10 Easy-to-Start Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Easy-to-start Business Ideas in Bangladesh

10 Easy-to-Start Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Are you interested to start a business in Bangladesh? As many people search, you’re also searching for the best and easy-to-start business ideas in Bangladesh, right? If you have a small capital and passionate for a small business opportunity, this post is for you.

This is because we have compiled here some small business ideas that you can start easily. So, when you have these large-scale business opportunities, why don’t you start one of them?

If you utilize your talent, patience, time, knowledge and money, today’s small business will be bigger after 10 years. Besides, your son/ daughter will not have to start a carrier as Jr. Executive when you’ll keep the higher positions for them in your own business ventures. Thus, there is no end of a good business and it continues up to grandsons.

Top 10 Easy-to-Start Business Ideas in Bangladesh

As every startup has it initiate demands, it has production, marketing, resources and administrative segment. You can start a business from home if you have a spare room or space. As a small business center, Bangladesh is quickly growing.

That’s why you’ll find there a plenty of small and micro business opportunities.

Although opportunities always welcome those who are ready to take challenges, setting up and running a business is full of challenges. Now, let’s know some top 10 best easy-to-start business ideas in Bangladesh.

#1. Ball Pen Refill Making

As a solution to the problems related to writing with a fountain pen, the ballpoint pen was developed. While making the components of a ballpoint pen refill, a variety of raw materials are used. These include ink, and refill along with metals, plastics, and other chemicals. As a small-scale basis, you can be initiated this manufacturing opportunity.

#2. Small Investment business ideas in BD- Candle Making

As there is a big market of aromatic decorative candles, it could be a great and one of the best easy-to-start business ideas in Bangladesh. Besides, it has a wide use as the gift item also.

So, if you initiate it as a small-scale or part-time basis, you’ll get good earnings from it. Also, it’s considered mostly as one of the most profitable small scale business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

#3. Exercise Book Making

It’s not only a simple business to produce an exercise book but anyone initiates this business as well.

Besides, you can start the business with comparatively low startup capital.

As there is increasing demands of exercise books in schools and offices, it’s one of the great and easy-to-start business ideas in Bangladesh.

What you need to start the business in several different machines according to the demands.

#4. Spice Paste Making

As a condiment in various food preparations, people use ginger and garlic paste mainly. Moreover, these two use widely to recover carminative and gastric in many medicinal preparations.

So, the demand for ginger garlic paste is also increased when instant mixes and spices are becoming more popular. Besides, the product has an immense market opportunity for export and the production process is simple as well.

#5. Kiosk Business

One of the low investment high-profit retail business models is Kiosks. The best of the business is that you need a very small capital to start, but the profit is high.

But, keep in mind that the most crucial aspects of this business are to select the right space and the right products.

So, when you’re set with these all you’re ready to start earning. You can set up a small scale yet profitable business with breakfast and snacks to supplement.

As an educated kiosk business, you’ll keep your environment clean and better look with a touch of creativity.

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#6. Online Perfume Store

If you are looking for most profitable business in Bangladesh, the perfume business is one of them. You’ll definitely need to have an eCommerce site to start your own online perfume store business.

It’ll be quite easy to initiate an online perfume store business with really a small capital investment when software will do every work related to setting up an online perfume store.

You need not pay any cost for retail space is the financially most important aspect of this business.

This is not only one of the easy-to-start business ideas but much profitable as well.

However, the business idea requires some extra knowledge of technology, especially, the internet.

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#7. Online T-shirt Store

A T-shirt business is another great business ideas in Bangladesh. As you know, the T-shirt is a well-known casual wear globally.

It’s the type of fashion ware that’s popular to all sort of people like men, women, kids etc. although there are a lot of t-shirt brands in the market, people look for the gorgeous design, cherishable brand, and a quality product.

This is the thought that can make you successful in this business. You’ll definitely need to have an eCommerce site where from your clients will buy your t-shirts in starting an online t-shirt business.

And you can start your own online t-shirt business by creating a fully functioning eCommerce store with very less capital with Shopify.

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#8. Paper bag Making

This business you can start in Bangladesh with small capital. It’s nothing but a preformed container made of paper calls a paper bag or paper sack. With an opening at one end, paper bags come usually.

Along with some flexible materials, it’s one layer of paper or multiple layers of paper. Where is the paper bags used?

Usually, it’s used to pack something or carry any items. Paper bags are intended to show all the glory of the product inside them as it’s just the same as packaging design.

That’s why your design must be outstanding. Besides, it’s another most innovative manufacturing business idea where the investment is low but the return is high.

#9. Paper Cup Making

A small capital investment needs to start this business. As the demand for paper cups are increasing day-by-day, this is one of the most lucrative small-scale manufacturing opportunity in Bangladesh. Besides, you can use recyclable paper to produce paper cups.

#10. Popcorn Making Business in Bangladesh

Among the every age group of the population, popcorn is a popular snack item, which is healthy snacks item too.

It explodes from the kernel and puffs up after heating to make popcorn or popping corn. But, if you select the special varieties of corn, that’ll give you improved popping yield.

Hopefully, the above-said list of the top 10 best easy-to-start business ideas in Bangladesh will help to start a new business.