10 Restaurant Marketing tips for Bangladeshi Restaurant Owners

Best Restaurant Marketing tips for Bangladeshi Restaurant Owners

Restaurant Marketing tips for Bangladeshi Restaurant Owners

If you’re a Bangladeshi restaurant owner then you’re looking for some restaurant marketing tips. That’s why you’re reading this content and we’re going to fulfill your expectation with the useful tips that will help you to go ahead with your business. Marketing of the restaurants is a magical thing as it’s a thing spread the word about your business, tempting customers to keep coming back for more.

Showing all the cool new things you have going on, it generates interest in your restaurant and it builds trust with the public. Although restaurateurs hear a lot of conflicting and confusing ideas about restaurant promotions, growing your business is an organic process that responds to nurturing efforts from the inside.

It’s natural that you want to build your business with a solid foundation so that it not creates unsustainable expectations from customers.

Why Restaurant Marketing tips are Crucial

Restaurant marketing tips are vital as the restaurant’s marketing strategy’s major goal is to increase profits. Regardless of adding more menu options, reducing prices or increasing customer visits or first-time customers, it’s essential.

According to access to your restaurant, restaurant marketing strategies begin with a study of the population. Including who likes to eat at a restaurant like yours, what they need from a restaurant, the price they willing to pay and which factors lead to a repeat visit, the type of restaurant and average meal price determines your target market.

Apart from these, a study of your restaurant’s competition also helps in developing a marketing strategy. Also, it’s important to find out what the reasons are that your competitors have lines leading out the front door on weekend nights.

In addition, you can follow suit while determining where your competition is excelling and where it is failing. In this case, SWOT analysis is an element of most marketing strategies that lists the restaurant’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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As opportunities arise from the strengths, strengths are areas where your restaurant currently shines. Besides, as threats may arise from its weaknesses, weaknesses are areas where the restaurant is weak or unskilled.

And you can boost your marketing activities to encourage loyal customers to return to your restaurant if you have determined that a restaurant in direct competition is opening a threat very near you.

Top 10 Restaurant Marketing tips for Bangladeshi Restaurant Owners

As every business requires a strategy for marketing, restaurants are no exception to it. Because it seems that in slower economic times, families are excluding dining out from their budgets, some may argue that restaurants have to fight for every customer even more than retail stores.

You’ll acquaint yourself with your target customer, your competition, brand-building techniques and advertising opportunities in marketing your restaurant. Restaurants need to be thorough and deliberate in their marketing strategy when finances are tight for a family who chooses to reduce or eliminate its budget for dining out.

Now, let’s know top 10 restaurant marketing tips for Bangladeshi restaurant owners.

Tip # 1: Brand Constitution

One of the best and first restaurant marketing tips is your brand. You only sell differences, not similarities in marketing.

This is because it’s important to evaluate all of these materials through the lens of competitive differentiation, alignment with emerging and anticipated industry and consumer trends etc. and the first thing to do is ensure you have a solid brand constitution before any other marketing activity is embarked upon.

It includes:

  • Brand promises
  • Brand personality
  • Corporate identity
  • Brand positioning strategy
  • Brand purpose
  • And brand standards

Tip # 2: Uniqueness

In this case, your restaurant concept must be either distinct or it will go extinct. It’s not worth talking about if your restaurant isn’t worth writing about as the best marketing is word-of-mouth.

As the copies almost always go out of business before the original, don’t be a copycat. So, try to be more unique, original and worth talking about instead of being a copy or try to be cheaper.

Tip# 3: An Elevator Pitch

If every member of your senior staff were asked to write down what your brand stands for or to give a description of your restaurants and all are not the same then this is going to result in confusion rippling out far wider than your corporate boardroom.

You’ll want to give this a test and ensure that all levels of the organization are on the same page as a company or brand leader.

Tip # 4: Invest

You’ll need to appropriate a budget for starters that’s right for your concept and current conditions. The marketing budget of a restaurant company must not less than 1% of revenue. Even you should still be building a war chest when your company and concept is about word of mouth and relatively averse to marketing.

Tip # 5: Know the Trends

As change is accelerating faster than ever, never before has this been clearer and restaurant success favors those who innovate. That’s why you have to not only analyze the trends; you have to anticipate them to stay out in front.

Tip # 6: Media Relations

Although anyone with a checkbook can buy an ad, not just anyone gets written about. As there are at least 10 unknown chefs better than any given celebrity chef, the difference for why one is on TV and the others are watching the celebrity.

Tip # 7: Signature Items

Your staff had better not reply back with “It’s all good” if someone walks into your restaurant and asked, “What the best thing on the menu is.” So, take your affinity to your menu and loyalties of your staff out of the equation thinking about it.

Tip # 8: Sampling

One of the best marketing tactics that you can employ is to give free samples. It’s the way that works for nearly every product in nearly every industry. If you really believe in your product then it’s the surest way to convert potential customers into actual customers.

Tip # 9: Cause Marketing

As a percentage of their discretionary income on eating out than any other demographic category, millennial spend more. And although they now make up the bulk of all foodservice transactions not only in Bangladesh, its emerging markets as well. This is because consumers are aligning with good corporate citizens increasingly.

Tip # 10: Professional Photography

As you probably do not give yourself your own haircut, why would you take your own photos for your restaurant or hire it out to semi-pros? Although it’s tempting with that new state of the art camera you just bought, trust me, you are better off giving yourself your own haircut than having amateurs.