5 Reasons Why People Visit California

5 Reasons Why People Visit California

5 Reasons Why People Visit California

Uncountable reasons could be found to visit California. California successfully meets everybody’s expectations. There is something for everyone in the West Coast State. Fun, adventure, nature and history all belong to one place surprisingly. You want it and California got it. Maybe after reading the article, California might be your next vacation spot.

Cozy Weather

The most famous thing about California is its weather. It’s a cozy summer all year long in California. So why wait for the summer to arrive to put on the sundress you bought in a winter sale? Just visit California at any time of the year and you can show off your summer collection when the whole world is wearing its winter attire.

But that doesn’t make winters in California hot. The temperature in California is so diverse that you can go skiing in the morning and go to the beach in the afternoons in winters. People have claimed to experience the coldest winters in California.

The perfect weather can always be found in California. The weather in California will adapt according to your preference rather than you adapting to it. That is the beauty of the weather in California.

Theme Parks and Celebrities

Who doesn’t like theme parks? From toddlers to people in their old age, everyone enjoys theme parks. Undoubtedly, California has one of the best theme parks. There is Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Magic Mountain, Discovery Kingdom, and Boomerang Bay.

The golden state will never disappoint you when it comes to theme parks. These theme parks have uncountable rides and games which will create uncountable precious memories.

Without realizing you might run into celebrities. California is one of the biggest celebrity hubs. Many celebs live out in California and many visit California for the fun. So celebrities walk around freely in California making it very possible for you to walk into them.

As the celebs walk around freely all their hangout spots are known by the local people. So if you don’t walk into them, you could secretly walk into them. Hope you know what I mean. People also reading – 10 Signs You Are Wasting your Life


The Golden State has over 1000 miles of beach. Its impossible to miss out on beaches if you visit California because beaches can be seen everywhere.

Venice beach is everyone’s favorite because it has its own skate park and a boardwalk along with the view of a mesmerizing coastline. Huntington Beach has one of the best sunsets.

More like the ones are shown in postcards. So why see beaches in postcards when you can experience it firsthand.  Glass Beach in Mendocino County is a different ballgame when it comes to beaches.

The beach will cool your soul down and give you peace of a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Pack your cute beachwear and sunscreen and go take full advantage of these natural beauties.


Hiking is one of the must-try things in California. Yosemite National Park is about 1200 square miles so there is a lot of space to hike. All types of hikers are welcome here because they provide about ten hiking trails ranging for new hikers to well-experienced hikers.

There are more places to hike in California, for example, there is the Sequoia National Park and Joshua Tree National Park. If you love road trips California should be your number one destination. Coastline which is about 840 miles is waiting to be driven.

The Pacific Coast highway is a dreamlike highway. Along the way, there are breathtaking spots which will stop your heartbeat for some time.

California is like a place which directly comes out from a postcard. California has something for everyone from the ocean to historic landmarks. They have it all. California has the ability to make everyone sigh in complete awe.

Haunted locations in California

California is the house of haunted places. Numerous amount of paranormal activities has been reported from California.

From haunted houses to trails and even prisons there are various paranormal activities which have been experienced.

And you can experience them too because they all offer tours. It is very interesting. I know this sounds scary but this experience will be very memorable.

It will be a shocking experience going to a haunted spooky place for a vacation. But why not try something new.

The most popular haunted location is the Alcatraz Island in San Francisco and The Queen Mary in Long Beach, Winchester Mystery House in San Jose and the Rancho Los Amigos Hospital in Downey.

As a conclusion, we can state that California will never disappoint you if you want to go there for a vacation. High chances you’ll need to go again and again to finish the California Bucket List completely.

The experience will be one which you’ll always hold on to. So why not give it a try? Go and book tickets for your next destination which will obviously be California. The love of the Golden State will one day surely take you there.