What is the Best Business Industry to Start in Bangladesh

Best Business Industry to Start in Bangladesh

Best Business Industry to Start in Bangladesh

If you properly utilize your talent, patience, time, knowledge, and money in the best business industry then today’s small business will be bigger after 10 years. So, you can start a small business in Bangladesh and your next generation need not think about it. They’ll just take advantages of the business that you’ll set up for them.

Also, they’ll get the chair in a good position and a happy life with their generation. It could be a series of inheritance when you’ll be a success in your business.

You’ll find so many examples of the business family there with the chain of business from their grand father’s grandfather.

If we back to the main point of Bangladesh aspects and the business provision, starting a small business in the country is not only easy but needs a lower amount of investment.

An Overview of the Best Business Industry in Bangladesh

According to the newspaper report, there are more than 1.1 million educated people are unemployed in Bangladesh.

This is because employers are unhappy with the unskilled people and the employees are unhappy with the low salary range.

We’ll not go for the reasons behind of the situation, but we’ll inspire the young people to reduce unemployment scenario starting own business.

It’s surprising that they’re hanged on after the jobs that are so limited for them and the sphere of business is endless almost.

So, depending on the job as per the current situation is not a wise decision.

Let’s see an example, suppose you’ll get a salary of Taka 50,000 (near $600). Your child will start from the beginning as Jr.

Executive like you (10 years back) when you will retire from the job. They’ll have to have the same hard work to get the salary.

Moreover, there is no security for a private job to do for a long time. When you’ll perform with worse reports you’ll be on fire of your boss.

So, the wise decision is to start own business with the best business industry in the country.

Best Business Industry to Start a Business in Bangladesh

If you want and fit with your passion, there are many types of businesses to do here.

It depends on you which one is the best business industry for you. Because the business suits you with your knowledge, that’s the best one.

The variables that will drive economic value are critical to understanding them. The questions that venture capital investors are asking should listen for clues.

Get the strategic plan if you don’t have because these should be the central element of it.

Also, the people who helped you build value is just good business, give away a small portion of the proceeds. Now, let’s see what the best business industry in Bangladesh to start your own.

Restaurant Business

The best business industry in Bangladesh among the small business sector is restaurant business.

This is the business where the Location is the main factor. It means that if you want to be a success in the restaurant business, you have to start in a wonderful location.

That’s where there crowd area, business area, near or inside of shopping mall etc. If you select Dhaka as your preferred city, you can start it in the area of Gulshan, Uttara, Dhanmondi, Motijheel etc.

Here are some tips for you that the customers will appreciate.

These include some more space to display your food items, keeping your restaurant clean and no smoke for cooking.

Also, keep your dishes clean, various type of food, the good manner of staffs etc. Also, read – Best Business ideas for Dhaka

SEO & Online Marketing Business

Now, there is a great demand for SEO and online marketing in Bangladesh.

If you’re an expert in this field it’s a great business that you can start with the small team.

This is because of the current trend that most of the people active in online and use Facebook, YouTube, Internet Browse etc.

Besides, rather than offline marketing, online marketing is much cheaper.

So, the online-based shops search for the Search Engine Optimization SEO experts to rank their sites.

When you’ll rank your site, they’ll sell more products and services. That’s why the demand for SEO and online marketing experts are getting higher day by day.

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Used goods business

Currently, it’s the best business industry among the small business idea of Bangladesh. What you have to do that you have to buy old things and then sell them via online.

Also, you can open online selling goods by the attractive design website in that case. You’ll find there different types of price can choice as desired.

Then, you can sell them in a free advertisement with the online services of bikroy.com, olx.bd.com, daraz.com, clickdhaka.com etc.

Garment goods sell

Garments products of Bangladesh are world famous and it’s one f the leading country for this industry.

Based on the garments industry, there are many small and medium businesses in the country.

You can start a business of supplying raw materials. These include a needle, cotton, pin, zipper etc that essential for the garments factory. More read: How to Start a Small Garment in Bangladesh

Super shop business

How can it be a small business as it’s a business of high investment? Yes, still, it’s a small business. This is because you have to start it from one place first.

Then, you’ll understand how and when you need to expand it into other locations. When you’ll make your customer happy with good business manner, you’ll be happy as well.

Export-Import Business

This is another best business industry in the export-import business. It’s selling of the goods that have demand in the country taking from foreign and selling other goods that’s demand in the foreign from the country. Read: How to Start an Export Business in Bangladesh

For example, you can import Chocolates, Bags, Vehicles, Computers, Mobiles, Cosmetics, Motor parts etc from other countries. Besides, you can export handmade goods of a small cottage industry that’s a great demand in the other countries.

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Tourism Business 

Bangladeshi people are fond of traveling to Cox’s Bazaar, Jaflong, Sylhet, Bandar ban, Rangamati, Saint Martin, Sundarban and some other places. Related: How to Start a Travel Agency Business in Bangladesh

You can start a business in this tourism sector. Package tours, tour guiding hotel arrangement are the part of this busies. But, you have to get the necessary training to start this business.