10 Tips to Open an Online E-commerce Website in Bangladesh

Best Tips to Open an Online E-commerce Website in Bangladesh

10 Tips to Open an Online E-commerce Website in Bangladesh

People often say it’s all about the customers in an online e-commerce website. Also, customers will go to more user-friendly sites if a website is too complicated. And the customer will move on to something else if a page loads slowly. That’s mean it’s website’s design that can be a hit or a miss for business depending on customers’ experience.

So, prioritize content and put important things like payment options, app store, and social media buttons to make things easier on customers and reduce scrolling time. You should place them where their customers can instantly and easily find them.

For example, although Bagdoom.com has price and seller filters for eyewear, it doesn’t separate contact lenses from 3D glasses, sunglasses and night vision glasses. Thus you have to sort through page after page of products to buy goggles on this site.

Top 10 Tips to Open an Online E-commerce Website in Bangladesh

Attracting and retaining customers is a key challenge as competition increases and more online e-commerce website come into play.

Also, improving customer experience eventually translates to improvements in the business itself to stay ahead of competing platforms since an online e-commerce website represents the front end of the business.

When you have a site or Facebook page, you have a good amount of people that know about you. But, if no one is buying then you need to identify the mystery and how to turn them, buyers. Well, let’s know 10 tips to open an online e-commerce website in Bangladesh.

Tip #1. Less is more

You need to keep fields to a minimum if people want to fill up forms or subscribe. Also, each additional form field can reduce your conversions by 11%that studies have shown. And another study was performed by the Centre for Enterprise & Society (CES) that showed a 69.3% respondents reported to purchasing products online one or two times a month.

Moreover, based on a study by E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB), these people are being served by 1,000 e-commerce businesses and 8,000 entrepreneurs on Facebook. And for the same attention, a lot of people are vying. So, the first introduction with your customers should be a website or a social media account.

Tip #2. Images matter more

You should use high-quality images either buy excellent stock images or shoot your own. And you should avoid using pixilated or grainy images. For example, excellent locally built devices may mar by poor visuals.

There are some Facebook pages those go with blatantly using images from other business, artists or sites. Imagine what buyers will think of the rest of your business practices if you appear to cheat on simple imagery.

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Tip #3. Guarantee your products

If you look at Bangladesh’s roads then you’ll find people cannot go out to shop anymore like they used to. But, when they feel the product they receive may not be to their liking, they will still hang back from making a decision. So, guarantee your products and include a refund policy, which is much vital.

Tip #4. Highlight those that love you

It’s said that “great products comes great satisfaction.” So, promote them on your site or Facebook page in the form of briefly worded image posts if you start getting positive reviews.

As this is social proof, this should be visible as soon as people visit your page. In the same way, consider including a social media count showing that will indicate how many people are currently following you and what they are saying. And it creates the impression the product must be worth a try if random strangers care.

Tip #5. Clarity of language

It’s an extension of your credibility that all are written words. So, keep not only brief but correct as well. In this case, hire someone if needed to make it right. For example, although Bangladeshi companies like Walton have a strong sales record, their websites are populated by poor grammar and unnecessary.

Tip #6. Communicate

Having a Messenger bot is the hot thing for all business. As the customers can ask questions and receive automated replies, these are integrated into Facebook’s Messenger. So, if you do the right things then you’ll get a lot of your PR and communication time.

However, when people need specific answers, you should never ignore them. And consider having a chat window for the real-time follow up. Also, when you’ll talk to a customer in the chat window, they will feel you care. This is a matter of psychology.

Tip #7. Use everything properly

It’s already said that images are vital for a customer to feel confident about buying a product from an online e-commerce website. For example, although you tried buying a Shari at daraz.com, you found only one picture of it on a model facing front.

You’ll not click on buy as the whole Shari was from that one pixilated image. So, always take 3 to 4 clear images of each product from different angles to make the decision process easy for customers. In this case, it’s a just to ad a magnification option in the image. It’s a video if anything features a product even better than photos.

Tip #8. Create relevant filters

If you imagine trying to choose an outfit out of a heap of clothes then you’ll see a well-organized cupboard. Although Rokomari.com has an extensive collection of books, you click on the novels category, it will show18, 000+ books.

You can select a few extra filters such as author, subcategory, and ratings to narrow the list down since sorting through all 18,000 books is a terrible option. So, you can’t choose and will need to have a specific book in mind to buy without these filters.

Tip #9. Less clutter plus less scrolling

The customers will likely never make it to the end of a purchase when they land on a site and immediately feel lost. Also, customers get confused when there are too many ads and unnecessary information. You may need an example.

Well, Chaldal.com has a homepage that takes quite some time to scroll through. Also, its infographic is at the very bottom and most customers probably wouldn’t even get to.

Tip #10. Integrate Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is the most crucial thing to consider in the online e-commerce website. You will be unable to provide online payment method within your website without integrating a payment gateway. It’s simple to integrate payment gateway when you hire a web designer for the job.