10 Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh with Low Capital

Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh with Low Capital

Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh with Low Capital

The opportunities that you’re looking for profitable business ideas in Bangladesh with a low capital are many. Moreover, starting a new business enterprise, many job holders are looking at becoming their own boss. So, this is what the most of the people look for that low capital startup and high-profit returns.

The world is full of various fast-growing small businesses one can invest on when it comes to business venturing. These are potentially great entrepreneurship ideas around the world and also suitable for the Bangladeshis. As it’s the age of the internet, everything has become easy and simple, business for all as well.

Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh with Low Capital

In order to feed their passion, many people today are looking to leave the daily grind for something. They look back on life and feel they have wasted it that’s why they don’t want to retire at the age of 60. Fortunately, without spending a fortune it’s now increasingly easy to start a business from scratch.

We’re highlighted top 10 highly profitable business ideas in Bangladesh with a small investment. Among them, some of the business ideas require nothing more than an internet connection. Now, let’s know what the highly profitable business ideas in Bangladesh with low capital are.

1. Sports showing business

Have you ever heard about the sport showing business? But, you must notice that people love watching sports either as an individual or as a group. Also, you’ll find a lot of fans who can forgo anything to enjoy their favorite game. So, you can make working this thought showing most of the sports including EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, car races, boxing matches etc. This is one of the latest and best business ideas in Bangladesh with low capital.

2. Mobile Phone Repair Business

As phone users around the world are estimated to reach 4.77 billion by 2018 according to research, its worth of a mobile phone repairs business. Can you imagine the number of mobile phones that will require repair daily or weekly with the research?

That’s why you will accrue high-profit margin within a short period of time with your little capital and little skill. This is because the phone components are not complicated. Read more – Best business industry to start own business in Bangladesh.

3. Art and Craft Business

As an umbrella business opportunity, art and craft have many sub-businesses which one can start. So, making money are carving, drawing and painting, bead making among others along with the popular hobbies.

You can take, for example, painting and drawing. For another instance, let’s take bead making business once again. Excluding various common need, you also can get engaged for special purposes like New Year, marriage, anniversaries etc. That’s why it’s one of the latest and best business ideas in Bangladesh with low capital.

4. Photography Business

One can venture in as the photography is one of the best profitable business ideas in Bangladesh with low capital. And digital cameras have made the business so easier and attractive because the age of analog cameras fades out. You can obtain a functional digital camera that can produce between 15000 and 25000 shots in its lifespan with a little start-up capital of one hundred dollars. Apart from various social events, you also can snap for special purposes like adventure and tourism.

5. Producing Fast Food

Currently, fast foods have become part of people’s feedings including the vegetarians all over the world. This is because of their busy schedules and or a need to change or balance diet. As all sorts of people are fond of fast food, it’s another great small business idea that you can start. The important thing here is that examines the type of fast food that people crave for in a locality if you wanted to situate your business.

6. The Farming Business

If someone asks you why you do the farming business, you’ll find the causes are the farming has sizes, target, prospect and huge profit. So, when you want to earn good money, you can engage in a small-scale farming. That’s why you must not be skeptical or stir up any disgust against this profitable agribusiness. In this case, you can think of poultry, piggery, fruits, vegetables, food crops and cash crops production.

7. Tutoring Business

The tourism industry is one of the growing business sectors in Bangladesh. Tutoring business has turned a money-spinning business with millions of parents or guidance around the world. This is because the parents are craved for their children’s academic excellence. And if you look around you, you’ll find that parents and children are there to talk to about this. What you need to start the business is just to be good in the delivery of some key subjects.

8. Car Wash Business

As there are a lot of car owners, most of them are in lack of time to wash their cars. And the number is very little that does car washing their own. Have you ever think about the car washing business? This is really a great small business idea starting car washing business. If you can’t effort to establish a stationed car washing business, you can start mobile one.

9. Laundry Services

You’re good to start with your electric iron, and washing bowls and detergent, you are good to start. Although laundry services are a small business you can start in that regards, you can take it to a bigger level. Because technology has made the work simpler, you can use your own hands as a starter.

10. Freelance Writing Business

Currently, it’s one of the hottest trends in the freelance writing business, which is one of the best and profitable business ideas in Bangladesh with very low capital. This is because it’s easy to start and you are not bound to relocate or do your work during office hours. What you need is an ability to draft your thoughts in a flow around the topic you are writing for.