5 Best TV Brand In Bangladesh

5 Best TV Brand In Bangladesh

5 Best TV Brand In Bangladesh

Do you know which are the best TV brand in Bangladesh? The brands which have been servicing Bangladesh for many years. Everyone today owns a TV. Who does not have a TV in theirs? Having a TV in our house has become a mandatory thing. But do you know which are top 5 best and most used brand in Bangladesh? If you do not, in this article I am going to crumble down the best 5 brands in Bangladesh.

1. Sony

Sony, as we all know, is one of the most famous electronic brands in Bangladesh and around the world. Sony provides the number TV brands with top class specifications and has various ranges of price. Sony produces all kinds of electronic appliances including mobile phones, speakers, smartphone products and etc. Sony has their branches all over Dhaka. Sony’s TVs have beautiful color quality and amazing designs.

2. LG

LG is another top class brand in Bangladesh and worldwide. LG has the variety of innovation and state of art of flat screen which can meet your unique needs. Some of its newest production included, LED TV, OLED TV, OLED 4K TV, Smart TV and 3D TV. OLED self-lighting pixels that offer vibrant colors and perfect black, to the IPS panel that lets you see perfect image clarity from any seat in the house.

3. Samsung

If you Google the reviews of Samsung TV’s any model, you hardly find a review which has given Samsung one star or two stars. Samsung is known as one of the electronic brands all over the world. Samsung’s smartphones today is making huge progress. Samsung TVs provide a performance that is suitable for all the buyers. One of the best TV models of Samsung is Q7F LED smart TV which is released in 2017.

4. Walton

The three brands mentioned above are undoubtedly the best brands. But Walton TV is making a huge progress in Bangladesh. The sale of this brand is currently the highest. This is so, because of its cheap range. Walton’s TVs have the best specifications, vibrant colors, the amazing sound system at the cheapest range. Whereas brands like Samsung, LG, Sony is charging us a lot of money. Hence, Walton, a Bangladeshi brand has proved itself and has taken the position in number 4 to be in best 5 brands in Bangladesh.

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5. Singer

Singer is one of the oldest and most reliable brands in Bangladesh. Singer was the only brand in Bangladesh to be introduced. The singer has some best models. You can hardly ever go wrong with Singer. Singer is also known to sell some of the cheapest TVs.

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These 5 brands are basically the top 5 brands in Bangladesh. Sony, LG, Samsung and Singer brands are among the best brands around the world. I really hope this article has solved your confusions. I did a lot of studies to present you here the best ones only. Bangladesh is country of music and entertainment, we all need a TV in our homes but we are often confused which ones fall into the best category.