5 Best Breeds of Duck to Start a Commercial Duck Farm in Bangladesh

Best Breeds of Duck to Start a Commercial Duck Farm in Bangladesh

Best Breeds of Duck to Start a Commercial Duck Farm in Bangladesh

As there are so many different breeds of duck, it can be difficult to know which are the best breeds of duck would be suitable for you. Especially, it gets more complex when you’re new to the world of duck keeping. They not only come in different sizes, shapes, and weight but they all have a different purpose as well. For instance, because the Pekin breed is a popular choice for meat production, it’s making good pets.

And although Indian Runners are prolific egg layers and make great pets, you can’t expect to get much meat from them. Also, it’s becoming an increasingly popular business in Bangladesh to raising poultry like a duck. Besides, it’s a wide variety of ducks with varying characteristics and traits and breeding ducks have been a pursuit of many devoted farmers.

How to Select the Best Breeds of Duck

Although there are dozens of domestic duck breeds, they are many with different color options, to choose from. Also, they are easy to rise and good choices for beginners that are commonly available among the best breeds of duck. But, you might stick to select the best duck breed as you don’t have any idea about it. Before making a selection, it’s important to know what your goals are for raising ducks.

It either could be for eggs or meat or a combination. For example, as they lay very little, you can eliminate Aylesbury. Or, you should not choose Khaki Campbells if you want ducks for meat because some breeds aren’t the best for pets, either. Also, your choice may be limited according to your living area.

Besides, among other major factors, looks and personality are big ones. But, because breeds purported to be calm may certainly be quite the opposite, you cannot necessarily go by a blanket statement. Even, you have a pretty good chance of having calm ducks if a breed is generally considered to be calm.

And you’ll also find some breeds that you love/hate the looks of. Although many people think Muscovies are ugly, the deep keel on Aylesbury and some Rouens is unsightly. On the other hand, as some people like the Runner’s upright stance, some people may like an all-white duck like the Pekin.

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Top 5 Best Breeds of Duck to Start a Commercial Farm in Bangladesh

There are many people want to embark on the endeavor of pet duck ownership that has no idea where to and how to start in choosing their breed. It’s picking up a few ducklings at the local feed store or ordering “hatchery choice” are affordable options if you just want a few ducks to have around as pets.

In this case, you should not only think about what you want to raise ducks for, check out the available breeds but see which you like the look of, and get some ideas. Well, let’s know about top 5 best breeds of duck to start a commercial farm in Bangladesh.

1. Khaki Campbell

In the early 1900s, the Khaki Campbell breed was developed in England. It comes by crossing the Runner, Rouen and Mallard breeds. And it was a recognized breed in the United States in 1940. Khaki Campbells have dark brown eyes along with Light brown with a bluish-green bill and brown or orange feet.

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As it has a nod to their Mallard blood, Drakes have greenish heads. Although Campbells are excellent layers, it’s laying more than 300 white eggs per year, not known for being broody. If you consider a “light” duck breed then Campbells have the only limited flying ability and generally weigh 3.5 to 5.5 pounds. And they are still a good choice for family pets since they are such excellent egg producers and foragers with a bit more skittish than Pekins.

2. Swedish

Swedish comes from Pomerania, which comprised areas of northern Europe and Scandinavia under the control of Sweden. The females will produce 120-180 white eggs per year as the decent layers. The Swedish breed is attractive and popular for exhibition with blue, black or silver (splash) with white bibs and slate bills. Also, they are difficult for predators to spot along with very calm, extremely hardy, and good foragers.

But, they go broody and sit on nests those are females. And it’s not only considered a “heavy” breed but generally weigh between 5 to 6.5 pounds. That’s why it’s one of the best breeds of duck among many others.

3. Saxony

As a good all-purpose duck, Saxonies were bred from Rouen, Pekin and Pomeranian duck breeds in the 1930s in Germany. Although the breed enjoyed a resurgence in Europe by the 1950s, they didn’t reach the United States until 1984. In characteristics, they are not only active and alert but energetic as well. They do best with a bit of room to explore and stretch their legs as the excellent foragers.

As they weigh 7 to 8 pounds, one of the larger breeds. The males are oatmeal with a burgundy chest with a beautiful breed that shows well. Also, they are with silvery-blue wings and charcoal gray-blue heads. While the females are fawn-colored with white eye stripes and orange bills and feet, Saxony females lay roughly 200 white eggs per year. And if you allow them the opportunity they will sit on eggs.

4. Indian Runner Ducks

The Indian Runner is probably one of the most popular breeds of pet ducks in the world as they are prolific egg layers, which is up to 200 per year. Because of their upright stance, these ducks were first known as “Penguin Ducks”.

If you want to include Indian Runners in your flock then you’ll need to consider a duck house with a higher roof as they are taller. Although they love foraging, swimming, they don’t fly. But, they like to run instead. They are available in around two dozen colors including:

  • White,
  • Fawn,
  • Apricot,
  • Black,
  • Mallard,
  • Silver etc

5. Ancona

This medium size duck (about 6 to 6½ pounds) is an excellent dual-purpose breed like the Buff. Also, it’s not only flavorful meat but laying around 240 eggs per year. Like the Magpie, this England native is an attractive bird that comes in many colors and can produce a variety of white, cream, blue and green eggs.

As these birds have calm dispositions, they prefer ample foraging space and make a good yard or pond birds. And since the Ancona as critically endangered among duck breeds, their size protects them from being the prey of winged predators.

Some Other Best Breeds of Duck to Start a Commercial Duck Farm in Bangladesh

  1. Mallard
  2. Call Ducks
  3. Cayuga Ducks
  4. Muscovy Ducks