10 High Paying Jobs List in the UK

10 High Paying Jobs List in the UK

High Paying Jobs List in the UK

The high paying jobs in the UK will set you up for life and need not think something else. It’s simple that anyone wants to earn more money with good paying jobs. But, finding one isn’t always the easiest despite record employment figures. At the eve of the New Year, it’s time to get back on the jobs market and traditionally been a popular time for people to switch careers. Also, there’s never been a better time to do so with wages stagnant despite rising employment.

So, we’re here with you to inspire you if you’re after a fresh challenge. However, this has been factored in earning potential, career opportunities, and anonymous employee satisfaction scores. As a result, if you’re after change the number of vacancies now to come up with a list of the best career moves.

An Overview of the High Paying Jobs List in the UK

The finance industry can be the place to do it if you want to earn a lot of money. The average weekly earnings at £550, but for finance, it’s considerably higher at £648 are the recent figures. So, if you like to get paid upwards of £70,000 as well as hefty bonuses for good performance, there are plenty of jobs in the city areas.

Because of the high demand for talented people, the financial services are also booming rapidly. As a result, it’ll generate an estimated 47,000 more jobs in finance by 2020 along with industry growth is forecast to add 2-3% to the UK GDP in the next two years.

What is the High Paying Jobs List in the UK?

We’ve assessed some of the highest paying jobs in finance for 2018 with the above said. So, if it’s time for a new job role, we’re here with some inspirational suggestions. Take a look at these high paying jobs and choose your one. Now, let’s know what the high paying jobs in the current marketplace.

1. Management Accountant

Salary Range: £24,000-£46,000+
Senior salary: £46,000-£129,000+
About the Management Accountant Job

You have to look after the figures and accounts of a company when you’re a management accountant. Basically, the post is of a senior one that involves advising on business strategies and helping the management team make financial decisions and preparing financial statements.

Moreover, you have to involve preparing financial statements, monitoring performance, and many more activities. You’ll get around £32,000as the average salary. Besides, you can expect to earn substantially more if you gain chartered status or work for a large corporate.

2. Financial Controller

Salary range: £29,000-£74,000+

About the Financial Controller Job

The accounts department of a company mostly depends on the financial controller. But, you’ll get a team of accountants when you’ll work in this sector. Not only the performance and cash flow forecasts but a financial controller produces periodic reports and the identify trends. Besides, you’ll also have responsibility for auditing and ensuring compliance with financial regulations as a financial controller.

3. Fund Accountant

Average salary: £30,000 (£40,000 in London)

About Fund Accountant Job
With the fund they work for in good order, a fund accountant is responsible for keeping all accounting aspects. Also, he/ she can work day basis. It means that they have to do some specific jobs. These include preparing reports to show yields, net asset values, and distributions.

Moreover, they’ll be identifying any irregularities and preparing reports on the fund, reconciling different accounts, preparing for and scheduling audits etc.

4. Financial Analyst

Salary range: £22,000-£60,000

About Financial Analyst Job
After collecting and monitors financial data for a given organization, a financial analyst recommends to senior management using them to identify trends. The requirements are a real aptitude for numbers and encompass accountancy, math, and economics for the role. Moreover, he or she needs to be up to date with current trends in the industry they work, be able to make financial forecasts and make recommendations for improvements as the financial analyst.

5. Investment Banker

Average salary: £30,000-£40,000
Very experienced salary: £150,000+
About Investment Banker job

You have to understand how money is made and invested if you want to be an investment banker. Because of this, the role involves providing a range of financial services to different organizations. This can include things, including mergers, acquisitions, privatization, initial public offerings, and lending.

Besides, you have to work in corporate finance, providing specialist knowledge of mergers and acquisitions or they might be in debt capital restructuring debt obligations as an investment banker.

6. Marketing Manager

Average salary: £42,000

About Marketing Manager Job

The Marketing Manager Job involves long-term strategies and managing the day-to-day marketing activities of an organization. Moreover, you have to be involved in planning and implementing promotional campaigns and measuring results as a Marketing Manager. This is because it’s one of the high paying jobs in the UK.

7. Operations Manager

Average salary: £42,000

About Operations Manager Job

The job of an operations manager involves overseeing the provision of services and/or production of goods of the company. A company wants to be sure that you can ensure the company is running as well as it possibly can, with a smooth efficient service. Moreover, it expects to meet the needs of customers that the company runs for.

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8. Product Manager

Average salary: £52,000

About Production Manager Job

Not only managing the overarching budget of a strategy or campaign but a Product Manager conducts market research, generates product requirements, and determines specifications. Because of this, the job is as responsible as demanding the marketplace.

9. HR Manager

Average salary: £45,750

About HR Manager Job

The implementation and management of a company’s HR functions go under the responsibility of the Human Resource Manager. The HR manager may lead all people management functions in a smaller organization.

But, they’ll often report to an HR director or CHRO and have middle management responsibility in the larger organization. This is because of the job significant for a company. As a result, the job a wide demand in the job market.

10. Contract Manager

Average salary: £40,000

About Contract Manager Job

Ensuring the operation/project and/or sign-off runs smoothly, this role involves holding responsibility for contracts and ongoing relationships with suppliers. Because of this, the job has a great significance for a company. That’s why the job a great demand in the marketplace.


These are the top 10 high paying jobs in the UK according to us. But, there are so many highest salary jobs in the marketplace. These include Software Engineer, Solutions Architect, Audit Manager, HR Business Partner, Mobile Developer and many more. So, it’s your turn to choose the perfect one that suits your skills and experience. Because of this concern, you also can ask something more if you need regarding your highest earning jobs.