Bicycle Courier Business Plan

Bicycle Courier Business Plan

Bicycle Courier Business Plan

A bicycle courier business is a business that includes helping your clients deliver goods, documents, and parcels via bicycle. With this kind of business, you can choose to operate from any part of the country as long as there are businesses and people who will patronize your services.

Investment – Bicycle Courier Business

In a bicycle courier business, you are not expected to spend much capital. You will need to purchase the delivery bicycles and of course renting or leasing well-located facilities. And apart from these you are required to pay your employees which is not going to be that high. You will most likely need around a bulk of $200,000 to start up your bicycle courier business.

1. Register your shop
2. Obtain all the legal permits and license
3. A shop
4. Equipment which includes cash register, phones, ventilation, photocopy machine, fax machines etc.
5. Furniture

Business location
Your business location should be in a busy traffic area so that you get noticed.

How to start – Bicycle Courier Business Plan

When starting any new business it is important to prepare a business plan. The business plan will help outline all your ideas, verify that the idea is viable and realistic, and plan how to get an operational business and set goals and targets. Plus, it can also be used as an essential tool for attracting funding when getting started. It is an effective document that should be reviewed regularly to help monitor and measure the performance of the business. The business plan is basically for you and your business partners and it can help to:

*Collect your ideas and research into a structured format.
*Have a look at your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, and Opportunities & Threats).
*Determine whether the business is commercially viable.
*Clear out your business purpose to yourself and communicate it to any partners and staff
*Model many business scenarios and potential pitfalls and outline an approach to addressing the issues before they threaten the success of the business.
*Set out the policy for the business.

Set targets and objective, including sales and financial targets so you can determine business performance on a continuing basis. There is no stable content for a business plan and the content and format should be determined by the goals and the audience. However, the plan should include important information which allows a third party to easily understand the aims and objectives of the business, how it will function and who its customers are.

Get yourself all the required equipment which include bicycles, vans, etc.
Establish a standard bicycle courier company that will make available a various range of services as it relates to the service offerings in the global courier and delivery services industry at affordable prices.

Market your business. Organize a grand opening for your store, give away pamphlets and brochures to the passers-by.

Target markets – Bicycle Courier Business Plan

The target market is those who need the services of bicycle courier businesses are all surrounding. It is fact that almost all adults and organizations would have one or two reasons why they should sponsor the services of courier and delivery services.


Qualification – Bicycle Courier Business Plan

A degree in management business would make this business very easy for you. But if you do not have one do not get disheartened. You can work for a delivery company see how it is run and how it is managed. This way you get the idea of this business. Also, read articles online to make things easy for you.

Advantage – Bicycle Courier Business Plan

The courier business is a very lucrative business. The investment required is very less and the money earned each year is pretty high.

Key to success

The key to success to your business is delivering your products to your customers at the perfect time. And also don’t forget to market your business.

Possible earnings
$300,000-$500,000 per year.