How to Become a Fashion Designer in Bangladesh: Degree & Salaries

Become a Fashion Designer in Bangladesh: Degree & Salaries

Career Opportunities for Fashion Designer in Bangladesh

Career Opportunities for Fashion Designer in Bangladesh. Do you want to be a fashion designer in Bangladesh? Although there is no formal education or certification required to become a successful fashion designer, that doesn’t make the feat any easier.

But, you’ll need to have a combination of drawing, sewing, and design skills, knowledge of the fashion industry, and unparalleled perseverance to become a fashion designer in Bangladesh.

Also, you should strengthen your knowledge of business and finance in general and the most important one is that a strong fashion portfolio is needed.

You’re likely harboring a desire to follow in the footsteps of fashion icons like Versace if you want to know how to become a successful fashion designer in Bangladesh.

Although many girls and young women dream of becoming fashion designers, it doesn’t mean they’re cut out for the profession.

Why Become a Fashion Designer in Bangladesh

Although fashion designing can be an exciting and rewarding career, students also want to know that they will be able to earn a good living and have job security after they enter the field.

But, it’s essential to know the earning potential of fashion designers along with what the job landscape looks like in the future. As compared to other professions, entry-level fashion designers still have higher salary rates.

There are three main working areas or fields of fashion design in the national or international fashion industry. Also, there are large numbers of entry-level job opportunities available when someone is a fashion designer in Bangladesh.

Some of the top level jobs for the fashion designers are below:

  • Fashion Designing
  • Production Professionals
    Fashion Marketing
  • Merchandising Professionals
    Fashion Media
  • Promotions Professionals

Degree & Salaries of a Fashion Designer in Bangladesh

Most successful candidates do obtain formal education in fashion design specifically or in a related field, such as fashion merchandising, but actually, no specific education is required of a practicing fashion designer.

It includes classroom instruction and hands-on laboratories in sewing, textiles, color theory, pattern making, fashion history and computer-aided design programs of the fashion-design coursework.

Besides, although starting salaries for fashion designers vary widely from employer to employer and between salaried designers and those who are self-employed, tend to be relatively low overall.

Depending on the level of education, experience, and skills, salaries also vary widely from designer to designer. While the upper 10 percent earned more than $130,890 per year, and the median salary was $64,530 per year, the lowest 10 percent of full-time fashion design salaries, which includes the salaries of starting designers, averaged less than $32,500 annually according to the latest reports.

Steps to Become a Fashion Designer in Bangladesh

You’ll need to have a good eye for color and shape to be a fashion designer. Also, you should have not only skills such as pattern-cutting and sewing but you’ll also need to able to spot trends. Moreover, if you want to be a fashion designer in Bangladesh then you’ll usually need a relevant higher educational qualification, such as a foundation degree, or the degree to be a fashion designer.

As the course that teaches both design and technical skills will give you practical knowledge, you need to work in the industry. By reading industry literature and speaking to different course providers it’s important to do your research when choosing a course. Also, what areas are covered over the length of a course and what kind of links the fashion department has with the industry, these all should be checked carefully.


Moreover, the list of colleges who are members of the Bangladesh Fashion Council that’s a good starting point for research into training providers. Since you will need to put together a portfolio of your work, you can take to the course and job interviews.

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The mood boards, designs, and technical drawings are should be included in your portfolio. Because there is strong competition for jobs in this industry, any contacts and work experience you have, for example through an internship, will help when looking for work. Well, let’s know other steps to become a fashion designer in Bangladesh.

First Step: Complete a degree program

Hopeful fashion designers need to hone their skills through a degree program in order to get a foot in the door of this competitive industry.

As interested students in the field, you should earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in fashion design. When you’re in this course, you’ll learn about the computer-aided fashion design, the history of fashion, textiles, figure drawing, and pattern making etc.

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Apart from this, the fashion designers may complete degrees in fashion merchandising to train for a job that’s a curriculum and covers merchandise planning, retail sales promotion, consumer behavior, retail management, and product development.

Second Step: Select a Strategy

As there are styles of design, there are as many different ways to embark upon a fashion career.

For example, although Ralph Lauren’s Polo Empire was founded on a small tie collection, he sold to Bloomingdale’s.

When he couldn’t find a t-shirt that he liked Helmut Lang decided to open his own clothing store.

But, as most people find that the best foundation for a design career is to get a fine arts degree in fashion at a prestigious school, you will be learning the craft as well as a good school will also add credibility to your résumé.

And according to the expert fashion designers, we live in a brand name society, and having the name of a good school behind you really does help.

Third Step: Get hands-on experience

Students need to get practice outside of the classroom in order to sharpen the skills needed to execute a design from an idea to the finished product. And while participating in an internship program with a design firm, a clothing manufacturer, or personal stylist.

In addition, students can get experience by volunteering for a fashion house; this hands-on learning can be achieved. Also, it’s much essential as there are tough competitions in the fashion designing industry.

Some Other Essential Steps to Become a Fashion Designer in Bangladesh

  • Know the business of fashion
  • Put together a portfolio
  • Keep up with the trends
  • Good eye for detail
  • Understanding texture, color, and fabric
  • Strong visualization skills
  • Excellent communication & interpersonal skills
  • A competitive spirit
  • Ability to work well with a team