5 Best English Medium Schools List in Bangladesh

Top 5 English Medium Schools List in Bangladesh

5 Best English Medium Schools List in Bangladesh

Although once upon a time, it’s tough to find out the English medium schools in Bangladesh, now the scenery is entirely changed and you’ll find hundreds of the English schools in all over the country. This is because Bangladesh is now growing with her some popular English Medium School and College.

According to the government stats, there are 130+ registered English medium schools, but the real story is something else because the number will cross a couple of hundreds when it will be counted with the unregistered ones.

However, among a large number of modern education-oriented schools, finding best English medium schools in Bangladesh is comparatively a tough job. In the entire country, Dhaka is considered as the education hub and you’ll find most of the famous English schools are located here.

An Overview of the Best English Medium Schools in Bangladesh

Based in this city a good number of English medium schools are very successfully serving a large pool of students, imparting quality education. Since the country acquired its independence in the year of 1971, such a trend has been observed. It’s noticeable that English medium schools had been in high demand since the East-Pakistan era if we look back in the history of the pre-independence years of Bangladesh.

Also, it has been designed, developed, and currently being supervised by the British Council in Bangladesh for the education curriculum, practiced throughout the English medium schools in Bangladesh. The education system is always monitored and improved following the global education standard practiced worldwide, especially in the western countries to educate the future citizens of this country.

What is the Top 5 Best English Medium Schools List in Bangladesh?

Although there may be some local population, the English medium schools are geared for an international student body. Providing for an easy transition between schools whether they are in Australia or Bangladesh, many schools provide similar standards of schooling around the globe.

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Like the international baccalaureate, these schools often provide internationally accepted accreditation. While others follow the Australian, Welsh or Turkish education system, schools may follow the Bangladesh model with instruction in English. As there is a struggle to obtain quality teachers and get children to graduation, the system is also highly subsidized.

For All (EFA) objectives and the Millennium Development Goals, Bangladesh conforms to the UN’s Education. Well, let’s know what the top 5 best English medium schools are in Bangladesh.

1. Aga Khan School Dhaka Bangladesh

Running with the help of Aga Khan Education Service, this school is a renowned English Medium establishment. After establishing in 1988, it’s offering nurturing and caring educational environment for its students.

As this school offers Cambridge “A” Level courses, Aga Khan School Dhaka provides each student with opportunities to build up intellectually, artistically, physically emotionally socially and morally to his or her fullest potential. Besides, among the cultural activities, academic demands, community life, and sporting, it tries to create a harmonious balance.

Also, apart from the English language, his school also helps students to learn the Bengali language. This is because most of the students of this school are fluent in spoken and written Bengali and English. And these made them one of the best English medium schools in Bangladesh.

2. Canadian Trillinium School Dhaka (CTS)

Situated in Gulshan, Dhaka, the Canadian Trillinium School follows the international standard. As this school was established with the specialized syllabus of the province of New Brunswick, Canada, the curriculum follows for the Grades 8 through 12. If you have the capability to complete this curriculum then you can take an admission in this school. However, admission is open to all and the school is being joined with the Ministry of Education, New Brunswick.

They are committed to providing world-class and qualified educational facilities to students in Bangladesh. Since students of this school get the full facility of transferable New Brunswick diploma, it helps them to get admission into various colleges and universities in Canada or other countries. This is because it’s one of the best English medium schools in Bangladesh.

3. Oxford International School OIS

Along with an English medium co-education school, Oxford International School offers Up to GCE O and A Levels, which is followed by the University of Cambridge (UK) academic program. Ian Burges was the first principal of OIS who was an ex-professor of the University of Cambridge UK. Although its inception with a single campus, today OIS has moved to a modern campus.

As the pathfinder in advanced education, knowledge creation and innovative types of teaching and skills development to its students, this is a well-known institution. It’s exceptionally brilliant faculty members are the real charm of receiving education at OIS. For all disciplines, they render the state-of-the-art level of expertise. These made them one of the best English medium schools in Bangladesh.

4. Scholastica

Using English as the medium of instruction, Mrs. Yasmeen Murshed Scholastic provides a balanced and global standard education for all its students. Although it established as an English medium school in 1977, it provides equal emphasis on Bangla. Those who will be equipped to tackle head-on the challenges of our modern-day “global village” is the aims of Scholastica and that’s why it likes to build curious, knowledgeable and caring young individuals.

Embracing and respecting people from other cultures and walks of life, they will aspire to become responsible citizens. Apart from these, the school offers two types of scholarships, including the Merit-based Scholarship and Need-based financial assistance.

The students who are in acute need for such assistance, every year the school offers a scholarship. While requiring this help from the school fund, a standard procedure is conducted to evaluate and select the students.

5. International Turkish Hope School (ITHS)

Offering education from pre-school to A-Levels, International Turkish Hope School is one of the best English medium schools in Bangladesh. ITHS comes with eight campuses in three cities, such as Dhaka, Chittagong, and Bogra. Also, it has two preschools, two junior sections (grades 1–5), and two senior sections (one for boys, one for girls) in these branches across the cities.

Moreover, it has spanned from preschool through grade 10, and a preschool and junior section in Bogra that’s partnered with the school. Among other characteristics, Bengali language classes are compulsory for students with Bangladeshi roots where the Turkish language is taught from classes 3 to 8. Apart from these, religious studies classes are compulsory for Muslim students. These made them one of the best English medium schools in Bangladesh.