10 Low Cost Business Opportunities for 2019

10 Low Cost Business Opportunities for 2019

10 Low Cost Business Opportunities for 2019

Introducing 10 of the best low cost business opportunities for 2019. Today, people are quitting their terrible 9-5 jobs to make their passion their source of income. People don’t want to retire at their old age and think to themselves that they have wasted their life all along. Launching your own business might be difficult. But, patience and dedication is the key to success in this sector.

The financial issue is a big factor when starting your own business. So here are ten low cost business opportunities you can start right away to feed your passion.

Arts and Crafts Business

We all know artistic people who can’t adapt to the daily working struggles. Their minds function differently. Their level of efficiency while doing something completely depends on their mood.

So if you are an artistic person and hate your 9-5 job. This is one of the best ways to start your business.

You can make various crafts and sell it to people. For example, if you like drawing portraits, you can open up a website where you create custom made portraits in exchange for money.

If you are less of an artist and more of a craftsman you can create potteries, custom designed jewelry, custom made t-shirts and many other things. In this business opportunity, you can work according to your mood and time.

But what you need to keep in mind is the delivery timing. You cannot miss deadlines because if you do you will lose a good amount of customers. This business plan might have very less profit at the beginning but slowly you’ll have a booming business if you give outstanding service. A small tip for this business, try not repeating your artworks.

For example, make only one piece of everything. Like this, the thirst of the customers will increase. And the ones who already got your product will feel special as there wouldn’t be anyone else carrying the same thing around. Uniqueness is the key to success in this type of business.

Gift Basket Service – Low Cost Business Opportunities for 2019

We all know people who are very bad with gifts. They barely know what to get their loved ones. You can take advantage of these helpless souls.

You can open a gift basket service. For example, you can have different types of gift baskets in different price ranges according to the related event. A relevant example would be, “Valentine’s Day”.

There will be two sets, For Him and For Her. Both sets will have three types of gift baskets. A small budget gift box, a mid-budget gift box and finally an expensive gift box. The small budget gift box might have few chocolates, a deodorant, and roses.

The expensive gift box might have a watch, custom made mugs, handmade chocolates and a gift voucher for a date for two.

In today’s day, people are extremely busy they really don’t have the time to go to shops and look for their desired products. So this idea might help a good amount of busy humans.

The tip for this business is packaging. You cannot compromise on the packaging. You’ll need to make both the low budget gift box consumer and the expensive gift box consumer feel the same amount of satisfaction. So that both the parties feel that they got a good deal.

Senior Daycare Center

Surrounding us are a lot of senior citizens who are unable to take care of themselves. Statistical records show that after the age of 60, people suffer from chronic depression because they think they are alone and feel like a burden to everyone.

In today’s world depression is a very big issue and surely you wouldn’t want anyone to be a part of it especially the senior citizens. So you can start a daycare for them. If you are a homemaker or a stay at home dad, you can surely take this as a good business opportunity.

All you need to do is give care and time to them till their families are back home from their designated work. In a lot of cases, senior citizens get a response to their young grandchildren. So you can also open a daycare for both senior citizens and children.

All you need is to make them feel loved and valued. The services you can provide can be going to the park for a picnic, baking classes, art and craft sessions, and many other things.

And at times you can you can have open storytelling sessions, where the senior citizens tell stories to the children of the daycare. Statistics also say that children are a huge stress reliever.

So when the senior citizens interact with kids they can feel happy and the children can also learn valuable lessons and morals. This business idea doesn’t need a huge capital. All you need is an open heart and a house.

Best Low Cost Business Opportunities for 2019 – Tutoring Service

Being a good student doesn’t mean you’ll be a good teacher. You might be a mediocre student but an amazing teacher. So why not use your talent as a source of income? You might have the talent to explain complicated things in a simple way.

A lot of students find it difficult to cope up with studies in a designated way. If you can make the same lessons easier for them so why not make it your full-time job? You can share your knowledge with a huge number of students in exchange for money.

Firstly, you’ll need to find students, you can start this service by teaching a relative first. If you can show progress in this relative undoubtedly you’ll get more students. This tutoring service is all about the recommendation.

You cannot compromise on the service because if you do you’ll suffer a big loss. Dedication and punctuality will help you create success in this field. In this field, you can’t be greedy.

If you become greedy, the loss is in your way. The target to create profit here is quality, not quantity. You can have a tutoring service for only 5 to 10 students at maximum. If the number of students is limited, you can work at your maximum potential.

And if you think you think you are a mind-blowing teacher you can start taking the difficult students only. In this case, your dedication and talent will be portrayed clearly.

There is not enough credit in making the good student to the best student but there is a lot credit in making the weak student to a good student. So don’t wait for anything and start changing lives already.

Delivery Service or Food Truck

You might have a car and you might be passionate about driving. So if you are living in the capital city. You can deliver wanted products to the other divisions on the weekends. And can deliver small grocery items on the weekdays in your nearby areas.

