Aquarium Shop Business Plan

Aquarium Shop business plan

Aquarium Shop business plan

An aquarium shop business is a creative and unique side business which requires a lot of hard work and determination. Explore how you will lay out your store, price your fish, what kind of fish you will sell and which breeders to contact. You could even breed your own fish. Breeding aquarium fish is one of the steps to becoming a trained aquarist.

Investment – Aquarium Shop business plan

The investment required for this venture is around $50,000 (more or less). You will need to lease or buy a shop, aquarium suppliers and few employees.

1. Suppliers
2. Permits and license
3. A shop
4. Employees
5. Register your business

Business location – Aquarium Shop business plan

Choose a visible and accessible location. Select a location easily reached by main roads and with good access and customer parking. Get written sector approval before you sign a lease. Work with a sign-making company to create descriptive building signboard that includes colorful fish graphics.

How to start – Aquarium Shop business plan

Deduce your aquarium products and services. Plan out a quality aquarium store that offers systems for all knowledge level and price. Assemble basic equipment and supply packages, plus add-ons, like extra tank scenery and higher-priced fish. Incorporate larger systems for offices and affluent customers. Determine unmet needs that only your store is able to fill. For instance, decorative aquariums may be famous nationwide, but these aquariums may not be locally accessible. Determine prices for aquarium maintenance services as well.

Purchase your aquarium equipment and supplies. Assemble an equipment list that includes varied sizes of aquariums, filters, chemicals and other maintenance supplies. Add tank environment items, such as artificial coral and plants. Choose decorative units such as table aquariums and water columns as well. Order your products from a wholesale supplier to maximize your profit. Order your fish species from a well-provided supplier with fast turnaround time. Also get to know the suppliers in your area, who can supply you products whenever you are in need. Include famous freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish, and also new species of interest.

Market your shop.

Give away brochures and pamphlets to the passers-by. Organize a grand opening for your shop. Invite all the locals from your area and let them to enjoy an undersea environment complete with faux corals and sea fans. You might as well, do a lottery at your opening and give away a free aquarium to the customer to who wins the lottery. Put up ads on newspapers, TV, and radio. Also, use the internet to get yourself well-known.

Hire aquarium-intelligent sales and maintenance staff. Find local fish devotee and hobbyists through marine aquarium clubs. Place newspaper ads for employees with marine biology expertise and good customer service skills. You can also train your employees yourself, but that would take a lot of time.

Target markets – Aquarium Shop business plan

Your target markets are your customers. Maintain a good relationship with your customers so that they recommend your shop to their friends and family.

Qualification – Aquarium Shop business plan

You do need a specific qualification to establish your aquarium shop. However, you must educate yourself by reading articles and blogs and online. Also, visit potential aquarium shops and talk with the owners. Know the pros and cons of this business.

Advantage – Aquarium Shop business plan

The advantage lies in taking care of the fishes. The business obviously gets your money, but you also learn how to take care of fishes. This particular thing can be very effective for many individuals.

Key to success for Aquarium Shop business
* Maintain a view of a part-time enthusiast business, moving only slowly and appropriately up.
* Always get yourself knowledgeable about the environmental influence of home and office aquariums.

Possible earnings
First year- $2,000
Second year- $7,000
Third year- $9,000