50 Best Profitable Business Ideas in the UK with a Small Investment

Profitable Business Ideas in the UK with a Small Investment

50 Profitable Business Ideas in the UK for 2020

It looks like you’re looking for the best profitable business ideas in the UK with a small investment. So, you’re in the right place to find a perfect business idea for small business. However, it’s not only tough to start a new business but it’s a long hard slog as well.

As a result, most of the new businesses are destined to fail after a few days. But, if you can come up with profitable business ideas, to begin with, you must get off the ground.

It takes you a few weeks and several meetings to come up with your desired target when you run your own business in the UK for about a year or more.

List of the 50 Best Profitable Business Ideas in the UK with Small Investment

Discover the suitable and profitable business ideas for you that you can start with the following list.

Also, it’ll help you to turn into the profitable businesses with a small amount of money and quickly.

So, feel free to scroll down through the list and you’ll find the small investment ideas in the UK.

These small investment opportunities are arranged by industry so that you can find out ideal one for you.

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Profitable Business Ideas for the Domestic & Household Services

Among the profitable business ideas in the UK, the domestic service business is a great one.

This is because it’s easy to set up, low-cost investment, and get back what you invest quickly.

So, let’s know about the top 7 small business investment opportunities in the domestic sector in the UK:

Cleaning company

As the most straightforward business that helps in making money from a cleaning company.

This is probably widely regarded in the domestic service industry.

Besides, it requires some simple efforts, such as use Microsoft Publisher to print off some flyers.

After that, drop them in nearby letterboxes and put them up in local shop windows.

Moreover, it costs the minimum amount; just your printer’s ink and the cleaning supplies. It’s easy to scale as well.

Laundry service

You have to go to a big apartment block and flyer them for the profitable business ideas in the UK. 

In the areas of the built up, there aren’t a lot of washing machines.

You can use this opportunity and make a good business with a laundry service.

Simply, you can partner with launderettes to provide their existing customer a ‘delivery option’ base.

Although it requires a small amount, its outcome is great and you can start it today.

House Sitting

If you ask me another one, house sitting is the pretty awesome job for you.

In a mansion, which comes with a fully stocked fridge along with a king-size bed while the owners are on holiday then you can get paid for it.

You can take it as rent from its owner and use to rent for others.

This is a decent market that’s waiting for you to start on.

It also doesn’t cost much and needs just ads on the websites or online portals.

Catering company

Catering company Business Ideas in UK

A catering company could be an excellent idea if you love cooking and can handle catering for the masses.

It’s one of the home-based profitable business ideas for you that allow you working from home.

So, start a small catering company for buffets, sandwiches, and then scale up to hog roasts etc. but, for this industry, you must have all the required licenses, for example, a food hygiene certificate etc. 

Read: How to Start a Catering Business in UK 

Childcare Service

For the home parents, it’s one of the small investment opportunities in the UK. This is a simple job.

Just look after other people’s kids when yours are at school if you really love looking after children.

Moreover, this can make you a registered childminder, or even you can open a daycare center gradually.

Gardening Company

Many people worked for a small gardening company when they were younger.

This is great outdoor work, yes; it’s possible in all the rain in England as well.

The results speak for themselves as it’s a great thing about gardening.

So, you can start it today for a neighbor along with your way up to a territory.

Besides, it could be the lowest investment business so far.

House Staging

House staging is for those who design interior with an eye killer. It’s to maximize its appeal to potential buyers setting up a house.

Although it quite the science, but you can make a fortune in commission if you’re good at it.

So, house staging is another great small business opportunity in the UK with a small amount of money.

Business Ideas that Relate Animals

Business Ideas that Relate Animals in the UK

As we know most people love animals, so you can make it as a business idea.

There is a saying, “if you do something you love you’ll never work a day in your life.” You might be an animal lover to start a business with your loving one.

Let’s know about the animal-related business idea, which is one of the profitable business ideas for the UK.

