How to Become a Travel Agent in Bangladesh: Degree & Salaries

Become a Travel Agent in Bangladesh

Become a Travel Agent in Bangladesh Degree & Salaries

If you become a travel agent in Bangladesh then you’ll find it a fun and exciting career. Since the travel and tour industry is steadily growing as the population increases and per capita income continuously expands its market, the profession has a high potential.

In addition to getting good earnings, you have a chance to enjoy the perks of traveling at wholesale prices. The travel agents not only help people planning vacations but they also help other trips around the country and abroad.

This is because many people are now planning their own vacations and business trips online; there are some people who still use travel agents to handle the arrangement of airline flights. As a result, a travel and tour agency sells services and products relating to travel.

Why Become a Travel Agent in Bangladesh

If you become a travel agent in Bangladesh then you can be your own boss that we all know it. As you have a complete location freedom, you can work from an office, from your home while the kids are at school or even from a resort across the world.

Also, when you’re a travel agent you can see the world. Although the career is interesting and fun, it helps people. As your job is to make people happy, the work doesn’t get any better than that. When you’re a travel agent you’ll get a lot of training that will help you to flourish your further careers.

And the thing will draw your attention most is the salaries of the tourism industry as there are scopes to earn unlimited money. So, these reasons are enough to become a travel agent in Bangladesh.

Degree & Salaries of a Travel Agent in Bangladesh

Although many employers prefer that applicants complete a bachelor’s degree, simply a high school diploma is required to become a travel agent.

Students should focus on classes involving geography, foreign languages, and world cultures while in the study.

In addition to these, much of the education required for travel agents is provided by employers through on-the-job training.

On the other hand, in Bangladesh, the average salary for a Travel Agent is BDT 17,366 per month at the entry level.

As it depends on various factors like skills and experience, it may be BDT50, 000 to BDT70, 000 of expert level travel agents.

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Steps to Become a Travel Agent in Bangladesh

Those who are responsible for helping clients arrange travel plans to destinations for personal or business purposes are known as travel agents, travel managers or travel consultants.

As travel agents will book transportation and lodging reservations and inform clients of any visa or passport requirements, travelers also look to their travel agents for advice on currency exchanges, weather, customs, and any popular attractions.

Travelers are not only dependent on a travel agent in Bangladesh for any emergency but they are also useful while making any necessary arrangements or changes in itinerary. Now, let’s know how to become a travel agent in Bangladesh.

First Step: Education

Although many employers prefer that applicants complete a bachelor’s degree, it’s a high school diploma that’s required to become a travel agent in Bangladesh.

That’s why students should focus on classes involving geography, foreign languages, and world cultures when they are in school.

But, if you’re a bachelor’s degree holder in travel and tourism or any other related courses then you’ll get preference as some of the employers like a higher educational degree.

Also, you need a higher education in order to get a promotion to the higher position that all expect.

As travel courses like the Diploma of Travel and Tourism teach you all, so you need to know to walk straight into a travel agent role feeling completely confident in your ability and knowledge. So, you can walk into your new role while knowing nothing is going to be totally new to you.

Second Step: Skills

According to the latest stats travel agents need to have strong organizational skills and be detailed-oriented. As it’s essential that anyone in this field develops excellent communication and customer service skills, travel agents must appear courteous and professional at all times.

And if you have business and computer skills then it can help travel you with the sales and any record-keeping responsibilities. On the other hand, you really have to enjoy interaction with people. Never knowing what the day is going to bring, you have to be able to change gears quickly and be flexible.

As you’re going to get complaints from visitors, and you need to make them feel better about their experience and solve their problems or make the situation better if you can, you have to be able to take criticism. If you don’t have travel or sales experience, doesn’t mean you can’t be a travel agent!

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Third Step: Experience

If you have a prior travel and sales experience then it will definitely help you get your foot in the door when applying for travel agent jobs.

Also, when traveling and means you have a better understanding of what needs to be considered when booking someone’s trip it shows you understand what your clients will go through if you have traveled overseas a few times before.

Moreover, if you have traveled to the destination your client is looking to book it will help you too. And by recommending some tours or restaurants you visited and loved yourself, you can add extra value. In this case, past sales experience is also important.

It will mean that you know what it is like to provide great customer service and know how to deal with different types of people while having worked in a retail sales role before.

Fourth Step: Certification/ Licensure

Although it doesn’t need a license or certificate for a travel agent in Bangladesh, some require travel agents to register with the various organizations. So, if you have any of them you must display at the place of business.

When clients accuse them of making mistakes with their travel arrangements many travel agents purchase “errors and omissions” insurance, a form of professional liability insurance that covers agents while it may not be required. Because clients may be interested in, most opportunities were anticipated to be available through customized travel and adventure trips or tours.

Since individuals are often planning and booking trips through websites, which can be more efficient and cost-effective, the reason this field will decline.