13 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh with No Experience

Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh with No Experience

13 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh with No Experience


Are you looking for small business ideas with a small investment in Bangladesh? Here are 13 profitable small business ideas list that you can start with no experience. These businesses you can take as a part-time business also. Again, these small businesses are designed for those people who are already doing any jobs or business in Bangladesh. Hope this list of Profitable Small Business Ideas will help you to get a perfect side business.


YouTube Personality

As you know, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Millions of people are using YouTube today. Thousands of company are spending millions of dollars on YouTube for advertisement. So you have an opportunities to make money from YouTube in Bangladesh with no experience. So the question is “how”? Read here- How to make money on YouTube.


If you are a full-time worker and you want to make extra income by doing side business. So there have another opportunities to make extra income by doing blogging. Read here- How to make extra money by blogging!

Content Writer

No doubt, Content writing or website article writing can be your next side business. You can make $20 per day by writing. Read here – How to write perfect SEO Content for Website.

Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the best side business ideas while you work fulltime. In the web world, we all almost know about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the great example of passive income. In this business, you earn money when your affiliate products will be sold. There is no earning limit. The question is how much you money you can earn from Affiliate marketing? The answer to this question is- how much do you need (Hard work must require)

Farming Business – Profitable Small Business Ideas

Any kinds of the arm such as Poultry, dairy, goats, ship etc. These the best example of side business. The farming business is evergreen and environment-friendly business ideas to start. The main advantage of farming business there no need to invest a lot of money. If you have enough spaces in your yard you can start a small farm.

T Shirt Designer

You can sell your own designed T-shirt on teespring.com. It is the best platform to make money as a side business while you are well in the design. It is another limitless income sources. But at the beginning, you have to do more and more hard work. According to my own experience, you have to do hard work at least 3 months. In the case, I earned $13 from a T-shirt after doing 4-month work. In the next month I earned $150 and after the couples of the month, I earned $1000+. So here are the tips for doing well in Tesspring-

  • Never copy others designs
  • Never give up hope
  • Make Facebook ads to get more sales
  • Invest more, earn more

Facebook Ads Promoter

If you have credit cards you can start your side business as Facebook ads booster. It is another lucrative small business idea with no investment. You should make a business plan and offer people to promote their business by doing Facebook ads. Really it is very good opportunities as a side businessman.

Online newspaper develop and Sell

News portal is the trending business idea with a small investment. The business plan of this business is buying a domain name and develop the site perfectly. After that when you will get a handsome amount of visitors you can sell it.

Invest in Stock Market

You believe it or not stock market is a money making business. You want to start a stock marking investing business you have to understand the market perfectly. There have many peoples who are losing their money because of less knowledge. Before starting to invest in stocks you must have an investment plan. Like, why you should invest in the stock market in Bangladesh, how much money you want to invest, are you ready for the loser, etc. In my own experience, investing in IPO is the best for beginners. To apply in IPO you need a BO account- Learn- How to Open a BO account in Bangladesh

Make a Facebook page and Sell it

What do you think the price of a Facebook page that has 1 Million Likes? I don’t know the price exactly. But I think it not less than $10K.

Family Blog

Family blog concept is completely new in Bangladesh. You can start a business with your family members. Make a perfect website, write content, get the visitors, place Google or other ad network or affiliate links and make money. Enjoy!