You must be a travel-friendly person if you take this as your business opportunity. You can easily earn your fuel expenses by delivering goods. So why not give it a try? You can earn your expenses and also travel.

Or if you don’t want to deliver products, you can start a food truck. Business on the wheels. If you are passionate about cooking and also traveling this might be your go-to business.

You can experiment with different cuisines and feed it to the people all around your country. You can work with full freedom. You can stop on the way and make some profit or you can travel. It is all up to you. And a dynamic idea would be, is to do both delivery service and also a food truck. You can plan your whole tour out before leaving.

Then the customers will know your whereabouts. So if any customer plans on sending products through you to your next destination. They can. This business plan might sound very complicated but it will surely be a hit if you can execute it properly.

Social Media Consultant: Low Cost Business Opportunities for 2019

You have your phones on your hand all the time. You might be a social media expert. So why not take advantage of your social media addiction. You can help new companies by giving them new marketing strategies using social media.

For example, starting a giveaway challenge before the company launches. In this way, the new company will get the limelight before even staring its business journey.

If this business idea seems to be too simple for you. You can try out something completely out of the box.

You can open Social Media Classes for the adults. We all know elder people who struggle with social media. You can become their ray of hope. You can help the old people connect with their relatives who live abroad, you can give them ideas to broadcast their talent and also you can help them start their new business using social media.

If you know all the trending hashtags and trends this the business opportunity for you. You can earn a very good living by implementing this business idea because there is always some wanting to learn what they can’t do. And technology is one of the largest factors you can take advantage of.

So what are you thinking about? Start contacting the senior citizens. I’m pretty sure you will deliver what they have dreamt of right away. You might make their last wishes come true.

Tester Aka Guinea Pig

What if you could become the human guinea pig? I know it sounds absurd but this can help you make a good amount of money. Every day people are inventing new things.

New ideas are taking over the world. But it is very difficult to find people who would test things out before their launch. We know how scientists use animals to test their experiments.

Just like that, you can become the animal for the experiment. You can take money from other inventors to try their products out before launching. And if you have a good social life, you can recommend it to people. In this case, you can earn money and the company can earn fame.

It is a win-win situation. For example, you can become the tester for selected restaurants if you have a good sense of taste. You can become a tester for new inventions such as new hair coloring technologies. You might think companies already have testers but in reality, there is nothing called enough testers.

When a new brand launches they try to target the major population so more the number of testers, more the number of feedbacks they get for their products. Starting a testing firm wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

Business Plan Designer – Low Cost Business Opportunities for 2019

Are you good with planning? If you are. Then this might be the startup you are looking for. Numerous companies need designers. Not art and craft type designer. The business consultant type designer. In this business, you help other companies to layout their business plan. New companies want people to help them follow the path to a successful business. Read more – 20 Steps to Develop a Business Plan

They need designers to keep track of everything so that they don’t miss out on small things before starting their business. If you studied business in your graduation years.

This is what you were taught to do. You help companies make a profit, give them new business strategies and also see their finances. You practically do a SWOT analysis on the company every day. Seems easy but it is difficult to see weaknesses when the strengths are covering them. Your business X-ray vision should go past the strength layer and fix the root weaknesses.

This business idea will give you a good earning if you can identify the vital problems and work on them. The more errors you fix in the companies the more desired you become. Not everyone can find errors and fixing errors is one of the main ways to make better business.

If you can identify mistakes and make a company great again so why wouldn’t people want you to work for them? Your business plan designer firm can be the most desired firm for new companies.

Resume Writer

Everybody needs a resume before they finish their graduation. Resumes are very important because it literally proves the saying “The first Impression Is the Last Impression.”

If your resume isn’t attractive enough companies wouldn’t even look forward to having a face to face meeting with you. So if you are a good writer you can take this as your new business.

All you need to do is write eye-catching resumes. In a world full of workaholics, resumes tend to play a very important role in a recruiting session. Not everyone can write a good resume. If you think your resume writing skills are persuasive then you should surely give this business plan a try.

You can especially target undergraduate students because they wouldn’t know how to write a proper resume. You can take advantage of that and exchange attractive resumes in return of money.

If you don’t want to do this alone, you can select a group of good writers and start the business. The only resource you’ll need to start this business is your laptop or pc. Use your writing skills as your income source right now.

Meal Planners

Everybody wants healthy meals throughout the day. But people nowadays don’t have time to go grocery shopping and prepare their meals. If you love cooking at home this business is undoubtedly made for you. So you can start a business where you plan a meal for people.

You make charts about different types of diets. For example, Keto Diet, Military Diet, Atkins Diet, and Normal diet. So there will be set home cooked meals ready according to the diets which you’ll deliver daily. You can have a healthy diet and also make others have a healthy diet. A healthy diet is a stairway to a healthy lifestyle.