How to Become an Aircrew Officer in Bangladesh: Degree & Salaries

Become an Aircrew Officer in Bangladesh

Become an Aircrew Officer in Bangladesh

Get ideas what it takes to be an Aircrew officer in Bangladesh. As modern airplanes contain very complex systems, they require a high degree of technical knowledge to operate properly.

Also, there are the pre-requisites for an entry-level job as an aircrew officer in Bangladesh is extensive. As a result, it’s very common career path thousands of civilian pilots follow to serve in the Armed Forces.

And for the cargo pilot in certain positions, a military background in aviation is actually preferable for employment.

Allowing applicants to accumulate many hours of flight time, one of the primary requirements for an aviator’s license, the large amount of practical flight experience provided by military service.

Although the military gives pilots the most advanced training in flight systems imaginable, the health of a pilot is paramount to the safety of the flight and gives aircrew officers the endurance to fly for long hours.

Why Become an Aircrew Officer in Bangladesh

An aircrew officer in Bangladesh must be able to perform many analytical tasks simultaneously from a mental perspective.

The job of the aircrew office is attractive and challenging as well because it’s the job that needs to stay in the sky most of the time whenever they are in the duty.

Although all of these responsibilities create a large amount of on-the-job stress psychologically, a successful career as a flight officer requires mastery of all facets of the job.

Not all soldiers are guaranteed the chance to fire a shot in anger, especially if they’ve got a desk job in today’s gigantic, technically sophisticated aviation industry.

Although the industry is very small in size, there are huge demands of aircrew officer in Bangladesh.

It’s good news that some private companies have started to operation national and international flights from Bangladesh.

Apart from these, a well-trained and experienced aircrew office has a good chance in foreign as well.

Degree & Salaries of an Aircrew Officer in Bangladesh

Depending on seniority levels, an Aircrew Officer earns an average salary on a scale from US$32000 to US$48000 annually.

It means that aircrew officers earn an average salary in Bangladeshi Taka is 26, 00,000 to 32, 00, 000 on a yearly basis.

Steps to Become an Aircrew Officer in Bangladesh

Including search and rescue missions, reconnaissance and transport, aircrew officer in Bangladesh perform specific duties related to air traffic control and safety.

Among the other examples of tasks of the aircrew, officers are including operating aircraft defense systems, operating weapons, and conducting inspections.

You can join the armed forces to become an aircrew officer.

First Step: Education

All careers require at least a high school diploma unless otherwise stated. Depending on the kind of path you want to take, the necessary qualifications to become an aircrew officer in Bangladesh.

Although military aircrew officers receive training at the Indian Air Force Training Academy, commercial aircrew officers need training and this depends on their job duties.

According to Air Force regulations, Aerial Gunner is the only occupation here that may also be open to recruits with a GED.

However, since acceptance of GEDs can change depending on the Air Force’s current personnel needs to play it safe and check with an Air Force recruiter if you don’t have a diploma.

Although the Bangladesh Air Force does not require pilots to have specific majors, degrees in aviation or related areas help students to complete flight training and courses in aerodynamics, aviation laws, aviation meteorology, and aircraft systems.

Students who enroll in Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) in college or attend the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) can become officers after graduating.

In this case, students should complete field training and take extra classes in aerospace, leadership, Air Force organizations, military laws, and military customs.

Those who desire may take a flight course in which they learn to pilot a propeller-driven aircraft and students who attend the USAFA can take airmanship courses.

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Second Step: Meet Officer Qualifications

In order to pursue Air Force officer training, individuals must be 18-34 years old and Bangladeshi citizens.

In addition, you have to take the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test where you must receive at least a 10 for the quantitative and 15 for the verbal composite scores.

Including general science, arithmetic, reasoning, verbal analogies, instrument comprehension, and math, the test consists of 12 subtests.

Also, those who apply for the post they must pass physicals and background checks at a Military Entrance Processing Station.

Third Step: Going to Officer Training School

They must attend the Officer Training School those who did not participate in AFROTC or graduate from the Air Force Academy.

Trainees are capable of daily physical conditioning; instructors administer the Air Force Physical Fitness Test the first week of training to guarantee.

Including classroom lessons in a variety of topics and also in-the-field exercises in land navigation, first aid, self-defense, tactical marches, and base defense are of the 2-month training program.

Fourth Step: Passing Initial Flight Training

As aircrew officer in Bangladesh begins flight training by passing Initial Flight Training, it’s a process that allows instructors to assess a candidate’s ability and desire to learn aviation skills.

Prior to entering advanced training, instructors introduce pilot candidates to aviation basics. And before attending there, candidates must have a flight physical and Student Pilot certification.

Fifth Step: Completing Undergraduate Pilot Training

Since aircrew officers become Air Force pilots after finishing Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT), they learn navigation, aerobatics, formation flying, and how to rely on aircraft instruments.

Aircrew officers are placed on the airlift/tanker or bomber/fighter tracks after initial flight training.

Apart from these, assignments are determined by aircrew officers’ preferences, aircraft availability and training evaluations.

Also, aircrew officers receive specialized training where they develop the skills needed to operate the specific type of aircraft upon receiving track assignments.

Sixth Step: Advance Your Career

An aircrew demonstrates great competence and a mastery of aviation by completing the Air Force service obligation and performing up to standard.

They will have logged many flying hours, making them even more valuable to the Air Force or to civilian employers by the end of their active duty commitment.

And they not only advance to higher rank but greater responsibility as well. And finally, extensive training and testing and a bachelor’s degree are required to be an aircrew officer in Bangladesh.