5 Best Breeds of Cow for Milking to Start a Daily Farm in Bangladesh

5 Best Breeds of Cow for Milking to Start a Daily Farm in Bangladesh

5 Best Breeds of Cow for Milking to Start a Daily Farm in Bangladesh

Are you thinking to start a profitable dairy farm business in Bangladesh? If yes, you must choose the best breeds of cow for milking. Although there are more than 800 cattle breeds which produce milk, all cattle breeds are not good producers of the milk. So, while starting a dairy farming business, it’s important to get the best breeds of the cow for the best milking. Also, you’ll find many breeds are increased for beef production and many of breeds are increased either for milk production or equally.

And there are several factors to consider whether you are seeking a family dairy cow or a cow to use on a dairy farm. That’s why begin by determining your needs and limitations to choose the right breed. It also depends on some of your abilities like your budget and how you will use the cow.

How to Select the Best Breeds of Cow for Milking to Start a Daily Farm

You should spend some more time so that you can learn about common and the best breeds of cow, such as Holsteins, Brown Swiss, and Jerseys. Also, in the commercial dairies, they are the most popular.

Eventually, you will be able to select the best dairy cow for you with careful consideration. And as the most farmers are forced to painstakingly traverse the country searching for ‘good cows’, they can enable them to reap the maximum benefits from their investments.

As a result of the sum of the effects of its genetic makeup, it’s an animal’s performance. For the best bread of cow the model is P = G + E; where P represents an individual’s phenotype, G represents its genotype, E represents the environmental effects which are external non-genetic factors.

Top 5 Best Breeds of Cow for Milking to Start a Daily Farm

You may wonder why not all dairy cows look the same because there are different breeds and types of cows, just like dogs or horses. But, the farmers take care of all dairy cows those eat nearly 100 pounds of nutritious feed and drink nearly a bathtub full of water each day. Also, parasite resistance is critically important in tropical climates as appreciating the fact will enable you to consider traits. Well, let’s know about the top 5 best breeds of cow for milking to start a dairy farm in Bangladesh.

1. Dexter – Best Breeds of Cow for Milking

It’s averaging 600-700 pounds at maturity and this breed has been developed with the homesteader in mind. As you’ll most likely have some bull calves, the meat is lean, which is a consideration. With great maternal instinct, Dexters are easy calving.

That’s why Dexter cows will many times take orphan calves. Because they don’t produce as much milk as most of the other traditional dairy breeds, coming in at an average of two gallons per day and with butterfat around four percent. So, unless you have a use for large quantities of milk it’s one of the all-around best breeds of the cow for milking for the small farm or homestead.

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2. The American Milking Devon

As “critical,” with only about 1,500 registered at any one time, the Livestock Conservancy currently lists the American Milking Devon. Also, they are not only average 1,500 pounds but are truly a homestead cow. Basically, since its inception, the breed has been almost exclusively raised on small farms and homesteads. And they are as adaptable as in most any climate and are sought out for their milk, butter and cheese production. Moreover, as the American Milking Devon is prized for its ability, it thrives on rough forage and still produces a respectable amount of milk.

So, expect four to six gallons of milk per day with four percent butter content under normal conditions. Besides, since the time and investment involved, this is one of the best dairy breeds of the cow for milking. And other like-minded homesteaders are in high demand for pure-bred offspring.

3. Jersey – Best Breeds of Cow for Milking

Now, it’s the turn of the Jersey cow, which is coming in at around 900 pounds. It’s also best known for its gentle disposition and high butterfat content that come with milk. And it provides on average four to six gallons of milk per day, which is rich and creamy.

As they are easy keeping and good maternal instincts, this makes these cows a strong contender for the homestead. But, Jersey is not a great beef producer while some people do love Jersey beef that’s to consider. This is the jersey cow that’s famous for the higher milk fat height of its milk, not beef.

In addition, the dairy farms those who utilized by the many milk processing equipment and supply in the market, the milk production of cattle is very useful for them. Besides, this is not only one of the best breeds of the cow for milking but famous for its healthy structure and long life.

4. Brown Swiss – Best Breeds of Cow

With a butterfat content of four percent, the Brown Swiss is known for producing large quantities of milk. If you plan to make cheese then the protein content, along with the high output, is great. Also, as long as any dairy breed you’ll find, they typically stay in lactation.

As it produces enough milk, it’s good for milking and one of the best breeds of cow ever. This is normally large with large fuzzy ears along with a light brown to grayish fawn in color. And, as it’s very resistant to heat and cold, it has a docile and kind nature. Having longer-chain fatty acids than other popular dairy breeds, the milk of the Brown Swiss is unique.

5. Milking Shorthorn

If you consider a dual-purpose breed then it should be the Milking Shorthorn. When it matures, it becomes about 1400 pounds. Also, it not only produces fine beef but calves are considered easy fleshing for a dairy breed. As a mainline dairy breed for the past 20 years, the Milking Shorthorn has been experiencing a comeback.

It’s comeback with averaging six gallons of milk per day and improvements in body type and milk production. Also, it efficiently produces large volumes of nutritious milk by the docile cow that has a high salvage value. Moreover, it gives birth to healthy each year on regular calving intervals. Some other attributes of the breed include:

  • Grazing efficiency
  • Production potential
  • Disease resistance
  • Calving ease & calving interval, and
  • Milk quality