How to Start UK based Aquarium Cleaning Business

Aquarium Cleaning Business

How to Start Aquarium Cleaning Business in the UK

When starting UK based aquarium cleaning business, it takes huge undertaking as any other business. It’s to work on great setups and working with what you love for some people as they love it. But, this is not the reality much of the time and that’s something else. We highly suggest you work for someone else first before you try to start your own aquarium cleaning service. It’ll give you first-hand experience of what it’s you need. Also, it’ll give you an inside viewpoint on a running aquarium maintenance service company. Hopefully, a lot of things not to do because you’ll learn things to do that you would have never thought of. As learning the hard way is the most important learning of all, so we used the term “hopefully”.

Overview of UK Based Aquarium Business

While starting UK based aquarium cleaning business, you’ll find several pros and cons in it. Among the pros, the top one is its low overhead and low setup cost. Aquarium maintenance service there is little that will definitely cost you money whether or not you are earning any, unlike a retail store where you would have to pay rent, utilities, and your employees. Also, while working full time at your current job, you can start part-time on evenings and weekends. But, it can be difficult to build up a large enough clients base to earn a living income, which is one of the biggest risks. Moreover, working in conjunction with a local pet or fish shop is the ideal situation. From here, you’ll get potential clients for your business.

Besides, there is another great option that’s to run the business from home. Although it’s less overhead since you will not have to pay rent to the pet or fish store, it may not earn you any extra clients. For this, you need a little more infrastructure and some more space. Many people actually have most of this running and ready to go as they are already in the hobby.

The Equipment to Start UK Based Aquarium cleaning Business

As you’ll need to provide a UK based aquarium cleaning business without any issues, there are a lot of supplies. Now, let’s see what you may need as aquarium cleaning supplies below:

  • One hand towel
  • Three five gallon buckets
  • One 25′ Python Water Changer plus one extra
  • Three full-size towels
  • Algae Pad
  • Metal faucet adapters (2-3 for different sink styles)
  • Algae pad with handle
  • Lee’s Small Specimen Container
  • Razor scraper and an extra razor
  • Red Sea Aiptasia-X with a syringe and multiple tips
  • X-Acto knife
  • TLF Aquastik coral epoxy
  • TLF Coraffix gel etc.

Running Methods/Policies of UK Based Aquarium cleaning Business

It could be a whole book while running the UK based aquarium cleaning business. You’ll get every detail of running a business from lots of books out there. Here, we’re going to share the important things that we think are unique to aquarium cleaning service. It’s very important to get a license, bond, and insurance. People have been trained to think they need to hear it, but they may not know what each means. You can go ahead and do all three. In addition, you may decide that being part of your local chamber of commerce may be worth it as it doesn’t cost much and does protect you. Also, these show your professionalism that every client want.

Business Type

Simply being a sole proprietor at first until you really get going is fine with a lot of small businesses. If you’re found liable they could go after your personal assets, one little leak can do a lot of damage. Since it will be just you, set up an LLC is cheap and easy. If something happened they can’t go after your personal assets because the LLC is a separate legal entity. When working on aquarium cleaning service, it’s a good barrier between you and the liability. The protection is invaluable for the minimal cost to set up an LLC and renew it annually. Something LLC looks a lot better than Joe Schlub with a tube and bucket that makes you look more professional.


It’s another important part of your UK based aquarium cleaning business as well. You’re okay getting no new clients out of whenever you try a new type of advertising do not spend more. By any form of advertising never assume that even one client will be produced. For a service business, a website is essential for any business in today’s world.

Charge of Services

Depending on the area, hourly rate varies. On one hand, you want to get some business and undercut your competitors its tough. But, on the other hand, you don’t want to undervalue your own services. It’s a case by case basis and your rate is based on your estimated time, which is a good thing. As a result, you’re wrong or they want to haggle if you round up a little you will have room in the case. Moreover, stating with the rates is based on the estimated time and work the tank requires that you should also have a policy. Also, we can’t give the implication that the rate is in effect. It’s generally not even assumed. You wouldn’t want to say anything more than one year if someone explicitly asks you about it.

For example, simply tell them the rate is based on the amount of work the tank requires and that every tank is different if the issue comes up of someone saying ‘but you only charge so and so $X’. But, it’s always a challenge to figure out how much to charge. Suppose, you should have staring fees are as $90 for saltwater and $60 for freshwater.


You can wait until after each service to bill the client unless a client has a history of not paying in a timely manner. If at all possible because then the checks are bigger you can avoid monthly billing. It’s a non-refundable upfront deposit of all the installation. Your actual cost for the dry goods would be better if you make it at least half of the total install. Just worry about your actual cost for the dry goods and don’t worry about the labor for the deposit.

So, all expenses come out of that account and all business income goes into that account.


You need to know your limits as many aspects of running a small business are very in depth. The best thing is to use professionals if you do not already have the knowledge necessary. Also, there is a second best option that’s not for all where you can do things on your own you will save money. But, you should outsource it unless you are trained in bookkeeping/accounting. It’s great for you to do this on your own if you have taken a class on bookkeeping and discussed it with your CPA or tax preparer. When you get to that level there are good and relatively cheap payroll options. It’s strictly for the business that you’ll want to set up a separate checking account.


This was the most about the UK based aquarium cleaning business so far. Hopefully, you’ll get a good result, if you follow this guide. Furthermore, if you need any help when you start the business, feel free to ask us. Also, let us know to comment your experience of aquarium cleaning service that you’re doing. Looking for more business ideas?