10 Profitable Business in Tourism Industry UK

10 Profitable Business in Tourism Industry UK

Profitable Business in Tourism Industry

Travel and tours business is increasing with increasing number of tourists the demand. This is a profitable business in the tourism industry UK as well. It’s a great chance to you that you can start a business in this industry of your own. Besides, there are lots to offer in terms of tourism business ideas in the travel and tourism industry. With enhance of the probability of doing a successful business, the current trends reveal that industry is poised to grow. However, if the idea is good and there is a need for it then a business only does well.

What is the Profitable Business in Tourism Industry UK?

There are many types of businesses in the tourism industry that can start easily. Now, let’s know about 10 profitable business in tourism industry UK that cost low investment.

1. Travel Agency Business in Tourism Industry UK

Taking advice about tour packages of different places which travel agency solves, everyone needs a platform where customers can come. Although agencies charge a commission, they help tourists in planning their travel. They always try to look for a support to guide them and with an increase in the number of tourists, demand also rise when tourists go to a new place.

2. Tourist Guide Business

What you need for this is that you can speak at least one or more foreign languages. The languages include English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese or German to start a tourist guide business. So, you can successfully launch this type of business on your own. Moreover, you have to know the landscape nicely.

All that is expected of you to do is to position yourself in places where you can have access to tourists when you’re certain that you can effectively translate or interpret. You would have to negotiate with the hotel manager or travels and tours company referrals are needed to run your business.

3. Restaurant and Bar

As a part of the business value chain of the travels and tourism industry, restaurant and bar is yet another business. If you could also include some local delicacy, it wouldn’t be out of place. This is because most tourists may prefer to eat the food they are well-known. In addition, as they try out the local delicacies of the community they are visiting, they make it mandatory. This is why if your restaurants are located in a tourist town then ensure that you include local delicacies as part of the food you sell in your restaurant.

4. Boat Cruise Business

You can make a lot of money along with boat cruising business that is a fun easy to do. But, getting the boat, safety, best locations and attracting customers are the major challenges. Besides, because boats are not cheap, the business is capital intensive. You can do something more with it. These include delicious meals in the boat cruising. The scenic locations with lots of aquatic life are the best locations for boat cruises.

5. Hotel Business

As there is a lot to see like location, market, management, staff, high investment, etc, a business opportunity like the hotel is difficult to start. But, if you can do it, you can expand your hotel’s chain in future and high rates of return. So, buying a running hotel which you can do on our platform is the best option to opt for this opportunity. This way you can earn money and expand your business worldwide as well.

6. Roadside Food Vendor

If you want to watch your business grow then serve local cuisine close to tourist destinations. What you need for this, a lot of charisma and a trolley or a food truck. Moreover, you have to make properly and delicious foods that you’ll sell. Because tourist spread such location with word of mouth you’ll be surprised at the patronage.

7. Online travel business

The way of doing business is changing in this modern era. Making it comfortable for customers to have easy access to everything online, technology has changed the way of doing business. As a result, you should give a serious thought to an online travel portal if you are planning to start a business.

8. Adventure City Tour

Although the tourists don’t know where these activities take place or how much they cost, they are interested in doing adventure activities or sports. There are adventure tour businesses to solve this issue. In exchange for the charge their fee, it takes customers to the activity spot and informs them all about the sport.

Besides, tourists are unable to see the beauty of the city alone. Showing them the famous places, share history, show culture, etc, these city tour businesses provide a guide to tourists. Make sure you have enough guides to meet the demand of your customers if you are planning to invest in this business.

9. Start an Airline Business

If you want to invest in air travel is an airline it’s the obvious place to start. But, it business depends on the countries rules and regulations guiding such commerce while going to start a small airline business. It needs a minimum of two airplanes in their fleet to get certification for a small airline business. If new or used impacts on the cost of operation, the size, and type of plane.

Also, if it’s a propeller plane or jet-powered aircraft that’s another criterion. However, there are the two major obstacles in starting an airline business. These are certification and capital. Besides, it’s a job of Herculean to get approved this business. Additionally, you can use core investors, venture capitalist, bank loans and share structures to raise funds for finance. So, you may think it impossible, but not in reality.

10. Vehicle Renting

You’ll find some tourists that plan their visits as per their choice. Also, they don’t want someone unknown to be a part of their business. So, they can get on rent and go in the direction that they want because these tourists search for a vehicle. It’s a good idea and has good investment potential to invest in this business.


These are about Profitable Business in Tourism Industry UK where most of the businesses are easy to start. In this list, you may find difficult to start some businesses. These include Hotel business, Restaurant, and Bar business, and Airline Business. But, there are some people who can start them as they have financial strength. This is why we have enclosed them in the list. So, check out your ability to finance and start that way.