business in Bangladesh but needs only a small investment.

3. Rice Supplier

As they’re good looking and fine, people of the major cities look for the thin rice. They become fatty when it’s cooked. But, there is something like the Black Hat SEO that some auto rice mill owners make thinner rice by cutting the fatty ones. This way when consumers buy them, they’re cheated then. Because of this cheating, it’s tough to find the original thin rice. So, consumers may attract and start buying your rice if you can supply actual thin rice in the market and promote them correctly.

4. Student counseling

In compare of the previous years, the rate of education in Bangladesh is growing up massively. However, as the very few students are a good learner, it’s a matter of sorrow. It means that the education standard is at the bottom of the country. What this resulting is that the employers aren’t getting the right person and the employee is not getting good remuneration. So, if you are capable to start business education counseling is a good business in Bangladesh.

5. Tourism

Bangladeshi people are fond of traveling and they travel to various attractive tourists destinations in the country. What you have to do at the starting of your business that offers them a low-cost package of multiple sports. It’ll take more clients and you’ll get more revenue from this business. Also, it’s the best if you work as a tourist guide for your clients. But, you’ll have to hire others to continue guiding the tourists when your business becomes large in scale. Read more: Best Business Industry in Bangladesh.

6. Import and export business

One of the good businesses you can start with low investment, which is a great way to be wealthy. What you have to do is that you have to find out the areas where demand and then purchase from where same goods that are good availability. Also, you must know what the products are good to import in Bangladesh and the best one to export to a various country where Bangladesh has easy accessibility.

7. Online cloth sells

Although it’s thought as a new business in Bangladesh, it’s a good chance to set up an online cloth selling the business. There are many people who are with this business at this time. So, why not start one for your own? What you need for this business is an e-commerce website and some knowledge of the internet and technology. But, if you’re out of this knowledge, you can hire an expert professional who will do all these for you.

8. Small Buying House

This is one of the best businesses you can start with as low as 1 lakh Taka. You’ll find numerous buying house enterprises that are located in Dhaka and Chittagong. What you need to be successful in this business are your expertise and English skills. This is because you have to handle the foreign buyers to get an order of cloths delivers as their demand.

9. Small Scale Restaurant Business

If you want to start a restaurant business, you must find out a wonderful location. This is because you need to select a crowded area, which might be near a business, a shopping mall, and a supermarket. You must maintain some good qualities and standard if you want to be successful in this business. And when you’ll get the success you’ll get very good returns as well.

10. Coffee shop

Another best one among businesses you can start within a one hundred thousand Taka is a coffee shop. What you have to do is that you need to serve some special variety of coffees. Also, you can survey the popular type coffees in your area. You’ll find multiple coffee shops can be opened in different areas under your brand name after a certain period of time.