10 Most Popular Banks List in Bangladesh

Popular Banks List in Bangladesh

10 Most Popular Banks List in Bangladesh

It’s a tough job to find out the most popular banks in Bangladesh as there is a number of private and public banks in Bangladesh. For example, Dutch Bangla Bank got the maximum coverage among the banking sector in Bangladesh along with a huge number of ATM booths throughout the country. In the same way, BRAC Bank, Islamic Bank Ltd, etc are popular somehow. Apart from these, the Bangladesh Bank recently has given permission to few new banks.

These are including NRB Commercial Bank, NRB Bank, Union Bank, Meghna Bank, and South Bangla Agriculture and Commerce Bank. Along with job placement for whom looking for a bank job, these new banks will create a huge number of employment opportunities. Because most of the banks made baking easy for the common people of Bangladesh, Mobile banking becomes very popular and convenient for people living in rural area.

How to Measure Most Popular Banks in Bangladesh?

You might be confused thinking how to measure the most popular banks in Bangladesh with their competition. It can be used to analyze bank competition in any country while we apply this framework to Bangladesh.

Moreover, this is the approach that’s used to analyze competition in China, the Middle East and North Africa, and Russia. As there is a lack of competition in the banking sector, it has detrimental effects. Read also – Best Banks for Business Loan in Bangladesh

According to the studies, it can result in higher prices for financial products and less access to finance. Also, it can lead to the entry of fewer new firms, less growth for younger firms, and delayed exit for older firms as others have shown it.

And the new evidence suggests that a lack of competition can undermine the stability of the banking sector while a debate is still underway.

Who are the Most Popular Banks in Bangladesh?

The banks those are said the most popular banks in Bangladesh are easy to transfer money. Also, they are good with the clients as their strategies are that to serve customers first. It was not so easy for the people of Bangladesh to send and receive money before mobile banking.

In this case, Bkash, Qcash made a huge change in our daily life. While going shopping in mega malls in Dhaka city, you don’t need to carry any cash. These all are the signs of the most and the best banks of the country. Well, let’s know what the most popular banks are in Bangladesh.

1. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited IBBL

One of the top level and most popular banks in Bangladesh is the Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. Although the bank was incorporated on 13 March 1983 as a public limited company Act 1913, it has shareholder of this bank 36.91% local and 63.09% foreign. Also, it’s one the leading commercial banks in Bangladesh and briefly known as IBBL.

Not only in 1999 it’s awarded as the best bank of the country but it’s awarded 2000 year for excellent banking solution and service. Apart from these, it’s listed with Dhaka securities market and urban center securities market.

2. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited DBBL

Another best one among the most popular banks in Bangladesh is the Dutch Bangla Bank Limited. With innovative and advanced technology Bangladeshi bank, the bank is a scheduled joint venture commercial. Moreover, with More than 18,999,000 customers, it’s the largest donor bank amongst all Bangladeshi banks. Bangladesh’s first joint venture bank DBBL is at number two in this list with 165 Branches 4417 ATM booths.

3. Prime Bank

After establishing in 1995, the Prime Bank manages a highly professional team who is dedicated there service professional in banking. With more than 60 branches, it has achieved the National Awards for Best Published Accounts and Reports in 2002. Moreover, the bank not only follows the international stander finance but banking system as well.

4. HSBC Bank

As it has international network 7,500 offices over 81 countries and territories in Europe, HSBC Bank is the largest banking and financial service provider worldwide. Because most of the country has its branches, HSBC is one of the most popular banks in Bangladesh and multinational financial agency. After opening the first branch in 1996 in Bangladesh, it’s providing clients friendly financial service. This is because the bank is on the list at the third position.

5. Standard Chartered Bank

Although Standard Chartered Bank is a British transnational banking and money services company headquartered in London, it’s successfully operating its operations in Bangladesh for many years. With more than 87,000 people in whole branches, the bank has more than 1,200 branches and active in more than 70 countries in the world.

6. BRAC Bank Limited

Focusing on the small and medium class enterprises, the BRAC Bank is a first growing popular private commercial bank in our country. This is the bank that’s working for health, women empowering, poverty for a long time for the people of Bangladesh. BRAC Bank offers a financial solution for any client need as per their requirement with 156 outlets and over 310 ATMs across the country.

7. Sonali Bank

This is one of the Bangladesh government-owned banks among four and Sonali Bank is the largest commercial bank in the country. While there are reported some corruptions as the government bank, the bank has some excellent opportunities for small business owners. Particularly, it’s for those who are looking for the best most popular bank in Bangladesh for their businesses. Aside from these, it comes with various types of loans, including business lines of credit, business term loans, and loans to small businesses and many more.

8. Bank Asia Limited

While a private sector commercial bank in Bangladesh, Bank Asia Limited is working expanding their working day by day. However, with modern techniques, this bank archive public trusts. Also, this bank is popular by the BD people at any rate for its various services. Moreover, their financial activities are good for the purpose of remittance. This is because it’s one of the most popular banks in Bangladesh.

9. Grameen Bank

While Grameen Bank (NGO) has developed a reputation for being a big bank, it’s willing to work with small businesses. It has made some headlines for the wrong reasons in recent years Like BRAC Bank. Moreover, it offers various types of loans, including-

  • Business lines of credit,
  • Business term loans, and
  • Loans to small businesses and many more

10. Janata Bank Limited

Although Janata Bank was established in 1971, it has more than 844 branches all over the country. The bank is not only the second largest commercial bank in Bangladesh but it has 4 branches in the UAE. Besides, as the bank has a huge demand for the bank, this made it one of the most popular banks in Bangladesh.