How to become smart and attractive

How to become smart and attractive

Become smart in these easy ways. Intelligence is not just what you were born. You can make more intelligent with a little work, you can! Be smart and attractive, exercise your mind with puzzles and creative challenges your skills, you can do nearly so much to learn. It can be difficult to become smart, but as long as you have an interest in learning, is the goal at hand.

How to become smart and attractive

Be open and willing to learn new things
the fact that you are strong in one does not mean you should stick to it! Find your way out of your comfort zone. This is where the learning takes place and become smart.

The Rubik’s Cube puzzle to work on
did this puzzle game to keep your mind and improve mental abilities make to smart. If you exercise, you’re trying to solve Sudoku is a puzzle and the evolution of your thinking. Finally its help you to become smart and attractive.

Doing creative activity
Modeling drawing, painting and other art forms, to release your creative side, extending the solution to this problem. Creative brain to think outside the box and find ways of doing things can be quick and smart.

Do math
learn how to speed up the drawing or in the mind. It is hard to believe that there is a need to mathematics to run harder minds and establish links that will help you better smart and feel relieved.

Writing stories or poems
Writing scripts dialogue programs to be innovative and creative in nature, and make your mind works on the environment. This is a good thinker and will help you to data processing. It also help you to become smart and attractive.

Be nice with people
Practice well before maturity challenges, class, and as a sign of intelligence. Remember that you have a lot to learn from others. Be polite with them will give you access to their lives and their experiences.

Read various books
often described as the hidden read a lot of sense. This is the most intelligent people in the world to read every day. You cannot always enjoy it, but read your mind open to new ideas and different experiences. Maintain a diverse reading by reading book of all kinds.

Make connection with other
for more information on how to use, but also in a range of useless trivia. You can set the conditions. In the sense that the status information. Then, share, and watch it grow and show your smartness.

Always learning
there are many sources of information. For example, books, documentaries and the Internet.  And the practice of teaching a more open mind and will help you to become smart.