10 Easy and Cheap Gift Ideas for Friends

10 Easy and Cheap Gift Ideas for Friends

10 Easy and Cheap Gift Ideas for Friends

Friends are the most important persons in our life after parents. They are so unavoidable and dearest people in our life. We all have friends and we need to give them gifts on various occasion. Actually, friends deserve nice and precious gifts from us. Gifts make the bond of the relationship more strong and effortful. So the gifts for friends require special treatment. If you searching gift ideas for friends you may find out so many options. But you need to choose glorious and charming gifts for your friends. You should also remind in mind of their choice and test.

There are arise problem if your gift is not so good or according to your friends choice. Don’t get upset if you tried to find an easy but nice gifts ideas for your friends. On this page, I am going to expose some creative, nice and easy gift ideas for friends. You can get 10 easy gifts ideas for friends and these are:


Books are the best gift ever for your friends. It will rock gift item if your friend is a book lover. You must know your friends taste of reading. And you also know about her favorite author. So you can try to give your friend a bundle of books of his favorite author? You can give your friend those books also whose he wished to buy.

Your quality time with special dinner

A friend is always special. Hey is our favorite person also. In our life our dearest person’s most common desire to get our time for them. So you can gift your time with full effort for them you can arrange a special dinner date with your friends and chat randomly. This will be the best gift ever for your friends.

Dairy and fancy pen

This is the artistic and nice idea of gifts for friends. You can give a nice dairy to your friends. It will be more special and precious if you write some nice and lovely words for your significant friend. You can write there that how much he means in your life or write some nice memory that you have together.

Travel ticket

This is a unique idea indeed. You know travel with the friends is the best travel ever. You and your friend can enjoy the holiday together by traveling together. You can arrange travel tour for your friend and give a gift your friend the travel ticket. It will be a memorable gift ever.


What can be the better gift idea ever than a dress? All love dress and love get to dress as a gift. Especially girls usually love the dress to get as gift. So you can give your female friend dress as a gift. But before buying the dress for her please be concern about her taste of dress, favorite color, and preferable brand. Your effort has a chance to ruin if you do wrong with this idea. If you are not able to buy the dress as her taste she may become angry with you on an issue that why you don’t know her choice. So be tactful and concern nicely before buying a dress for your female friends.


Nowadays people greatly love handicraft. If you got to know that your friend is handicraft obsessed, then buy some handicrafts. Or you can make some handicrafts for your friends. Like the customized dress, mug, jewelry or something like that.

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In this time almost all of the people are gadget freak. So you can give any gadget to your friend according to your ability. Just find out which gadget is new in the market or which gadget your friends wish to buy recently.

Cooking food

You can gift your friends some food items that is cooked by you. Or you can gift your friends those dishes that he likes to eat. If your friend is food lover then he would definitely love this gift.

Necessary things

You can give your friends some necessary things that he needs in his daily life. Like, you can gift him some toilets to use. Choose his preferring brands to give his gifts.

Glass printing wall mate

This is so unique, nice and amazing idea of a gift for your friends indeed. You can give him a nice glass printing wall mate. You can buy this or you can make this also. Calligraphy is a nice theme and it is liked by all. So you can give a calligraphic glass wall mate to your friends. He can hang it on his drawing room’s wall. And he will remind you every single time when he looks at the glass mate. Hope these 10 gift ideas are easy and nice to admit to friends. Thanks for reading the whole writing.