150 Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh for 2020

150 Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh for 2020

150 Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh for 2020

Here are 150 profitable business ideas in Bangladesh for 2020. If you want to start your own business, you must need a good business idea. This 150 profitable startup ideas in Bangladesh will inspire you into entrepreneurship.  

As starting a business in Bangladesh is challenging. According to Forbes “Best Countries for Business” Bangladesh ranked at 109.

Though, the first step to start a business in Bangladesh is to find a profitable business idea.

I am pretty sure that after reading this full article, you’ll get a perfect and profitable business idea that will inspire you into entrepreneurship.

I tried to cover all the profitable business industries in Bangladesh and picked the best and profitable business ideas for you.

Online business ideas in Bangladesh for 2020 (ideas 1-10)

You want to start a business but don’t want to go outside? Why not start an online business?

There are many advantages to start an online business in Bangladesh include:

  1. Low-cost Startup.
  2. Home based business.
  3. Less paper waste.
  4. Global access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. Opportunities to manage your business from anywhere in Bangladesh.

Therefore, if you are looking for an online business ideas in Bangladesh you can go for this list. 10 Best and Profitable Online Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Easy Business Ideas (ideas 11-20)

If you have a small amount of money and passionate for business you should start an easy business.

One of the important thing is that if you utilize your ability, patience, time, knowledge and money, today’s small business will be bigger after 10 years.

So if you want to start an easy business then read this ideas. 10 Easy-to-Start Businesses in Bangladesh

Business ideas for students in Bangladesh (ideas 21-30)

In our country, you can start a side business as a full-time student and still keep up your good grades.

But starting a business in Bangladesh as a student is not always easy. For that reason, you need the help from your family.

So, if you are student and want to start your own business in Bangladesh, here you go. 10 Best Business Ideas for Students in Bangladesh

Business Ideas in BD for women Entrepreneurs (ideas 31-40)

Women entrepreneurship in Bangladesh is ascending. In Bangladesh, women are now more active to start their own business. Some of the difficulties faced by women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh are as follows:

  1. Limited mobility
  2. Family obstructed
  3. Finance problem and
  4. Scarcity of raw material

As a women entrepreneur you can start this 10 businesses.

Here you go- 10 Best Business Ideas for Women in Bangladesh

Small investment business ideas (ideas 41-50)

Sometimes finances are not all to start a business. Every business doesn’t require lots of money.

You can start a small business with a small investment. If you want to start a profitable business with a small investment here you go.

Read- Low investment Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities in Bangladesh

Part-time business ideas (ideas 51-60)

Do you need a side income? Do you want to start a part-time business in Bangladesh? A part-time business is not always for money it’s a pleasure too. You can start these businesses as a part-timer in BD. Read- 10 Best Side Business Ideas for Bangladesh

Businesses that require 5 lakh BDT (ideas 61-70)

So if you want to start a business with 5 lakh BDT these businesses are perfect for you. 10 Businesses You Can Start in Bangladesh with 5 Lakh BDT

Business ideas for Young Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh (ideas 71-80)

When you are a young you have more energy and willing power to start a business. As a young entrepreneur in Bangladesh you should start these businesses. 10 Good Business Ideas for Young Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs

E-commerce business ideas for 2020 (ideas 81-90)

The e-commerce industry in Bangladesh is highly ascendant. Do you want to star an e-commerce business in Bangladesh?

If yes, you need a good business idea and here you go- 10 Best E-Commerce Business Ideas and opportunities in Bangladesh

Manufacturing Business Ideas (ideas 91-100)

Manufacturing businesses are require a good amount of money. Some manufacturing businesses seriously require a huge amount of money.

If you are interested to start your own manufacturing business here are 10 Best Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas for Bangladesh

Clothing business ideas (ideas 101-110)

Clothing industry are the most popular businesses in Bangladesh. Because of huge demand they are on the top. What do you think about clothing business industry in Bangladesh?

Here are 10 Best Clothing Business Ideas and opportunities in Bangladesh

Food Business Ideas for 2020 (ideas 111-120)

Do you want to start your own food business? Do you want to be a foodpreneur? Food industry is one of the trending business industry in Bangladesh.

Starting a coffee shop, restaurant, fast food shop is a dream for many young entrepreneurs. So, we have a list for food lovers and here are Top 10 Food Business Idea in Bangladesh

Security Related Businesses (ideas 121-130)

When it comes in security we all are consensus. Security related businesses are in high demand in Bangladesh at the right moment. Here are 10 Profitable Security Related Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Electronics Business Ideas (ideas 131-140)

Electrical and electronics sectors are growing in Bangladesh. There are huge demand of electronics goods. This sector is another profitable industry.

If you want to start a business in this sector you can check this 10 ideas. To know the ideas- Best Electronics Based Business Ideas

Businesses in Print and Journalism ideas (141-150)

Print and Journalism industry are in high demand the Bangladesh. There are huge opportunity to start your own business. Do you want to establish your career in print and journalism industry? You can start with these ideas: 10 Business Ideas in Print and Journalism Industry

If you need business ideas in Bengali language you can read ২০২০ সালের জন্য লাভজনক বিজনেস আইডিয়ার লিস্ট।

Starting any business require time, planning and money. And the planning is the most important among them. I hope you enjoyed our content, if yes don’t forget to share with your friends!