10 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas with low investment in India for 2019

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas with low investment in India for 2019

10 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas with low investment in India for 2019

Do you want to start a small scale manufacturing business in India? Here are 10 best Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India for 2019. Small scale manufacturing business is such a kind of idea in business refers where products demand small scale cost at the manufacturing sector. Small scale manufacturing has a quite remarkable effect on business.

Small Scale Manufacturing also controls the profit of a business. If you want to start a business in 2019 but your investment scale is not so rich than this article is a perfect solution for you. In this article, I am going to share with you 10 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India for 2019.

All of the business ideas here given according to the habitual needs of Indian. These ideas require so small scale manufacturing business idea that anyone can think to start. These ideas are going on so well also.

A list of small scale manufacturing business ideas in India for 2019

  1. Agarbatti making
  2. Bakery
  3. Bindi making
  4. Candle making
  5. Coconut oil manufacturing
  6. Cotton buds making
  7. Pom pom lace making
  8. Processing food
  9. Dairy making
  10. Popcorn making

Agarbatti making

In India, Agarbatti is such a common and very important element in daily life. Indian people can’t think a single day or prayer without agarbatti. Manufacturing of agarbatti is not so costly yet. So with the small scale of manufacturing, you can think over to start your business of Agarbatti manufacturing.

Bakery Business in India

A bakery is such an amazing business idea with small manufacturing. Bake food is fun for many people. If you love to do bake and want to make money with this, you can do bakery business. Read more – Best Business Ideas in India for 2019

In very first time of starting the business, you just need to invest in raw products. You have a chance to do very well in this business sector. Ruti or cake making ideas can change your life. Good food has good demand as always

Bindi making

Bindi is kind of accessories of Indian women. Especially Indian Hindu women love to wear it on daily basis. Bindi making is so easy to craft and fun loving job. From illiterate to highly educated women prefer to wear bindi though genres differ.

You can make a business of this small scale manufacturing business with your creativity. Nowadays much handy craft business and fashion house are also made bindi. You can do independently or can work with any fashion house.

Candle manufacturing business

A candle is a basic need in India. They use the candle for many different purposes. If you want so little scale manufacturing business then you can go for it. And you can make a fancy candle also. Those also demand small scale manufacturing.

Coconut oil making

In India, coconut is available randomly. And we all know the demand for coconut oil. Nowadays people depend on virgin coconut oil for use. It requires so small scale manufacturing. You can do the business of it as an organic product.

Cotton buds making

Cotton buds are daily basis need of people. It cost of making is almost so small. If you know how to make cotton buds than go for this idea. Very little ingredients are needed to make cotton buds. And ingredients costs are not so much.

Pom pom lace making

Pom pom lace is such a crazy trend of running time. This trend is also run very well on whole 2019. Pom pom is made with cotton only. All types of Indian girls are hungry for it. It gives such authentic Indian look. So it is such an idle business idea for 2019 with small scale manufacturing.

Processing food

Like other developed countries, Indian people are depending on processed food nowadays very highly. Doing business of processing food is requiring small manufacturing cost. You just need some basic equipment only. You can deliver it home to home or to any super shop.

Dairy products

Dairy products are mostly made with milk. People need dairy products for various purpose and they depend on manufactured dairy products.

So, this demand makes a way of doing business that cost small scale manufacturing. It is so good and easy business to do. It has chances to make a good profit than other business within a short time.

Popcorn making

Popcorn making is one of the boom ideas of doing business with small scale manufacturing cost. You need corn, oil, salt and rapper only in the first stage. By time or if you have some little more money than you can make different flavor based popcorn.

It is hard to find any people who don’t love to have popcorn. Indian people love to eat. And this business idea is surely run very well in front of any cinema hall or local gathering. All of these ideas may help you to figure out your correct one to do business with small scale manufacturing cost.