15 Simple Proposal Ideas but Very Effective

Simple Proposal Ideas but Very Effective

Simple Proposal Ideas

A relationship is something that makes life more colorful and interesting. We can say that it can work as a spice of life. When you are in a relationship you can give surprise to your partner by proposing him in a unique way. It requires proposal very often time. And we are always a seeker of simple proposal ideas in a relationship. Now I am giving you some simple ideas about the proposal that make your relationship livelier.  Some ideas and requirement of simple proposal ideas in a relationship are showing below:

Favorite place visiting

Take your partner to her favorite place. Then talk with her about random things. And suddenly go to your knees and tell her about your feelings.

Gifts to make the partner happy

Give gifts to your partner and propose her. It is a traditional way to propose. You can give her many things. You do not need to buy expensive things. You can give her chocolates and flowers and tell her your feelings. She will understand your emotions and will stay with you forever.

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Dinner Date

Take your partner to the dinner date. Order her favorite foods and try to make her feel special. You can also set some music around you and just tell her how much you want her in your life. Tell her how she completes you and your life.

Mug Print

You can print mug by writing your feelings and gift her in her big day. You can also print your pictures with her. Or you can simply write “Marry Me, Love”.


You can propose your partner by using a billboard. If your partner is kind of drama this idea will enchanter her. You just need to rent the billboard for a day and write what you want to say here. Take her there and just stop in front of the billboard. The rest journey she will create.

Flash mob

She is a big fan of dance. So you want to propose her by dancing as this is the best way to go her heart. Just tell your close friends to join with you. Take the most romantic song foe proposal, do some practice with your friends, and in the final day just call her in the location and present your dance with love and care. She will appreciate your hard work.

See the moon

Take your partner to see the beautiful black sky with full moon. This is the most romantic thing you can do with your partner. Take her to the rooftop, lay down and hold her hand, enjoy the moonlight night and tell her your feeling to her. She will do understand your feelings.

PPT proposal

You are not that romantic but you want to propose your partner in a special way. A very easy path you can take to propose her. Make a PowerPoint presentation on her. Keep all pictures that you click together and put a background soft romantic song for your ppt. she will be surprised with the way you present the ppt in front of her.


Your partner is a big fan of music concert. You can arrange a beautiful proposal for her there. You can talk with the management people of the concert and in the middle of the concert you will go to the stage and tell her your feelings. Or you can tell the band members to tell her how much you love her.

Coffee Proposal

If your partner is a coffee lover. So here you go. You can write words like “marry me “with cream in the coffee before serving her. It will be more romantic if you serve that amazing coffee by your hand. She will be happy and surprised by your idea and will say yes to you we can hope that.

Crave a tree

If she is a forest traveler then take her there. You can crave a tree and write the message that you want to marry her. She will be surprised by seeing it.

Workplace Proposal

If your partner is a workaholic then go to her workplace. Write your feelings in a big paper and suddenly go to her with that paper which will make her surprise for sure.

Photo album

Make an album on her. Put the picture where she is looking the best. You can also put a picture where she looks wired. Put pictures where you are with her. And I think that’s it, you are in a right path to propose her.

Decorate her room

When she is not in her room, decorate her room with balloons and candles, use colorful paper where you can write “marry me”.

Close the lights of the room when she enter the room and play a slow song as a background music.

Make a cake

Make a cake for your partner. Write your feelings there. She will understand your feelings. These are the simple proposal ideas but very effective. You can express your feeling by using all these simple ideas. And these simple proposal ideas can your proposal day more memorable.