10 Richest UK Cities

10 Richest UK Cities

10 Richest UK Cities

It was come to know that the common of the richest UK cities presently is found in the South East region when analyzing some of the richest towns in the UK. Also, the North West region has the pockets of noteworthy wealth identified in these regions.

The United Kingdom is the third largest home for containing high net worth individuals in the world according to the recent studies. Moreover, there are a lot of efforts and accomplish man things look for happier lives ahead that several of the city dwellers attempt. Besides, the residents of different cities in the UK now live a prosperous life since ages because of the established economy and rich lifestyle. Some of the wealthy individuals and personalities are preserving the heritage of these cities.

An Overview of the Richest UK Cities

In terms of wealth, the UK punches well above it. It ranks fifth globally in large part due it having one of the biggest finance sectors in the world with over half a million millionaires. There has highlighted cities in a number of regions as not just pockets of growth, but real powerhouses at the latest UK Prosperity Map produced by Barclays Wealth & Investments. While ranking the cities, the things were in accounts are as Gross Domestic Product per capita and employment levels along with a number of millionaires, enterprise figures, and household expenditure.

What is the Top 10 Richest UK Cities Right Now?

With interesting changes in the pecking order of the most affluent cities in the UK, it highlights a number of fascinating differences across cities and regions. Some point of time you might witness its richness when you visit if you want to have a look at some of the richest places in the UK in 2018. So, let’s see what the top 10 richest UK cities.

1. Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Standard price: £684,474
Surrounding area: 163%
Sales over £500,000: 54%
5-year price increase: 60%

About Beaconsfield

Nestling in the Chilterns like an expensive jewel, hanging on the hard shoulder of the M40, it weighs in at the top of the table as a prime commuter territory. It takes only half an hour by train from Marylebone to reach here. If you’re creative, you can choose to come to the National Film and Television School of this city. It not only attracts the city of strivers who commute but charms the high flyers. Also, 38% of the population holds university degrees according to the reports.

2. Gerrards Cross/Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire

Standard price: £663,959
Surrounding area: 155%
Sales over £500,000: 55%
5-year price increase: 50%

About Gerrards Cross/Chalfont St Peter

This is another pearl in the Green Belt land. It’s less than two miles from Beaconsfield. However, three train-stops closer to Marylebone and so close to the M25 and the M40. With the old-fashioned Common at the heart providing 32 acres of woodland, ponds and grassy knolls for children to play on, it’s the sense of countryside so close to the roar of the capital that does. Also, there are the elegant townhouses and chocolate box cottages around it

3. Amersham, Buckinghamshire

Standard price: £545,097
Surrounding area by 109%
Sales over £500,000: 46%
5-year price increase: 61%

About Amersham

Amersham has a string of advantages as the first in a clutch of wealthy Chiltern towns. Not only surrounded by pretty countryside but there is the halo just outside the M25. You’ll find there impressive local grammar schools, one each for boys and girls in the city. It’s believed to have a house of Angelina Jolie and Richard Hammond recently moved in here. The Old Town Conservation Area will cost £895,000 for the three-bedroom brick-and-timber Juniper Cottage.

4. Ascot, Berkshire

Standard price: £525,335
Surrounding area: 102%
Sales over £500,000: 41%
5-year price increase: 30%

About Ascot

Ascot is the playground of rich man rather than a small town with the approach. There is not only the Royal Ascot Golf Club and Wentworth but it’s close to Windsor and Heathrow Airport. The main reason is what to be here and the nightclubs in London aren’t far is the racecourse, laid out by Queen Anne in 1711.

5. Lyndhurst, Hampshire

Standard price: £515,803
Surrounding area by 98%
Sales over £500,000: 32%
5-year price increase: 115 %

About Lyndhurst

Lyndhurst is the capital of the first of a brace of New Forest towns in the top ten. Media such as clients of the local Ferrari and Maserati dealership make the area hugely popular. With an excellent butcher who sells local meat, tea-rooms, a local produce market one Sunday a month, there has a pre-war gentility about it. Moreover, there is cricket on Swan Green in the summer against a backdrop of thatch. The promise of a boat on Southampton Water, and the knowledge so that couples forced here by pony-mad daughters.

6. Salcombe, Devon

Standard price: £503,796
Surrounding area by 126 %
Sales over £500,000: 36%
5-year price increase: 79%

About Salcombe

This is the best among the richest areas in UK, which is wide and filled with little bays. As it’s one of the top leading richest UK cities, it could be your second home hotspot for many reasons. Also, it’s estimated variously between 45% and 75% as the proportion of second homes in the town.

7. Brockenhurst, Hampshire

Standard price: £496,263
Surrounding area by 90 %
Sales over £500,000: 35%
5-year price increase: 42 %

About Brockenhurst

The communications of a modern town and the sea tantalizingly close, Brockenhurst is vibrant that more of a village. There is pretty a successful sixth-form college in the city. It pauses for breath at Southampton and Winchester of the fast trains from Weymouth. You’ll find there local millionaires’ village where Lord Montague’s home, the National Motor Museum and huge houses are dominating.

8. Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Standard price: £491,868
Surrounding area: 122%
Sales over £500,000: 37%
5-year price increase: 56%

About Harpenden

Through streets such as Park Avenue South is money cascades. It ranks among the 200 most expensive roads in the country where prices average over £2m. Besides, Harpenden has excellent schools and a tree-lined High Street and it’s halfway between St Albans and Luton. These make it one of the most affluent areas in UK. Besides, the arrival of the railway is making it more convenient for commuters.

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9. Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Standard price: £481,104
Surrounding area: 207%
Sales over £500,000: 31%
5-year price increase: 63%


About Alderley Edge

This is by far the pushiest town in the country bang in the middle of the Cheshire golden triangle. This is because it prices on average 207% higher. There is a good chance to bump into Manchester United’s Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, or Coronation Street actors. With the old-fashioned Common at the heart providing 32 acres of woodland, ponds and grassy knolls for children to play on, it’s the sense of countryside so close to the roar of the capital that does.

10. Sevenoaks, Kent

Standard price: £468,799
Surrounding area by: 80%
Sales over £500,000: 34%
5-year price increase: 53%

About Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks has London to the north, which is a treasure just outside the M25. The rural splendor of the Kentish Weald to the south and it’s an hour by train. There has the grandeur of Knole where Vita Sackville-West grew up at its edge. You’ll find high-flying state and private schools, good shops, cinemas and restaurants in this top richest city.