Pet sitting

Pet sitting is as same as child care service that’s discussed above, but it’s with less paperwork business.

You’ll get paid to feed, walk, cuddle, and play with puppies all day long. Also, other animals are available to care for them.

Moreover, it’s easy to market your services through the social media along with local marketing like flyers and letterbox drops etc.

Besides, you can get partnerships with other animal companies who are with the business already.

Pet grooming

Many people have 2/3 dogs and every month they need to get freshen up and haircut.

This is because dogs need to cut their hair as humans nee. But, as dogs’ haircut is complicated, you can get a good amount for this service.

You can see the pet sitting advice on how to market pet grooming.

Aquarium cleaning

Approaching local pet shops and partner with them, advertise on services like Gumtree. You can offer them a fee referral for each successful service.

So, you can work independently with local partnerships. Unless you get massive we wouldn’t waste your time with the national stores.

Dog training

Dancing dog won ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ a couple of years ago so everybody loves it. This could be the perfect idea for you if you’re a bit of a dog whisperer.

It’s one of the great profitable business ideas in the UK. Just do some simple marketing through the social media and letterbox drops and start your earnings.

Make and sell stuff

It’s buying their animals presents if there’s one thing pet owners love doing.

There’s huge money to be made from making a product from squeezy dog toys to cat scratch poles.

You have a chance to create your own store on Shopify to increase your business.

Also, you can market through social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter etc.

You can start a cloth manufacturing business also.

Poop scoop

Many people run a business that’s based around picking up dog poop, which could be unbelievable to you.

Somebody needs to clean it up when the most owners just let their pets do the business in the backyard. Although it may cost about £5 to set-up, you make its publicity like pet sitting service.

Professional Service Related Business ideas in the UK

You can be it a chartered accountant or a seasoned proof-reader if you’re an academic.

Only by networking and emailing, you can get off the ground as there’s a bunch of businesses.

So, let’s know about some of the profitable business ideas relating to the professional service in the UK.


As everybody knows that all a company needs an accountant for their accounting works.

Your skills are very much in demand from submitting annual tax returns to filing payroll through accounting software.

So, simply sponsor an organization that engages with SME so that you can startup with it.

Financial adviser

Although financial adviser is similar to an accountant, it’s little broader.

You can market your service through a blog along with talking about the things, such as money management, best practices, etc.

A great example of a financial adviser is Insurance Agent. As you know insurance is a must in UK.

So you can sell car insurance, home owner insurance, life insurance, health insurance, etc. Learn – 10 Ways to be Successful as a Life Insurance Agent


There are so many architecture firms that use freelancers or contractors to work on their projects.

your marketing costs are pretty low because it’s a networking game.

Business consultant

It’s in all aspects of the business as advice and support businesses.

As it’s a very broad idea, it covers the management consultants to SEO consultants.

Although your network will help you gain clients, your experience will speak to them. 

Related profession is e-commerce consultancy. Learn How to Be an E commerce Consultant in the UK


It’s as same as the above one. Your services are in demand if you’re a licensed lawyer in the UK.

Besides, you can do some freelance works on the side. Also, you can set up your law practice business.

Here are – 5 Awesome Reasons to be a Lawyer in the UK


Some people really enjoy helping others learn because they love teaching. You should be making money out of it if that’s you.

This industry is massive where you’ll find apps like ‘Tutorme’. As its one-off basis, it can help you monetize your skills.

Public Relations (PR) Services

You’re likely chummy with journalists in all sorts of publications if you’re good at public relations.

This is because PR is a relationships game.

To get the business featured in the newspaper, make some cash on the side by giving introducing him/her to great businesses.

You can do it if you have a friend at the Financial Times or a large e-commerce site.

IT support

Some people struggle to keep up, and inevitably things break as the world becomes more and more technology focused.

You can offer your services for training and support.

So, you’ll have a client for life if you provide fantastic customer service.

Business development

You can spend the occasional weekend on the phone or go all in and start a call center if you’re a kick-ass salesman and always deliver.

