5 Best Reasons Why The UK is the Best Country for Women Entrepreneurs

The UK is the Best Country for Women Entrepreneurs

5 Best Reasons Why the UK is the Best Country for Women Entrepreneurs

You could be a woman in the women entrepreneurs or considering entering the ring of female entrepreneurs. We’re sure that you’ve gotten a lot of advice where some are pretty encouraging and some are absolutely not good to hear. Also, you might be confused about which one you should listen and which one to be avoided. Well, leave your worries on the bay because you’re at the right place where you’ll get the authentic information about women entrepreneurship.

We’re hopefully; these will help you to get the proper decision about why the UK is the best country for the business, especially for the women. You’ll be happy to know that there are more and more women business owners cropping up. And there are successful women entrepreneurs that you can get the inspiration from.

An Overview of the Women Entrepreneurs in the UK

It’s not surprising that women constitute is around half of the total world population and it’s also in the UK as well. That’s why they are the better half of the society and the country. Many of them were confined to the four walls of houses performing household activities in traditional societies.

But, they have come out of the four walls to participate in all sorts of activities in modern societies. And you’ll find women have been performing exceedingly well in different spheres of activities. These include administration, social work, academics, politics, and we can say where they are not available. As a result, they are in the business as women entrepreneurs.

But, women have traditionally focused on fashion that fond and other services sector all through small businesses owned by women. With the growing sensitivity to the role and economic status in the society, women-owned business is lightly increasing in the economics of almost all countries.

That means women can run a business successfully with their potentials, skill, knowledge, and adaptability. So, those who accept the challenging role to meet her personal need and become economically independent are successful women in business.

Top 5 Reasons Why the UK is the Best Country for Women Entrepreneurs

If you’re passionate about something, especially for any business, you can start the business that you fond of.

You may be feeling hesitant about taking those first, all-important steps toward starting your own business as a woman. You’ll come across article after article about the many challenges of being a female entrepreneur when you’ll search around the Internet.

This is because they continue to change with time. Also, there definitely are some great reasons for being a woman entrepreneur in the UK. So, let’s see the top 5 reasons why the UK is the best country for women entrepreneurs.

1. Women entrepreneurs stats on are on your side

Starting their own businesses the better time is running for women entrepreneurs. The number of women-owned businesses between 1997 and 2013 grew at 1-1/2 times the national average according to the recent report. There were over 4 million women-owned businesses in the UK and Europe as the report says.

Female entrepreneurs are holding their own and generating $1.3 trillion in revenue when it comes to generating revenue. Women-owned businesses exceeded the overall sector growth in eight of the 13 most populous industries. In addition, many of these businesses are thriving and more women are starting their own businesses these days. Also, the role model of women business owners have more mentors and than ever before it was.

Besides, tell us another story about the statistics on women-owned businesses. There are many successful businesswomen who own and run their own businesses unlike just a few decades ago.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet and hopefully learn from women as you begin the task of networking that’s so important for all entrepreneurs. As you enter into the world of entrepreneurship and learn through experience the ins and outs of running your own business, it’s on the flip side of the equation.

The opportunity to become a mentor and a role model yourself, providing inspiration, it’ll come to you automatically. These all indicate that the UK is the best country for women entrepreneurs.

2. The strength of the Emotional Intelligence

Women have a slight edge over men when it comes to EQ on average according to the studies. But, you must think about what exactly the emotional intelligence is.

Capacity to identify and comprehend both our own emotions and the emotions of others, and to use this information to help guide how we think and behave is usually named Emotional Intelligence.

This is about the ability to work with our feelings in general. Emotional intelligence means, among other things, having self-awareness and empathy, and the ability to listen when it comes to the leadership.

So, if it comes to leading their own companies, women can leverage their aptitude for emotional intelligence.

3. Experiencing higher well-being of Women entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs experience a higher level of “purpose well-being” than male entrepreneurs and other workers according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

It’s learning or doing something interesting, using your strengths to do what you do best and liking what you do are the meaning of well-being.

They are more likely to experience these components of purpose well-being on a daily basis as the entrepreneurs in general and women entrepreneurs in particular.

Moreover, they experience physical well-being as women entrepreneurs. This is not all. Moreover, female entrepreneurs reported higher happiness levels having higher levels of well-being. That’s said by a report. This is because the entrepreneurship can prove to be a highly satisfying career choice for many women choosing to run their own businesses.

4. Getting the parenting experience

People tend to think of the challenges when it comes to balancing work with life and parenting. The tales of the screaming toddler or the recalcitrant teenager, we’ve all heard if not experienced.

You can learn a lot from dealing with parenting issues as all parents know. Also, any experience can be a teaching experience if we are open to it. Moreover, experiences that can often be of benefit to the entrepreneur as well when parenting, in particular, lends itself to some powerful learning experiences.

Not only the parenting experience but they are multitasking as well. They have become adept at multitasking many aspects of their lives, especially those who are mothers. So, she often finds herself wearing many different hats all at the same time because of her multitasking ability.

5. Being better at collaboration

When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, collaboration can be an important factor. When it comes to collaboration, it’s good news for women entrepreneurs. Women prefer collaboration, compared to men, who tend to distrust their colleagues according to a research. The opportunities to collaborate often arise, and in many cases such collaboration can be beneficial to your business as a female entrepreneur. So, it could very well work in your favor when you have a preference for collaboration.


Isn’t these are the great reasons why UK the best country for women entrepreneurs? Have you something else? If yes, then please share with us.