10 Profitable Farming Business Ideas in India for 2019

10 Profitable Farming Business Ideas in India for 2019

Profitable Farming Business Ideas in India

India is an agricultural country. Here are 10 Profitable Farming Business Ideas in India for 2019. The climate of India is perfect and quiet idle for farming business. In India, it is also helpful and right decision also to do farming business. There are so many options are available to do business in the farming sector. Are you seeking a profitable farming business idea? It has not so much option of confusing.

In India, Farming business is always profitable and farming business can be able to play a vital rule on Indian economy also. All the farming business is not equally acceptable and profitable. Here, on this page, I arranged 10 profitable farming business ideas in India for 2019.

These ideas help you sure to take a decision about which idea is suitable for you. You can choose selective profitable ideas which are perfect for 2019 in India.

Farming is an idea where products are produced in bulk amount. And people earn money by sell those products. So, the 10 profitable farming business ideas in India for 2019 are as follows:

  1. Agricultural farm
  2. Organic fertilizer production
  3. Poultry farm
  4. Mushroom farm
  5. Bee farming
  6. Fish farming
  7. Flower farming
  8. Sunflower farm
  9. Nursery
  10. Organic beauty products

These farming business ideas are quite profitable business in India. Because this entire farm produced products has great demand on the market. Nowadays all people want fresh and original products from the farm. So, farming business is demanding business nowadays.

Agriculture farm

The importance and demand of agricultural farm in India do know no bounds. The agricultural farming business is not only giving you the secure profit only but also it helps to reduce extreme food demand of the country.

Different agricultural products like rice, wheat, corn, pulse and so on. If you get help from the expertise and do it smartly then you can profit from this business sector more than any multinational company?

Organic fertilizer production

It is common and renowned information that organic fertilizer is so far better than chemical fertilizer. Educated farmer and rural area’s farmer are also known that organic fertilizer doesn’t do any harm to the land. Rather organic fertilizer increase utility of land.

So if you do the business of organic fertilizer production you have chances to make a handsome profit from this business. If you have already do poultry farm business than organic fertilizer production business is must side business for you indeed.

Poultry farm

Poultry farm is a too much profitable business. If you have good knowledge of it or have the training of it this business will going to be rocking business in 2019 for you.  If you wish you can do chicken poultry or cow, goat, duck farm together.

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Mushroom farm

Nowadays mushroom is a very popular item as a vegetable. So, you can think over to do mushroom farm business. It requires so little effort and time than other farming business. It demands fewer places than other farming business also. Mushroom has good demand and price on the market. So mushroom farming business is another profitable business indeed.

Bee farming

Bee farming business is not so the new idea of farming business. Bees are used in different motive in business purpose. Bees manufactured honey. Honey has so good demand on the market. Beside this bees produce wax also.

Fish farming

Fish farming is another amazing profitable farming business idea. Though it sounds old fish farming business is always in pick point demand. The fish farming business is a profitable business. If you want more profit than go for a rare kind of fish farming business.

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Flower farming

In India, the flower has great demand for religious peruse. Flower business in India never goes wrong. All kind of flower farming business is profitable in India. You never get an Indian who doesn’t love to buy a flower.

Sunflower farm

Sunflower Farm is a highly profitable business In India. Land and seeds cost is required doing sunflower farm.  From sunflower seeds made oil is demanded greatly on India. It is also export to various countries.


Nursery produced plants and baby trees. Who is loved to do garden is depended on the nursery to buy plants. Beside this, farmers are also depended on the nursery to buy seeds to do farming. A nursery is also a profitable farming business in India.

Organic beauty products

In the present time, the Indian girls prefer organic products for their skincare and beauty. This trend is going on from a primitive age to now. Organic beauty products made ingrains farming are also a profitable business in India.

Most of the beauty products use organic essence to make. So it has great demand.  We all know that those products have more demand are making the most profit in business.