You can use services like PeoplePerHour to get quick well-paid work to kick things off.


The list of potential clients for photography services is huge, such as nightclubs, weddings, events etc.

This could be perfect for you if you have a decent DSLR camera with expertise for a great photography.

You’d do pretty well for yourself if you did 1 wedding a day.

If you market through social media, it’s your work that’ll speak for itself.

Profitable business ideas Relate Personal & Beauty Industry

Personal and beauty are a broad category along with a lot of profitable business ideas in the UK. 

This section is right up your street if you wake up at 3 am with a cracking idea for a tattoo.

Or, this is for those who live for the next line of Benefit makeup. So, let’s see which one is suitable for you.

Tattoo Artist

The most interesting thing about tattoo artist is that you can rent a space in a tattoo parlor for you.

It means that you need not shell out dollars for your business space.

You can ask for advice while going along to your local.

This is not only easy to start but profitable as well.

In the same way, you can choose body piercing business, which is as same as the tattoo artist.

Makeup artist

You can do so much in this business. Probably you have seen to make each wedding planner in your local area in your best friend’s marriage.

So, you can start the business ensuring that you’re the preferred supplier to them.

This is as same as the event agencies and it requires expertise.

In this section, you could actually associate with most of the businesses relate it.

Massage therapist

Massage therapist market is huge because the world is massaging crazy these days.

It’s a bright future so far from Friday massages at a startup’s offices to painful sports massages. 

Although marketing is subjective to the industry you want to go after, you can simply go with the social media.

If you have a good budget, you can go with Pay Per Click (PPC).

Personal stylist

It must be admitted that you probably know more about it than us if this jumps out at you.

For this, you need to be the partner with the event providers and a personal blog with huge posts.

The blog posts advice about styling. Besides, you have to build some exposure so that clients get the attraction to your service.

Online Profitable Business Ideas in the UK

Online Profitable Business Ideas

The internet or online business has endless possibilities. As a result, we’re enclosing this section in these ideas.

You can be making money online within about half an hour if you have a specific skill set or just a good attitude with a simple input.

Now, let’s know about the businesses that you can start with you.

Affiliate and content monetization

Real Home Based Money Making Business Ideas

The affiliation is the way that a company pays money when users buy a product clicking on your site.

In fact, you can get an e-commerce website and be adding the buttons “Buy” through Amazon or some other business giants.

You get paid a commission of the sale every time if somebody buys.

For this, if you have an online blog, it’ll be helpful to the content monetization and affiliation.


It’s almost similar to affiliate marketing. But, the users can stay on the site for some products.

You control the buying process when you’re selling products without the inventory requirements.

The returns are substantially greater than affiliate despite its complicated to implementation method.

You can even take your e-commerce international if this goes really well.

Virtual store

You can create your own online store using something like Shopify or Etsy if you’re a dab hand at art and design, or a master baker.

Although it doesn’t need to write a single line of code, it’s basically your own e-commerce site.


You can make a lot of money by creating a blog with a wide audience.

Some Blogs, for example, TechCrunch was started out as a hobby. But, it has turned into a business with $25m outstanding.


There are lots of blogs and websites need content written and you can freelance as a copywriter.

There are so many contractors who provide clients, such as UpWork, Freelancer etc. So, you can earn a good amount in copywriting.

Generic freelancer

You can take on as many freelance gigs as you can get your hands on after registering on UpWork, eLance, PeoplePerHour etc.

They let you do anything, for example, writing, logo design, press releases, SEO, lead generation etc.

Transcription service

Amazon’s “Mechanical Turk” is a transcription service site that pays per transcription.

Simply write every word down that comes with some audio and get a bonus point for some different languages.

Start an Online Agency

It’s a good idea staring an agency for the web-based business on the internet.

Usually, the agencies specialize in paid search, SEO, web design, web development etc.

Training company

Just create an online course and charge people to take part in it if you’re an expert on one particular subject.

