5 Top Farming Business Ideas in Indonesia

Top Farming Business Ideas in Indonesia

5 Top Farming Business Ideas in Indonesia

Do you want to start your own business in Indonesia with a small investment? Here I’m going to write the best farming business ideas in Indonesia. The economic status of Indonesia is greatly depended on farming business. To grow household or living materials Indonesia depends on farming yet. Farming business in Indonesia is such a business that is never going to fail.

Like other countries on Indonesia, farming business is a profitable business idea mindedly. There is a lot of farming business can do in Indonesia but all of them are not best and equally profitable. Are you willing to do the farming business in Indonesia?

From ancient time to now, farming is practiced all over Indonesia. Farming tarts in Indonesia to fulfill the supply of food. Farming refers to agriculture and Indonesia is so good at it. The vast part of the population is busy with doing agriculture and many people doing farming business. Different kind of crops, fruits, seeds are farmed as business purpose.

Indonesian people are doing farming business in various sectors. The selective top 5 farming business ideas in Indonesia are discussing in below:

  1. Food products
  2. Commodities
  3. Environmental issue
  4. Drink materials
  5. Cow farming

Here I am going to write in the details of the 5 Top Farming Business Ideas in Indonesia

Food Products:

It is such an amazing and large business sector in Indonesia. Indonesian people are loved to do this kind of business and they are used to with this. On this sector people usually do,

Rice farming: rice is the staple food in Indonesia. So, people of Indonesia are involved with rice farming business. Indonesia has produced in a large amount of rice this they can survive and fulfill their basic food demand. Not only a farmer but also many people are doing rice farming business and rice processing business. In Indonesia, it is an idle idea of doing business.


It indicates the food and vegetable production sector. The Indonesian economy is controlled via this sector. In Indonesia, different types of food like strawberry, durian, mangosteen, rambutan, salad, banana, jackfruit, mango, kedondong, jambu air, buni, jamblang and kecap are grown rapidly. So Indonesian is doing a business of these. They make the farm of it, sell it on the local market or international market also.


On the commodities sector, palm oil, coconut, rubber etc are belonging.

Palm oil:  world’s biggest producer of palm oil in Indonesia. In Indonesia, it is such an amazing business idea. On the local market to the international market, it has quiet demand. It is quite profitable business also.

Coconut farming business in Indonesia: this fruit is playing a very important and significant role in indene’s casino and economy also. Coconut is grown very well in Indonesia. So you can think over it to do as a business.

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Rubber farming: it is the quite famous business item in Indonesia. From the 20th century to now, Indonesia’s rubber industry has its own quality value on the world’s rubber demand. Many manufacturing companies like tier making, rubber thread, rubber gloves, medical gloves or other rubber product making industry are willing to buy rubber.

Environment issue

Deforestation often happens in Indonesia. Because of Palm Oil Company or rubber material company occur various mass and pampered environment. So for reducing deforestation, you can do business like to clean the surface and water or making dustbin near the industries. It is a smart business idea.

Nursery and planting trees: in Indonesia, there is a lot of demand for planting palm tree or rubber tree. You can make business by selling palm and rubber trees.

Drink materials

As for drinking material in Indonesia, various seeds are farming vastly. Tea, coffee, and tobacco are mainly farming in Indonesia beside coconut.

Tea: Indonesia has a good demand for tea. People are used to drinking tea in Indonesia. It is growing very well also. You can make your tea business by establishing a tea garden or tea processing industry or tea stall.

Coffee: Indonesia is one of the famous and leading countries of coffee production all over the country. Coffee is produced in Indonesia rapidly. You can make a business of coffee processing business if you wish to do. Coffee is like a basic drink in Indonesia. So it is a wise decision to do coffee farming business.

Cow farming

Indonesia is a country where people like to eat beef. So, you can do a cow farming business. Not only for meat but can cow farming business be the founder of much other business also. From your cow farming business, you can do dairy product business.