How to Start an Anniversary planning Business in Bangladesh

Start an Anniversary planning Business in Bangladesh

Start an Anniversary planning Business in Bangladesh

This is a great way to recognize the hard work of your employees, both past and present while raising your company’s profile in a crowded marketplace while holding an anniversary party for your business. In this case, many companies and individuals need an anniversary planning business advisor in Bangladesh. So, if you’re one of the anniversary planners, you have good chances to shine and earn a handsome amount in this industry.

Also, there are ample opportunities to introduce new products and services in an anniversary celebration. And an anniversary celebration can be both fun and productive whether your company has been around for ten years or one hundred years. But, as the anniversary parties require a fair amount of planning, you can do it for many people and organizations.

Why Start an Anniversary planning Business in Bangladesh

As the anniversary planning business is a part of event management and planning, it’s not a very ancient idea to Bangladesh. If you look for someone to perform this task, potentially you’ll find very few people with sufficient qualification.

That’s why the industry is not only profitable but it’s easy to make an ample of money within a short time. For example, when a couple reaches 25 years or more of wedding bliss, they plan to arrange a wedding anniversary parties.

Also, some others hold parties on earlier anniversaries, such as the 10th, 15th, or 20th as well. It’s not a matter of your concern whatever their milestones. You just need to focus on what they’re demanding for and how to make them satisfied.

Steps to Start an Anniversary planning Business in Bangladesh

As an anniversary is more than just celebrating the hard work, it has gone into making their company a success. Also, they think it as the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your customer base and to reestablish your brand within your industry.

And they can use your business’ anniversary celebration to ensure the lasting success that you and your employees have worked so hard to achieve with a little forethought.

That’s why they consider hiring the best anniversary planning business owner. So, you can imagine that it must be a tough job to make them happy.

Besides, there are some experienced anniversary planners who are doing the job. But, you have nothing to worry about if you follow some specific steps. Well, let’s know them below:

First Step: Business Plan

It’s time to start laying the foundational work for your event planning business, which includes your business plan when you’re determined to start an anniversary planning business. From ‘Walmart’ too small ‘nonprofits’, Every business needs a business plan to guide their decision-making process, educate investors and lenders of your intentions, and to keep your business on the right path when times get rough.

Your executive summary is your opportunity to hook your audience and give them a taste of what is to come like an introductory paragraph of a blog post or opening scene to a movie.

It comes with all in details like what makes your event planning business different, and why your business will succeed. Let’s find more than a business plan comes with:

  • Cover page
  • Executive summary
  • Company overview
  • Industry analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing plan
  • Operations plan
  • Management team
  • Identify your target market

Second Step: Know Your Skills

A very specific personality is required for an anniversary planning business. In order to the forever-shifting tasks needed plan a successful anniversary, you need to be outgoing, social, and creative enough. But, anniversary planning is not right for you if you’re better suited to working behind a desk with little customer engagement.

On the other hand, you may want to reconsider this career move if you’re working alone in a non-collaborative, yet organized environment. And finally, your ambitions might be a better fit elsewhere when on-the-spot creative thinking is not your strong suit. Besides, it might be the perfect business for you when client-facing work excites you and teamwork contributes to your happiness.

Third Step: Marketing and Resources

Most planners agree that an ad in the Yellow Pages makes good business sense even today in the online era. When you connect your phone if you have a land line, simply listing your business name, is often provided free of charge. Also, you have the option to pick a display advertisement. And it’s time to start marketing your event planning business out to potential clients, partners, and vendors with your funding in place.

It’s your own network, which is the best place to start from. Also, it’s easier than ever by social media, especially with professional networks like LinkedIn. But, you can easily market your new anniversary planning business in person as well. Although networking events are perfect for making others aware of your services, those types of events are built on what you can do for others.

Fourth Step: Obtain Certifications

Prior experience is essential to starting a successful anniversary planning business just like any other industry. If you trust your only car to an uncertified, tentative mechanic to replace its engine then why should someone trust you with their anniversary?

Consider the many certification courses out there to prepare you for all of the ins-and-outs of event management before investing your retirement and family time into starting this business.

Also, it’s always best to have some formal certification when you have previous organizing experience. And there is always something new to learn that does not need to mention.

Fifth Step: Target Market

There are two markets that we’re broadly speaking for anniversary planning business and that are corporate and social. There are charities and nonprofit organizations incorporate along with the companies.

Here are enlisted the charities because they host gala fundraisers, receptions and athletic competitions, among other events, to expand their public support base and raise funds. And each year they organize thousands of these events. So, you may find smaller local events to start out with, but the large ones require specialized anniversary planning.

Some Other Steps to Follow to Start an Anniversary planning Business in Bangladesh

  • Startup costs
  • Undertake the legal side of your business
  • Expand your network of suppliers and staffing resources
  • Identify your anniversary planning services
  • Set up an anniversary planning fee structure
  • Decide a name for your business
  • Register your new business
  • Comprise a strong social media presence