There are many companies that offer you a platform to publish and market your courses, such as Udemy.

Virtual assistant

Hiring a PA is in the past in these days because you can do almost all things through a Virtual Assistant.

So, it could be a great route, if you’re passionate about being organized and want to make some spare cash.

User Testing

It takes a shed load of time to iron out all the bugs and errors when you launch a new product or service.

So, sign up as a freelancer or make your own website and market yourself as a tester because companies spend a lot of money on testing.

It’ll not only just side-earnings but you could build a whole company around this as well.

Profitable Business Ideas about Health & fitness in the UK

This section is for you if you’re into your fitness or a bit of a healthy eating nut.

You’ll find some profitable business ideas about health and fitness in this section. Okay, let’s see what they are.

Personal trainer

You’d be paying your personal trainer $50/hour for your good health. So, simply go to your local gym and ask if you can use it as a certified trainer.

This way, you need not your own gym or equipment to train others. What you have to do is just pay an amount per month for their venue like a rent. They could not be simpler those the audience stays in your building.

Fitness programs

You can run fitness programs. And, you charge a set fee for a specific week program and away you go for the things like military fitness at the local park.

Besides, you can market your fitness programs in local gyms, poster, and flyers and via social media.

This fineness programs is one of the best business ideas for young entrepreneurs. As you know, the UK is one of the Best Country for Young Entrepreneurs. 

Sports instructor

You can be a high-level sports coach for football, rugby, or athletics.

Here, you can work for local teams to work on a freelance basis.

Maybe you’ll be the next Alex Ferguson in the long run!

Yoga instructor

Yoga is great for health and its instructors are on the top as well. So, rent a space somewhere or at a local gym.

For its marketing, you can go through social media, flyers, posters etc.

Business Ideas in the UK with the Creative Ideas

Here are some of the creative ideas about different businesses. Let’s know which one suit you best.


Finding high-quality designers is one of the hardest things in the world of startups.

At our old startup, before we found somebody awesome, we burnt through about five design teams.

So, get yourself a Behance profile if you have a knack for web design.

You’ll get enough requests soon start raving about how awesome you are in this field.

Retailer of Chocolate/cake/baking

Did you watch the “Great British Bake Off” and thinks you can do it? If yes, so you can take this challenge.

And sell your awesome creations creating a Shopify or Etsy storefront.


  1. Start a Juice Bar Business
  2. Balloon Bouquet Service Business

Market Stall

It’s the same as a pop-up shop. You can get in front of people if you have physical products to shift. 

You may know that you can stall at Camden, which is a world famous market only for £15 per days. 

Car boot sales

Car boot sales are very profitable business ideas. There are so many people have made huge money from this business.

It’s the business of buy and sells at car boot sales, which is a good way to make money. You can take it as a full-time job as well.

Miscellaneous business ideas in the UK

miscellaneous business category in the UK

This is a miscellaneous business category in the UK that is out of the others in this post. So, let’s see some of them.

Flyering agency

As companies need people to a flyer for their publications, you can open a flyering agency.

You might get some ideas early on the various ways.

This is a simple task where a lot of professional flyering agencies charge massive amounts for this.

So, starting this business undercut them and you’ll be a winner with huge businesses.

Tour guide: Business Ideas in the UK

There’s a bunch of ‘walking tours’ so don’t assume you need a bus if you’re in London. 

What you need is a tour with a theme along with enough confidence.

This is another way that can make you rich soon.

Alongside most of the young entrepreneurs are interested to start a small coffee shop business cause this is one of the lucrative business in the UK.

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Ticket re seller

You can do the business of ticket reselling for the concerts and shows.

For this, you can do it directly as a re seller or after buying them sell at the nearer the time of the premium.

Here, you can use social media for your marketing as well.

Delivery Service

If you have a car, you can do a delivery service. Just create a website like james-manwithvan.com and promote it in the social media. Also, you can post on the site like Gumtree for the advertisement of your service.