10 Best Business Ideas for Non-Resident Bangladeshis

Best Business Ideas for Non-Resident Bangladeshis

10 Best Business Ideas for Non-Resident Bangladeshis

Today we’re with the best business ideas for the Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRB) who work in overseas. Here are included top business ideas for them that they can start abroad. While making your own choice, this should get you thinking.

You can get one from this suggestion or perhaps you have better ones according to your knowledge, skill, and expertise. Bangladesh has always been at the center of being a trading and an investment hub for ages as a country. This beautiful nation was also referred to as the Golden Bird because of its worthy resources at a point in time. There is a competitive place to start a business as the country is still brilliant with some of the best resources.

What are the Top 10 Best Business Ideas for Non-Resident Bangladeshis?

Primarily this a result of the core interest of the owner of the business as far as business ideas are concerned. And finding out the exact gap which his/her business can cater and in turn, earn a huge profit by researches the owners’ core area of interest.

If you think of business here, you’ll find ample business opportunities available for the Non-Resident Bangladeshis. There are some other special benefits for them. These include easy loans and funding opportunities to help them set up their ventures. Now, let’s see what the top 10 best business ideas are for Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRB).

1. Setting up Data Entry Firms

If you find a country for data-driven, Bangladesh is one in the world. So, records and data become an almost synonymous name with its huge population. That’s why you can start a business of providing data entry services as it’s unlikely to lose sheen in the near future as well.

Moreover, you can set up a business of data entry with nominal investments. If employs are the best-skillful workers who are abundantly available in Bangladesh, the business has high chances of success.

2. Supplying Branded Products

You can start supplying famous products for different Bangladeshi firms and it’s one of the best business ideas for NRB. Aiming to help them sell their famous products to the various wholesalers and retailers, you can become a supplier partner for various firms.

As the Bangladeshis have the fascination towards famous products, there is good potentiality to be a success in this business. And when the branded product is imported the fascination doubles. As a result, it could be a profitable venture to supplying branded products.

3. Online Customers’ Support Platform

It’s an increasing demand for online consumer support with the influx of foreign imported goods into the global economy. This is because of helping the customers use the product and attend to any grievances and queries related to the products.

So, if you take this as a business venture, it would be easy and profitable for the NRB. So, you have a good chance to start customers’ support business with some additional benefits.

4. Software Producing Business

There is a new hope for the software producing business because of the IT revolution of Bangladesh. It has opened the door of the new prospect for the NRB.

This is not only to the people of Bangladesh but to the business across the industries of the world. So, if you set up a software company, it sounds like a profitable business proposition.

As there is bestowed with the best of talents in Bangladesh, an NRB absolutely can start a software producing business. That’s why it would likely be a money-spinning business idea to set up a software company in Bangladesh. Read also, the beginners guide to start a business in Bangladesh

5. Gadget Store

As it’s the age of the internet, there is hardly any individual without at least a couple of phones/laptops/PCs. There are headphones, speakers, home theatre systems, gaming gadgets, VR systems, fitness trackers, cameras etc while joining the gang.

A store with a good range of devices on retail can easily find its spot with the increasing demand for these electronic devices. This is because a customer coming to the shop will always appreciate good and helpful advice on their buy.

6. Catering Business

The food has to be amazing in Bangladesh at any occasion. It’ll always be remembered warmly when an event with good food and wonderful service. However, the grandest of events can ruin for bad catering.

One can start a small industry with rented equipment and on-site cooking in this business. You’ll have enough returns to slowly expand and settle and this will keep the investments low and with a few stints.

7. Travel-holiday Planner

The travel business is definitely booming because people today are willing to spend more on travel. You’ll have to research, plan and book a travel according to your customer’s needs as a holiday planner.

Although sometimes a travel plan needs to be custom made, you can plan good standard tour plans. So, it may help you plan an amazing travel while thinking out of the box and some meticulous research.

8. Growing exotic plants and herbs

The plants add a much-desired splash of nature to our daily lives in the concrete jungles from small backyard gardens in households to towering bamboos in office receptions. So, it may be wonderful and rewarding ventures for you in cultivating and selling them. You can grow exotic plants and herbs if you enjoy gardening.

Moreover, you’ll grow different flowering plants, shrubs, and herbs when you’ll start your own home gardening.

9. Online Advertisements

As the internet is a booming market in Bangladesh, the online advertising market brings in revenue of BDT.100 crores. What you need to start the business are the internet and sharp analytical and networking skills. Also, it requires a good understanding of the concepts of online advertising. This is because it’s one of the best business ideas for NRB.

10. Water Purification Business

Supplying clean, potable water to all is the focus aim of the business. Many still do not have access to hygienic drinkable water while there are people who still make do with boiling water or otherwise install RO filters to obtain drinkable water. You have to invest in setting up a water purification unit and packaging and delivery of the product in this business. That’s why this one of the best business ideas for NRB.