10 UK Cleanest Cities List

10 UK Cleanest Cities List

10 UK Cleanest Cities List

The UK cleanest cities with refined air have been revealed and you can go to Britain for a holiday. This is because the destination is the best for your health being pollution free. With many cities breaching the advised limits of pollution and the UK has found to be an ever-increasing threat. You may want zero pollution on your holidays forgetting a pool and a private beach. Although we often talk about a bit of fresh air, the pollution of the country has gone to a critical stage.

As a result, it’s becoming harder to find a place with fresh air. But, don’t worry because there are some top cleanest cities in the UK. So, the cleanest air in UK is not a matter of imagination. Before we proceed to the top 10 UK cleanest cities, let’s get an overview of the pollution in the UK cities.

An Overview of the UK Cleanest Cities

At the issue of the cleanest air in UK, World Health Organization performs a research last year. With the air in these places considered too dangerous to breathe in 44 out of 51 British towns and cities. OMG!

This is the top reason why we’re looking for the cleanest places in the UK. So, because of this, the polluted air could then lead to diseases and problems later in your body.

Moreover, Londoners received domestic help up to three times per week on average last year, with cleaners earning between £8 and £12 per hour for each visit according to the research. But, the homes in northern cities including Derby, Manchester, and Leeds hired cleaners just once a week in comparison. Besides, they had had cleaners visit once a fortnight for the homes in the Midlands.

What is the Top 10 UK Cleanest Cities?

Forget these polluted cities and give your body a breather by visiting these top 10 cleanest cities with the cleanest air in Britain when you’re booking your next trip. If you’re for the cleanest places to live, you can try these places. Now, let’s know the top 10 UK cleanest cities with clean air.

1. Bude, Cornwall

Bude is the sort of place you can visit for romance, family holidays and everything else in between a small but perfectly formed seaside resort. Also, it has some hidden gems including lost gardens, castles, kayaking and more with the fame of its sweet beaches and beautiful coastline. It’s the perfect place to head for some fresh air because it’s the winner of the Best UK Coast Resort. This UK cleanest city is a popular holiday destination for families and also famous for its long stretches of beaches.

2. Windermere, Cumbria

Get your walking boots on, head for the hills, and get your fill of fresh air because it’s nestled in the heart of the Lake District and surrounded by picturesque scenery. Besides, you can hire out boats and try your hand at a range of water sports as it’s situated only a mile away from the largest body of water in England, called Windermere as well.

This is the small town is just half a mile from the largest body of water in the UK that found in the Lake District. Not only these are but a 10 miles long Lake Windermere is one of the most popular water bodies here also. The clean air is best breathed in on a long hike with the open air and hills.

3. Tenby, Wales

There are miles of sandy shoreline for you to take a stroll along in this pretty little harbor town. With colorful houses, pubs, and hotels lining the town and its cobbled streets, this place is about as Insta-worthy as they come. So, when you’re in Tenby, the fresh sea is one of the best for air quality in the UK. Also, it translates as Little Fortress of the Fish and the brightly colored buildings attract many to the tiny Welsh town. Besides, this is a small island where pollution levels are low and are known as the holy islands of Britain that’s just 20 minutes by boat to Caldey.

4. Whitby, Yorkshire

Without sampling its famous fish and chips, another top one among the UK cleanest cities, Yorkshire isn’t the same. Here you’ll find neat and clean Whitby Abbey which is perched on a cliff and which inspired Brak Stoker to create Dracula if you enjoy being spooked. Also, it has a fascinating provenance that stretches back 2,000 years with a picturesque riverside city. William ‘Braveheart’ Wallace’s head decorated its battlements and cannonball scars because the Roman emperors were crowned. Besides, the past of the city is delightfully inescapable as the city has aged enough. These make it one of the UK cleanest cities.

5. Bideford, Devon

It’s a great place for all the family, plus the air is of good quality with the Pastel-colored Biddeford, a historic port town in the South-West of England. You can ride Devon’s largest rollercoaster while there, but it’s challenging. Overlooking the sea to enjoy a cleaner holiday, the historic port town also has low pollution levels.

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6. Edinburgh

It claimed a top cleanest spot for the many years in a row, Edinburgh, the Scottish capital. This is because the most beautiful and compelling cities in the world. The included beauties are the vennels and wynds of the Old Town to the sweeping elegance of the Georgian New Town, history-soaked medieval tenements, and Edinburgh deserves its reputation. Because of these, it ranked in the global cities survey as the top UK cleanest cities.

7. Bath

Bath is in this list of the top 10 cleanest cities because the city ticks pretty much all the boxes for a perfect short break in the pure air. It’s pictured to the life and times of one-time resident Jane Austen Sweeping Georgian crescents, a fascinating and easily accessible history. This is one of the top 10 cleanest cities and interesting, digestible galleries and museums, affordable places to eat.

8. St Davids

It found of its ecclesiastical links as Britain’s smallest city was Wales’s patron saint, Saint David. Another main draw is its cathedral. Also, the 13th-century Bishop’s Palace is the reason enough that made St Davids great aside from the cleanest air.

9. London

Number 9 is a huge fall for the capital city London. Perhaps contributing to its slip the number of industries made it worsens. Not all but many places you’ll find some fresh air that’s free of pollutions. Because of these little places London is on this list as well.

10. Cambridge

There is also a small slip for the University City as the cleanest city of the UK. This is not only prettier but gentler and smaller as well. Moreover, the city and the university areas all are neat and clean. As a result, it’s one of the UK cleanest cities to breathe fresh air. Besides, the city is the home of Rupert Brooke and Jeffrey Archer apart from the cleanest city.